Monarch of Time

The ultimate power that controls everything… Time.

Rock, reincarnated in Shun Long’s half-dead body when a mysterious rock merged with him, and a sudden influx of information flooded his head.

He is now cultivating in a mysterious technique that can affect time, as he adventures through the cultivation world fighting geniuses, while he reaches the pinnacle in both martial arts and alchemy.

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Chapter 1: A Life like death

Chapter 2: Death and Life

Chapter 3: Shun Long

Chapter 4: Monarch's Hourglass

Chapter 5: Parents

Chapter 6: Are you sure

Chapter 7: What happened

Chapter 8: Shun Fang's scheme

Chapter 9: Explosive increase in cultivation

Chapter 10: The shameless Lin family

Chapter 11: The Golden Book reacts

Chapter 12: Absorbing knowledge

Chapter 13: What's the test like ?

Chapter 14: The way to advance to a rank 7

Chapter 15: Secrets of the 'floating cloud sect'

Chapter 16: Inside the Imperial Palace

Chapter 17: Infuriating words

Chapter 18: The Monarch's Domain

Chapter 19: Connections

Chapter 20: Shocking secrets

Chapter 21: Arriving at the 'floating cloud sect'

Chapter 22: How to get sect points

Chapter 23: 'Alchemists' Guild'

Chapter 24: Conflict in the 'Alchemists' Guild'

Chapter 25: Sudden changes

Chapter 26: Liu Mei

Chapter 27: Friends

Chapter 28: Another alternative

Chapter 29: Sect points and Medicinal Ingredients

Chapter 30: 'Monarch's Eternal Body'

Chapter 31: Refining pills

Chapter 32: Qi barrier-breaking pills

Chapter 33: Breakthrough to rank 7

Chapter 34: Treasure Pavilion

Chapter 35: Stunning price

Chapter 36: Gathering Medicinal Ingredients

Chapter 37: Arena Match

Chapter 38: Gathering in the arena

Chapter 39: Arrogant Fu Peizhi

Chapter 40: Open secret

Chapter 41: Outer sect examination

Chapter 42: The day of the auction

Chapter 43: Putting up for auction

Chapter 44: Auctioning the pills

Chapter 45: Water element grass appears

Chapter 46: Terrifying pressure

Chapter 47: Desires

Chapter 48: Above the spirit realm?

Chapter 49: Preparations complete

Chapter 50: Spatial space

Chapter 51: Space Tear

Chapter 52: Heading out

Chapter 53: The flying sword sect

Chapter 54: The black egg

Chapter 55: The Black Dragon's past

Chapter 56: Shun Long and the Black Dragon

Chapter 57: Unbelievable strength

Chapter 58: Monarch Eternal body's fearsome strength

Chapter 59: Gathering in the dark

Chapter 60: Snatching the profound earth fruit

Chapter 61: Requirements

Chapter 62: You don't know?

Chapter 63: Unable to hide

Chapter 64: Killers

Chapter 65: Killing

Chapter 66: Death and aftermath

Chapter 67: Regions

Chapter 68: Heading towards the inner region

Chapter 69: Gaining experience

Chapter 70: Robbing back

Chapter 71: Parting ways

Chapter 72: Red fanged flame bat

Chapter 73: Hunting rank 3 magic beasts

Chapter 74: The central region

Chapter 75: Cancel the exam?

Chapter 76: The secret at the heart of the central mountain

Chapter 77: Heaven swallowing vine

Chapter 78: Absorbing the vine

Chapter 79: A way out

Chapter 80: Healing Little Black

Chapter 81: The sect's true face

Chapter 82: Not first place?

Chapter 83: Challenge

Chapter 84: Subduing the 'Heaven swallowing vine'

Chapter 85: The Heaven swallowing vine's effects

Chapter 86: Sharing the pills

Chapter 87: Meeting Liu Mei again

Chapter 88: Liu Mei's troubles

Chapter 89: Undercurrents in the 'floating cloud sect'

Chapter 90: Breakthrough to the earth grade

Chapter 91: Future eyes

Chapter 92: Arena challenge

Chapter 93: Beating Guan Hong

Chapter 94: Lei Pong

Chapter 95: Fighting Lei Pong

Chapter 96: You don't want to touch her

Chapter 97: Refining the 'Profound earth fruit'

Chapter 98: Second stage of the 'Monarch's Eternal body'

Chapter 99: Rank 4 earth grade

Chapter 100: Challenging Xiao Juyan

Chapter 101: Fighting the top 100

Chapter 102: Xiao Juyan's trump card

Chapter 103: The assassination plan

Chapter 104: Exchanging blows

Chapter 105: Redstone inn

Chapter 106: Last words

Chapter 107: Senior alchemist

Chapter 108: Green nectar fruits

Chapter 109: Wine fervor

Chapter 110: Bidding war

Chapter 111: Fighting Fu Peizhi

Chapter 112: Dao

Chapter 113: Returning to the mortal world

Chapter 114: The city lord's visit

Chapter 115: The Lin family

Chapter 116: Destruction of the Lin family

Chapter 117: The Xiao marquess

Chapter 118: Xiao Zhengsheng's death

Chapter 119: Refining the green nectar fruits

Chapter 120: Entering the late stages of the earth grade

Chapter 121: The top 100

Chapter 122: Secrets of the Vermilion realm

Chapter 123: Wen Zihao and Kang Sun's answers

Chapter 124: Arriving in the Lightning Wasteland

Chapter 125: Opening of the Vermilion realm

Chapter 126: Entering the Vermilion realm

Chapter 127: The half-fiend race

Chapter 128: The village chief's request

Chapter 129: The monster in the lake

Chapter 130: Shun Long's method

Chapter 131: The water's effects

Chapter 132: Tying loose ends

Chapter 133: The King's palace

Chapter 134: The rules of the King's trials

Chapter 135: Coincidence or Fate?

Chapter 136: Sinister methods of the Poison Hall

Chapter 137: Killing a disciple of the Poison Hall

Chapter 138: Resolving the poison

Chapter 139: Leave the sect?

Chapter 140: A pair of fishermen

Chapter 141: Passing the second trial

Chapter 142: The final trial

Chapter 143: Dao King

Chapter 144: Comprehending the Dao

Chapter 145: The Dao of Time

Chapter 146: Dao of Light?

Chapter 147: Fighting Cui Guoliang

Chapter 148: Facing death

Chapter 149: Cui Guoliang's request

Chapter 150: The scheme behind the Vermilion realm

Chapter 151: Extorting a Dao King

Chapter 152: Rank 5 Silver-winged panther king

Chapter 153: Purple Blossom staff

Chapter 154: Leaving the Desolate east

Chapter 155: Healing the Silver-winged panther king

Chapter 156: Silver sword city

Chapter 157: The Mercenaries' Association

Chapter 158: Mercenaries' ranks

Chapter 159: Come with me

Chapter 160: First love

Chapter 161: Dual Cultivation

Chapter 162: Pale Moon merchant guild

Chapter 163: Zhang Dingxiang's purpose

Chapter 164: The Pale Moon guild's offer

Chapter 165: Breaking through to the Heaven grade

Chapter 166: Mysterious Palace

Chapter 167: The place surrounded by fog

Chapter 168: Breaking through to the third stage of body refinement

Chapter 169: A stunned Zhang Dingxiang

Chapter 170: The 'sly' Elder Zhang

Chapter 171: Heaven's Dome city

Chapter 172: Shun Long's offer

Chapter 173: Zhang Dingxiang's clues

Chapter 174: Xie Rong

Chapter 175: Xie Rong's conditions

Chapter 176: The Silver Sword clan

Chapter 177: The balance in the Silver sword city

Chapter 178: The final 3

Chapter 179: Brother Zian

Chapter 180: Training in the martial skills

Chapter 181: Xie Rong's plan

Chapter 182: Ambushing the Dark Blade guild

Chapter 183: Tan Duyi's power

Chapter 184: Liu Mei vs Wen Zihao

Chapter 185: Shun Long's new move

Chapter 186: Ruthless Tan Duyi

Chapter 187: A green wisp of smoke

Chapter 188: A stunning amount of wealth

Chapter 189: To the Heaven's Dome city

Chapter 190: Shun Long's plan

Chapter 191: Alchemist's Guild test

Chapter 192: Shun Long's pill alchemy skills

Chapter 193: Yao Huang

Chapter 194: Passing the tests

Chapter 195: The gold grade alchemists of the Alchemists Guild

Chapter 196: The peak powers of the Heaven's Dome city

Chapter 197: Little Black's advancement

Chapter 198: House of Rankings

Chapter 199: Ranking battle

Chapter 200: Gathering in the Heaven's Dome city

Chapter 201: Secrets of the Night star continent

Chapter 202: Refining the Golden Jade spirit tree

Chapter 203: Accepting a mission

Chapter 204: Target

Chapter 205: Ambush?!

Chapter 206: Chased by a Dao King

Chapter 207: Little Black's power

Chapter 208: Little Black vs Xue Zhilan

Chapter 209: Xue Zhilan's trump card

Chapter 210: Xue Zhilan's immense wealth

Chapter 211: Change of the situation

Chapter 212: Rank 5 Spellsinger bird

Chapter 213: Shun Long's and Liu Mei's situation

Chapter 214: Liu Mei's death ?

Chapter 215: Hand of Death

Chapter 216: Dao of Death

Chapter 217: Shun Long and Liu Mei's mission

Chapter 218: Liu Mei's power

Chapter 219: Attacking the villa!

Chapter 220: Thunderbolt finger

Chapter 221: Stirring up Hao Jingguo's den

Chapter 222: Shun Long's Time Prison

Chapter 223: Fighting Hao Jingguo

Chapter 224: Killing a rank 3 Spirit realm cultivator

Chapter 225: Zhao Lan

Chapter 226: The central region

Chapter 227: Zhao Lan's offer

Chapter 228: The Alchemists' Guild's pressure

Chapter 229: Entering seclusion

Chapter 230: Immense increase in spiritual strength

Chapter 231: Comprehending the Dao

Chapter 232: A peak fight in the rankings

Chapter 233: The Heaven's Dome city heating up

Chapter 234: Comprehending the Dao

Chapter 235: Terrifying pressure

Chapter 236: Golden stele

Chapter 237: Breaking through to the Spirit realm

Chapter 238: Liu Mei's decision

Chapter 239: Finding the 'Purple wind ice fruit'

Chapter 240: Hu Liu

Chapter 241: Entering the Survival Gate

Chapter 242: The Survival Gate's rules

Chapter 243: Gathering ranking points

Chapter 244: Liu Mei's defeat

Chapter 245: Fighting a rank 4 Spirit realm cultivator

Chapter 246: Terrifying pressure

Chapter 247: Hall master of the Demon Emperor palace

Chapter 248: Betrayal

Chapter 249: Duan Zhu's recruitment

Chapter 250: Refining the rank 4 internal reconstruction pill

Chapter 251: Consuming the 'internal reconstruction pill'

Chapter 252: Breaking through to the fourth stage

Chapter 253: Handling the situation

Chapter 254: The black panther's breakthrough

Chapter 255: Shun Long's decision

Chapter 256: Arriving at the Netherspirit forest

Chapter 257: The Netherspirit forest

Chapter 258: Netherspirit corpses

Chapter 259: Rank 5 Spirit realm Netherspirit corpse

Chapter 260: Storming through the Netherspirit forest

Chapter 261: The Dragon Lord's villa

Chapter 262: Shun Long's plan

Chapter 263: The City of Sin

Chapter 264: Buying the shop

Chapter 265: Shun Long's shop

Chapter 266: Blood Pill pavilion

Chapter 267: A new choice

Chapter 268: Blood Absorption art

Chapter 269: First sale!

Chapter 270: Attacking the shop

Chapter 271: Purple-colored blade

Chapter 272: Poison

Chapter 273: Fighting He Zhenkang

Chapter 274: Exterminating the 'Blood Pill pavilion's' assassins

Chapter 275: Deduction

Chapter 276: Violent guardian gang

Chapter 277: Amassing wealth!

Chapter 278: Breakthrough

Chapter 279: Hiding the news?

Chapter 280: Disguise

Chapter 281: Entering the Blood Pill pavilion

Chapter 282: Peak rank 6 Spirit realm guards

Chapter 283: Alerting the peak rank 9 Spirit realm experts

Chapter 284: Gift

Chapter 285: The 'Blood Pill pavilion's Pavilion master'

Chapter 286: The Pavilion master's decision

Chapter 287: Alchemists' Heaven

Chapter 288: Soul poisoning hell grass

Chapter 289: Chao Xieren's negotiations

Chapter 290: Poison master Shun Long

Chapter 291: Liu Mei's request

Chapter 292: Using the 'Soul poisoning hell grass'' poison

Chapter 293: The poison's potency

Chapter 294: Chao Xieren's order

Chapter 295: Sudden changes and a familiar scene

Chapter 296: Soul search

Chapter 297: Imprisoned

Chapter 298: A powerful reaction

Chapter 299: A huge hole

Chapter 300: Little Black making a move?

Chapter 301: Senior Huang

Chapter 302: Even if the monk leaves, the temple would stay

Chapter 303: A bad premonition

Chapter 304: Return to the 'Floating Cloud sect'

Chapter 305: A miserable situation

Chapter 306: Lord Wei

Chapter 307: The bloodbath of the Sky Fortune Kingdom

Chapter 308: Father-in-law

Chapter 309: Spatial ring

Chapter 310: Realization

Chapter 311: Shun Fang's and Shun An's situation

Chapter 312: Dong Weifeng's betrayal

Chapter 313: Shameless Dong Lingyuan

Chapter 314: Wiping them out

Chapter 315: Aftermath

Chapter 316: Shun Fang's decision

Chapter 317: Returning to the 'Floating Cloud sect'

Chapter 318: The excited Liu Jian

Chapter 319: Liu Mei's suppressed emotions

Chapter 320: Fighting Liu Jian

Chapter 321: Liu Mei's power

Chapter 322: Fatty Fu

Chapter 323: Shun Long's question

Chapter 324: Fu Li's answer

Chapter 325: Lu Wen's huge scheme

Chapter 326: Liu Mei's revenge

Chapter 327: Meng Shao

Chapter 328: Taking sides

Chapter 329: Meng Shao's decision

Chapter 330: Destruction

Chapter 331: Betrayed?

Chapter 332: The sect's secret

Chapter 333: Lu Wen and Lu Gong

Chapter 334: Leaving the 'Floating Cloud sect'

Chapter 335: Lin Huefeng's choice

Chapter 336: Arriving at the Ten thousand beasts mountain range

Chapter 337: Ten thousand beasts' city

Chapter 338: Sneak attack

Chapter 339: Prey

Chapter 340: Purple tentacled poison turtle

Chapter 341: Powerful poison

Chapter 342: Chen Yan

Chapter 343: Chen Yan's request

Chapter 344: Cooperating

Chapter 345: Chen Wuying's poison

Chapter 346: Rank 5 Snow Ape

Chapter 347: Fighting the Snow Ape

Chapter 348: Enraged snow ape

Chapter 349: Grabbing the spoils

Chapter 350: Future plans

Chapter 351: Breakthrough

Chapter 352: Two years

Chapter 353: Returning to the Dragon Lord's villa

Chapter 354: Entering the villa!

Chapter 355: Stone labyrinth

Chapter 356: Dangers in the 'Dragon Lord's villa'

Chapter 357: The desert's true danger

Chapter 358: Searching for Cui Guoliang

Chapter 359: Cui Guoliang's plight

Chapter 360: Rescuing Cui Guoliang

Chapter 361: Cui Guoliang's gratitude

Chapter 362: The reason behind the entrapment

Chapter 363: Arriving at the core region

Chapter 364: Overbearing

Chapter 365: Face off!

Chapter 366: Plan

Chapter 367: Treasures!

Chapter 368: Riling up the entire Shengtian dynasty

Chapter 369: Attracting attention

Chapter 370: Black sword and translucent armor

Chapter 371: Star weapons

Chapter 372: Elderwood King tree

Chapter 373: Huo Wuyi

Chapter 374: The Dragon Lord's villa's purpose

Chapter 375: Shun Long's choice

Chapter 376: The test begins

Chapter 377: The first test!

Chapter 378: Dangerous woman

Chapter 379: Fighting a Nascent Soul stage cultivator!

Chapter 380: Kill or be killed

Chapter 381: Passing the test

Chapter 382: Each with their own plans

Chapter 383: Liu Mei's prowess

Chapter 384: Barrier of Knowledge

Chapter 385: The tip of the iceberg!

Chapter 386: Choosing a Saint-grade martial skill

Chapter 387: Training in a Saint-grade martial skill

Chapter 388: Choice

Chapter 389: Geniuses

Chapter 390: Liu Mei's shocking results

Chapter 391: Thundergod's slash!

Chapter 392: The third test's rules

Chapter 393: Hidden meaning

Chapter 394: Group of disciples

Chapter 395: Temporary alliance

Chapter 396: Attacking the city!

Chapter 397: Abrupt change

Chapter 398: Realization!

Chapter 399: Transformation

Chapter 400: Sealed memories

Chapter 401: Bond

Chapter 402: Hua Fengyu

Chapter 403: Nascent Soul

Chapter 404: Bloodline of a King of magic beasts

Chapter 405: Time Reversal

Chapter 406: Liu Mei's advancement

Chapter 407: Sieging the city

Chapter 408: The Death eater's power!

Chapter 409: Shaking the city!

Chapter 410: Liu Mei's trump card

Chapter 411: Rank 5 Blood Ignition pill

Chapter 412: A bad feeling

Chapter 413: Making their move

Chapter 414: Fighting 3 peak rank 3 Nascent Soul stage experts

Chapter 415: Trap?

Chapter 416: One in three chances

Chapter 417: The Holy sect's token

Chapter 418: Perilous condition

Chapter 419: Meddling in other people's business

Chapter 420: Saving Xie Xingyi

Chapter 421: Assassinate

Chapter 422: Sandstorm

Chapter 423: Don't throw away your life

Chapter 424: The power of the Thundergod's slash

Chapter 425: Not even put him in my eyes

Chapter 426: Being careful

Chapter 427: Golden door

Chapter 428: The fourth test's rules

Chapter 429: Token numbers

Chapter 430: Difference

Chapter 431: Shocking revelation

Chapter 432: The Holy sect's undefeatable disciples

Chapter 433: Black-robed person

Chapter 434: Trump card

Chapter 435: The black-robed young man's desperate struggle

Chapter 436: Do I pass the test?

Chapter 437: Sheng Huang

Chapter 438

Chapter 439: Same level of talent

Chapter 440: Liu Mei's advancement

Chapter 441: Sinister smile

Chapter 442: Which continent's peak power?

Chapter 443: Reunion

Chapter 444: A soft laughter

Chapter 445: Shun Long's trump card

Chapter 446: Shun Long's goal

Chapter 447: A crazy guess

Chapter 448: Recognized

Chapter 449: Flames of Destruction

Chapter 450: Zhong Fang

Chapter 451: Unique physique

Chapter 452: A chance to strengthen your physique

Chapter 453: Bai Longtian

Chapter 454: Do you want to give up

Chapter 455: Bai Longtian's Dao

Chapter 456: A chance to change

Chapter 457: Ball of fate

Chapter 458: Liu Mei's fate

Chapter 459: Immortal fate

Chapter 460: Extraordinary fate

Chapter 461: Three left

Chapter 462: Last one

Chapter 463: Shun Long's fate

Chapter 464: Entering the Holy sect

Chapter 465: Sect rules and Factions

Chapter 466: Martial Roll of Honor

Chapter 467: Come with me

Chapter 468: The domineering Jiang Chen

Chapter 469: Shun Long's wine

Chapter 470: Jiang Chen's story

Chapter 471: Assessment

Chapter 472: Shun Long's goal

Chapter 473: Shun Long vs Jiang Chen

Chapter 474: Shun Long's secret

Chapter 475: Liu Mei's problem

Chapter 476: An unexpected visit

Chapter 477: There is no need to do it any longer!

Chapter 478: Offered a spot

Chapter 479: Elder Xuan Jiao's offer

Chapter 480: Liu Mei's decision

Chapter 481: Assignment Hall

Chapter 482: Choosing missions

Chapter 483: Golden Treasures Hall

Chapter 484: Silverbark guqin

Chapter 485: 10.000 sect points

Chapter 486: Wan Zu

Chapter 487: Selling the 'Dragonblood tempering pills'

Chapter 488: Selling the 'Dragonblood tempering pills' (2)

Chapter 489: Buying the guqin

Chapter 490: Sense of urgency

Chapter 491: Bai Longtian's reason

Chapter 492: Bai Longtian's fate

Chapter 493: Bai Longtian's trump card

Chapter 494: Jiang Chen vs Bai Longtian

Chapter 495: Outcome of the fight

Chapter 496: Approached

Chapter 497:

Chapter 498: Earth flames

Chapter 499: Shun Long plays the guqin

Chapter 500: A soothing melody

Chapter 501: Stirring up the Enforcement Hall

Chapter 502: Intercepted?

Chapter 503: Intercepted (2)

Chapter 504: Intercepted (3)

Chapter 505: Senior sister?

Chapter 506: Dong Ai

Chapter 507: Dong Ai's outburst

Chapter 508: Elder Xuan's real reason

Chapter 509: Xuan Jiao's master

Chapter 510: The balance of the sect's territories

Chapter 511: Dong Ai's provocation

Chapter 512: Nipping in the bud

Chapter 513: Wei Yaling's goodwill

Chapter 514: Waking up

Chapter 515: Day of the gathering

Chapter 516: Choosing a D-rank mission

Chapter 517: Memory recording formation

Chapter 518: Everyone's missions

Chapter 519: Splitting up

Chapter 520: Splitting up (2)

Chapter 521: The Holy city

Chapter 522: Dao Tower

Chapter 523: Dao Tower (2)

Chapter 524: Dao Tower (3)

Chapter 525: Dao fight

Chapter 526: Dao Fight (2)

Chapter 527: Consecutive wins

Chapter 528: Breaking through to the fifth stage of body refinement

Chapter 529: One with the world

Chapter 530: Meeting Ying Gui

Chapter 531: Bad luck

Chapter 532: Ying Gui's preparations

Chapter 533: Biting more than he could chew

Chapter 534: Traveling to Yanzhu city

Chapter 535: Flame Lion's canyon

Chapter 536: Shocking power

Chapter 537: Su family

Chapter 538: A disciple of the Holy sect?

Chapter 539: Abandoned

Chapter 540: Fighting Su Bao

Chapter 541: Fighting Su Bao (2)

Chapter 542: Injured?

Chapter 543: Lethal attack

Chapter 544: Spoils of the battle

Chapter 545: Entering the 'Flame Lion's canyon'

Chapter 546: The 'Flame Lion's' canyon depths

Chapter 547: Leaving the 'Flame Lion's canyon'

Chapter 548: Yanzhu city

Chapter 549: Selling rank 5 medicinal herbs in a bulk

Chapter 550: Burying them

Chapter 551: I told you to scram!

Chapter 552: Fighting 2 peak rank 5 Nascent Soul stage cultivators Monarch of Time

Chapter 553: Killing everyone Monarch of Time

Chapter 554: Leaving Yanzhu city Monarch of Time

Chapter 555: Yan Ning's fury Monarch of Time

Chapter 556: Returning to the Holy city Monarch of Time

Chapter 557: Returning to the Holy city (2) Monarch of Time

Chapter 558: White tiger chamber of commerce Monarch of Time

Chapter 559: Entering the Dao Tower once again Monarch of Time

Chapter 560: Two weeks Monarch of Time

Chapter 561: Fighting a Dao King! Monarch of Time

Chapter 562: Time Siphon

Chapter 563: Time Siphon (2) Monarch of Time

Chapter 564: Returning to the Holy sect Monarch of Time

Chapter 565: Jiang Chen's fame Monarch of Time

Chapter 566: Jiang Chen's fame (2) Monarch of Time

Chapter 567: A pitiful glance? Monarch of Time

Chapter 568: The Yan family's revenge Monarch of Time

Chapter 569: Accepting faction missions Monarch of Time

Chapter 570: Everyone's determination Monarch of Time

Chapter 571: Strengths and weaknesses Monarch of Time

Chapter 572: Let's see who can climb the highest Monarch of Time

Chapter 573: Investigate everything! Monarch of Time

Chapter 574: Warm attitude? Monarch of Time

Chapter 575: Furious Sheng Huang Monarch of Time

Chapter 576: Senior brother Feng's anger Monarch of Time

Chapter 577: Searching for the 'Poison-tongued Toad' Monarch of Time

Chapter 578: Hunting the Poison-tongued Toad Monarch of Time

Chapter 579: A terrified Liao Changming Monarch of Time

Chapter 580: A terrified Liao Changming (2) Monarch of Time

Chapter 581: A terrifying new faction Monarch of Time

Chapter 582: I am awake Monarch of Time

Chapter 583: Little Black waking up Monarch of Time

Chapter 584: Little Black waking up (2) Monarch of Time

Chapter 585: Climbing the highest Monarch of Time

Chapter 586: Beast Tamer Hall Monarch of Time

Chapter 587: Arctic blue bird Monarch of Time

Chapter 588: Traveling to the Northern region Monarch of Time

Chapter 589: The Blue star continent Monarch of Time

Chapter 590: Tang city Monarch of Time

Chapter 591: Noble Tang restaurant Monarch of Time

Chapter 592: Royal Tang wine Monarch of Time

Chapter 593: Special attention Monarch of Time

Chapter 594: Infiltrating the royal palace Monarch of Time

Chapter 595: Shun Long's first plan Monarch of Time

Chapter 596: The infamous crown prince Monarch of Time

Chapter 597: Infiltrating the royal palace Monarch of Time

Chapter 598: Infiltrating the royal palace (2) Monarch of Time

Chapter 599: Fighting a Dao King Monarch of Time

Chapter 600: Fighting a Dao King 2 Monarch of Time

Chapter 601: Escaping! Monarch of Time

Chapter 602: The Tang dynasty“s Dao Emperor Monarch of Time

Chapter 603: Jiang Tianfang Monarch of Time

Chapter 604: Healing Bai Longtian Monarch of Time

Chapter 605: Can you heal him? Monarch of Time

Chapter 606: Can you heal him 2 Monarch of Time

Chapter 607: Returning back to the Holy sec Monarch of Time

Chapter 607: Returning back to the Holy sect Monarch of Time

Chapter 608: Returning back to the Holy sect 2 Monarch of Time

Chapter 609: Above the Dao Emperor realm Monarch of Time

Chapter 610: Jiang Tianfang“s strength Monarch of Time

Chapter 611: Faction wars“ rules 1 Monarch of Time

Chapter 612: Faction wars“ rules 2 Monarch of Time

Chapter 613: Entering seclusion Monarch of Time

Chapter 614: Barrier-piercing pill Monarch of Time

Chapter 615: Faction war 1 Monarch of Time

Chapter 616: Faction war 2 Monarch of Time

Chapter 617: Faction war 3 Monarch of Time

Chapter 618: Faction war 4 Monarch of Time

Chapter 619: Thrasing Monarch of Time

Chapter 620 Monarch of Time

Chapter 621: The top 1000 factions Monarch of Time

Chapter 622: Growth Monarch of Time

Chapter 623: Growth 2 Monarch of Time

Chapter 624: Senior brother Wong vs Liu Mei Monarch of Time

Chapter 625: Senior brother Wong vs Liu Mei 2 Monarch of Time

Chapter 626: Fighting Peng Chao Monarch of Time

Chapter 627: Fighting Peng Chao 2 Monarch of Time

Chapter 628: Jiang Chen“s Kingdom Monarch of Time

Chapter 629: Will you participate? Monarch of Time

Chapter 630: The top 1000? Monarch of Time

Chapter 631: Song Yahui Monarch of Time

Chapter 632: Song Yahui“s invitation Monarch of Time

Chapter 633: “Five-elements awakening pill“ Monarch of Time

Chapter 634: Refinement Hall Monarch of Time

Chapter 635: Title hidden Monarch of Time

Chapter 636: Shun Long making a move Monarch of Time

Chapter 637: Destroying Ma Ming Monarch of Time

Chapter 638: Aftermath Monarch of Time

Chapter 639: Mao Jing Monarch of Time

Chapter 640: The Grand Elder's question Monarch of Time

Chapter 641: The Grand Elder's question (2) Monarch of Time

Chapter 642: The Grand Elder's favor Monarch of Time

Chapter 643: Using an earth flame Monarch of Time

Chapter 644: Refining the 'five-elements awakening pill' Monarch of Time

Chapter 645: Refining the 'five-elements awakening pill' (2) Monarch of Time

Chapter 646 Monarch of Time

Chapter 647: Gathering in the arena Monarch of Time

Chapter 648: Elder Sun Wen Monarch of Time

Chapter 649: The rewards for the top 1000 Monarch of Time

Chapter 650 Monarch of Time

Chapter 651: Liu Mei's fight Monarch of Time

Chapter 652: Stepping on the stage Monarch of Time

Chapter 653: Xingyi's opponent Monarch of Time

Chapter 655: Sheng Huang's threat Monarch of Time

Chapter 656: Shun Long's opponent Monarch of Time

Chapter 657: Shun Long vs Dong Ai Monarch of Time

Chapter 659: Sun Wen's choice Monarch of Time

Chapter 660: Dong Cheng's move Monarch of Time

Chapter 661: Backing Monarch of Time

Chapter 662: Fighting intent Monarch of Time

Chapter 663: Supreme Dao Monarch of Time

Chapter 665: The King's palace? Monarch of Time

Chapter 666: The King's palace (2) Monarch of Time

Chapter 667: Jiang Chen vs Jun Ren Monarch of Time

Chapter 668: Jun Ren's trump card Monarch of Time

Chapter 669: Monarch of Time

Chapter 670: Jiang Chen's might Monarch of Time

Chapter 671: Top 2000 Monarch of Time

Chapter 672: How strong? Monarch of Time

Chapter 673: The top 1000 Monarch of Time

Chapter 674: The top 1000 (2) Monarch of Time

Chapter 675: The Grand Elder's decision Monarch of Time

Chapter 676: The Grand Elder's decision (2) Monarch of Time

Chapter 677: Liu Mei's challenge Monarch of Time

Chapter 678: Liu Mei vs Song Yahui Monarch of Time

Chapter 679: Liu Mei's full strength Monarch of Time

Chapter 680 Monarch of Time

Chapter 681: Shun Long's choice Monarch of Time

Chapter 683: Qiu Yun (2) Monarch of Time

Chapter 684: Shun Long vs Qiu Yun Monarch of Time

Chapter 685: Shun Long vs Qiu Yun (2) Monarch of Time

Chapter 686: Shun Long vs Qiu Yun (3) Monarch of Time

Chapter 687: Shun Long vs Qiu Yun (4) Monarch of Time

Chapter 688: Sudden visitors Monarch of Time

Chapter 690: Bai Liuxian Monarch of Time

Chapter 693: Seen through? Monarch of Time

Chapter 694: Top 10 Monarch of Time

Chapter 695: Yang Hui's strength Monarch of Time

Chapter 696: Fire Qilin's eyes Monarch of Time

Chapter 697: Bai Liuxian's offer Monarch of Time

Chapter 698: High-grade spirit stones Monarch of Time

Chapter 699: The Grand Elder's visit Monarch of Time

Chapter 700: The secret behind the King's Palace Monarch of Time

Chapter 701: Exchange Monarch of Time

Chapter 702: The Grand Elder's offer Monarch of Time

Chapter 703: Cultivation techniques Monarch of Time

Chapter 704: Shun Long and Xingyi Monarch of Time

Chapter 705: One year Monarch of Time