My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!




A genius talisman practitioner is reborn as a seven-year-old girl! However, her innocent appearance belies her vicious personality. In the remote countryside, the Crown Prince runs into her, beating up her enemy. She is indifferent, but it’s love at first sight for the Crown Prince!“Not good, Your Highness the Crown Prince, Her Highness the Crown Prince Consort used an immobilization talisman on His Majesty the Emperor, and His Majesty is currently eating dirt in the main hall.”“Isn’t that normal? Who told that dog emperor to provoke my wife? I say it’s a job well done! Pour a bucket of ice water on him to cool him down!”

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Chapter 126 - Besiegement (3)

C126 I had an idea

C127 I'm not a heater

Chapter 127 - Scapegoat

Chapter 128 - You Are Seeking Death!

C128 Conspiracy comes out of the dark

C129 Night vampires

Chapter 129 - Emerge and Perish on Her Own

Chapter 130 - Bone Setting

C130 With so much energy consumed how could he not be hungry

C131 Call the husband to try

Chapter 131 - Test

Chapter 132 - You Are Very Strong

C132 Seems like i've been intimidated

C133 Bad idea

Chapter 133 - Daybreak Sect

Chapter 134 - Savage and Frightening

C134 A big play

C135 Wise and gentle wolf

Chapter 135 - Kill Him

Chapter 136 - The Youngest Mystic Cultivator

C136 She then sat on mu yubai's lap

C137 Stop fooling around

Chapter 137 - Pay with Your Life

Chapter 138 - Backlash

C138 So-called saliva

C139 I'm not afraid

Chapter 139 - Your Highness the Crown Prince, No Good!

Chapter 140 - Qiao Estate

C140 We're gonna work together

C141 Whose leg is under the table

Chapter 141 - Oddball Little Master

Chapter 142 - The Willful Prince…

C142 You have two choices

C143 A bath is so complicated

Chapter 143 - The Black-hearted Crown Prince

Chapter 144 - The Father-tricking Crown Prince

C144 What are they doing

C145 A bad habit of just looking and buying

Chapter 145 - Beguiling Performed

Chapter 146 - Really Miserable

C146 Decide to f*ck him!

C147 Plan in progress

Chapter 147 - Farce

Chapter 148 - Everyone Had Their Own Ulterior Motives

C148 Who's the most beautiful?

C149 Sleeping beauty male

Chapter 149 - Summoning Talisman

Chapter 150 - Talisman Practitioner, Hello!

C150 Not temperature control but voice control!

C151 Confusion

Chapter 151 - Daughter Is A Nouveau Riche

Chapter 152 - All Hell Broke Loose

C152 Dig a hole for yourself

C153 For love i would rather be crushed to pieces

Chapter 153 - Why Do You Spit!

Chapter 154 - Stepmother (1)

C154 Proposals for physical training

C155 It turned out to be her

Chapter 155 - Stepmother (2)

Chapter 156 - Banishment

C156 It really was solved?

C157 Come to the birthday party

Chapter 157 - Let’s Gather and Part on Good Terms

Chapter 158 - Be more mindful of your place

C158 I really want to be a dad?

C159 Wen zixiu's last sentence

Chapter 159 - Commandery Princess Hui’an

Chapter 160 - Not as Cute as Her (1)

C160 I can only use a beauty as my trump card

C161 Birthday meeting(1)

Chapter 161 - Not as Cute as Her (2)

Chapter 162 - Practice Subjects

C162 Birthday meeting(2)

C163 Birthday meeting(3)

Chapter 163 - I Don’t Have Friends

Chapter 164 - Voided!

C164 I'm yuesen's girlfriend

C165 And that's the end of it?

Chapter 165 - Triggering Mystic Meridians

Chapter 166 - You Are the Trash

C166 Go all the way to black

C167 Spasmodic leg

Chapter 167 - You?

Chapter 168 - Face the Attack! Face the Attack!

C168 A heaven a hell

C169 Where is he?

Chapter 169 - Awfully Shameless

Chapter 170 - Holy Water Sect First Peak

C170 Don't want to mention it again

C171 Never come back

Chapter 171 - Why Aren’t You Climbing Out Already, Uncle-Master

Chapter 172 - Success!

C172 A lovelorn can make a fool of one's brain

C173 Tricked back to dinner

Chapter 173 - Chosen by Master

Chapter 174 - You Can’t Run Away, My Disciple

C174 I am the villain

C175 Heart stopped beating

Chapter 175 - Hand Your Sinful Disciple Over

C201 Thank you for your concern

Chapter 201 - Unable to Bear Trials

Chapter 202 - Forever Together

C202 I won't force him to admit it

C203 Wrong person

Chapter 203 - : You Aren’t Alone

Chapter 204 - Confrontation

C204 The punishment of complacency

C205 Don't stop at critical moments

Chapter 205 - Rescuing Their Teammates

Chapter 206 - Fight to the Death

C206 Could it be that there is one now?

C207 See the mystery

Chapter 207 - Thank Your F*cking Family!

Chapter 208 - Unable to Accomplish Anything but Liable to Spoil Everything

C208 Watch you test

C209 Detection results

Chapter 209 - I Was Wrong

Chapter 210 - Wiped Out (1)

C210 Can you stop looking at this place all the time

C211 The safest bed!

Chapter 211 - Wiped Out (2)

Chapter 212 - Wiped Out (3)

C212 Okay you feed me!

C213 A beast is still a beast

Chapter 213 - Bandit Qiuqiu

Chapter 214 - A Rather Lucrative Profit

C214 Do you dare to kiss

C215 I have a few words for you treat all kinds of illnesses

Chapter 215 - Uninvited Guest

Chapter 216 - Violent Rage

C216 Had to be prepared

C217 Small dark room

Chapter 217 - You’re Really Pretty

Chapter 218 - I Want Her to Die

C218 A person standing outside a window

C219 I don't feel sorry for him but i do feel sorry for you!

Chapter 219 - Would Not Live Past Three Days

Chapter 220 - Reciprocal Present

C220 This game is too hot!

C221 Scapegoat

Chapter 221 - Thousand Blossom Festival

Chapter 222 - Invitation

C222 Feel it with your hands

C223 The meaning of the words be too clear

Chapter 223 - Seeking Their Own Death (1)

Chapter 224 - Seeking Their Own Death (2)

C224 High technical content

C225 It is easier to throw up when you are excited

Chapter 225 - A Coldness Poison

Chapter 226 - Golem

C226 It's not like i'm gonna eat you

C227 Wen family visit

Chapter 227 - Pill Giving

Chapter 228 - Time to Eet Flower

C228 I am not a person who cannot see the light of day

C229 I was going to say something about the engagement

Chapter 229 - Flattery

Chapter 230 - Is It for Sale?

C230 Do you dare make a bet

C231 I will not go

Chapter 231 - This Child Is Mad

Chapter 232 - Silly Zombie

C232 My surname is mu and my surname is xiao

C233 Check results

Chapter 233 - Scapegoat

Chapter 234 - Why?

C234 The habits of men!

C235 Forgive zixiu

Chapter 235 - Karma

Chapter 236 - Am I Cruel

C236 This is too strange

C237 Flower poison

Chapter 237 - Thousand Blossom

Chapter 238 - Super Strong Coldness Poison

C238 Feed you medicine with your mouth

C239 This is called being able to control?

Chapter 239 - Heartless Little Master

Chapter 240 - Foolish Disciple

C240 Eerie suicide

C241 Four-person appointment

Chapter 241 - Freeloader

Chapter 242 - Do you have medicine?

C242 The heart of a proud and pampered man

C243 I won't be able to leave tonight

Chapter 243 - She Mutated

Chapter 244 - Unfilial Son

C244 Could it be that all four of them slept in the same room?

C245 This man is extremely arrogant

Chapter 245 - Allow Dad to Do it!

Chapter 246 - Farewell

C246 Love love death soon

C247 A lamp suddenly extinguished

Chapter 247 - Big Treasure

Chapter 248 - Reunion Dinner

C248 Who wants to take a bath first

C249 It is more unusual for a man to bathe with a man

Chapter 249 - Accident

Chapter 250 - Regretful Departure

C250 In the middle of the night accidentally fell on him

C251 It's all messed up

Chapter 251 - An Unnecessary Existence

Chapter 252 - Exploded

C252 Afraid or afraid

C253 I just want to smash you to death

Chapter 253 - Fortification

Chapter 254 - Something Terrible Happened

C254 Who can guarantee that this person will not be among them

C255 A thing without a conscience

Chapter 255 - Eldest Brother, Seek Justice for Me

Chapter 256 - Fake Eldest Brother

C256 The mysterious woman on the monitor

C257 Intuition

Chapter 257 - Who’s Darling Qiao?

Chapter 258 - Aura-Repressing Talisman

C258 What is hidden

C259 A man in hiding with only one purpose

Chapter 259 - A Fraud

Chapter 260 - Leaving from Home

C260 Always give this kind of gentleness

C261 Did i see a ghost?

Chapter 261 - It Came to Add a Dish

Chapter 262 - Mighty Weak Chicken

C262 A woman's name!

C263 Unable to distinguish truth from falsehood

Chapter 263 - Too deceptive

Chapter 264 - Carriage Search

C264 Decision to meet

C265 Heart disease

Chapter 265 - A Bloody Case Triggered by a Chicken

Chapter 266 - I’m from the enemy troop?

C266 A contest between a woman and a woman

C267 Her world was completely shattered

Chapter 267 - The Weak Chicken Ascending to the Heavens (1)

Chapter 268 - The Weak Chicken Ascending to the Heavens (2)

C268 Happiness is like a slap in the face

C269 Don't resist me or i will be very angry!

Chapter 269 - Our Name Is Qingluan

Chapter 270 - Compensation

C270 He explains

C271 All the bad imagination be compress in a heap

Chapter 271 - Violent Beating

Chapter 272 - Line-cutter, Go to the Back

C272 Crescent injury

C273 Go to your appointment late at night

Chapter 273 - The Water-Drop Test

Chapter 274 - Gloriously Radiant

Chapter 274

Chapter 275

Chapter 275 - Taken to the Second Peak