Chapter 2943 - My Ill-mannered Nephew

Chapter 2943: My Ill-mannered Nephew

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Though countless people were cultivating immortality, not everyone could live to be a thousand years old and possess an amazing talent. The continent they lived on was known as the Upper Realm, but this was only because the rich spirit energy here made it more suitable for immortal cultivators to live.

This did not, however, imply that every cultivator here possessed incredible strength, nor that Celestial Level Strong Exponents could be found everywhere. After all, only the Venerables of the great sects could possibly have the kind of strength possessed by Celestial Level Strong Exponents in their realm here.

Which of the Venerables wasn’t an old monster who’d been cultivating for hundreds of years? Which of them was not their clan’s old predecessor? Even if many clans gave their all, they would not be able to produce a Celestial Level Strong Exponent, demonstrating how solid those sects’ positions were.

He had been cultivating for nearly 500 years and had already advanced to the Celestial realm, but he had regressed to Nascent Soul Peak due to serious injury. Given that his long life was coming to an end and that he was becoming increasingly old, how could he not be troubled?

It’s just that, no matter how anxious he was, what was the point? The Longevity Fruit, which took 500 years to bloom and 500 years to produce fruit, was difficult to find. Even if it were available, the collector would refuse to take it. It was precisely at this point that he realised his time was running out.

While the two men were talking, an elderly man and a middle-aged man from the Jiang family arrived. “Where is your Young Master?” they asked the attendant who had gone back earlier.