Chapter 10 - Fu Jiu and Qin Mo’s First Official Encounter 3

Chapter 10: Fu Jiu and Qin Mo’s First Official Encounter 3

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Nothing was down there except for a ballpoint pen.

The English teacher narrowed her eyes, feeling fooled by the student named Jiang Feiyang.

Fu Jiu timed an innocent look on top of her dazzling handsomeness perfectly.

Upon seeing this, the anger in the English teacher’s heart burned as she turned towards Jiang Feiyang. “Not only do you not pay attention in class, you are now even planning on letting others take the blame for you? Get out right now!”

Jiang Feiyang didn’t understand how he ended up in such a state. That little wimp was playing games for goodness’ sake. How could he have acted so fast?

And… that was clearly Young Master Qin’s in-game name, wasn’t it?

Was he mistaken?

After sending away the person who was troubling her, Fu Jiu lowered her head and took the tablet out again.

But the frustrating thing was, with Jiang Feiyang’s scream just now, she clicked on the accept button by accident.

Just as Fu Jiu was about to delete the person from her contacts, she seemed to feel something, her black pupils shrinking abruptly.

Right after that, her mouth curved into a smile that was not really one.

“I didn’t expect that the day would come for someone to hunt me. Interesting.”

While Fu Jiu was talking, her fingers were swiftly moving and the page on the tablet changed in a split second.

The game was gone. All that was left were strings of code flooding into the screen nonstop!

Unlike the relaxed Fu Jiu, a gigantic figure of a fatty was sitting on the other end, hitting the keyboard like crazy and causing it to produce pa pa sounds. He then crashed onto the desk with his whole body, hitting the desk hard. “F*ck, he escaped!”

“What did you say? Escaped?” The cat-like young man took the live streaming headphones off, ignoring the millions of fans that were tuning in. He turned his head with shock on his face. “How did he escape from your hands? You are on the top of the hacker list in the nation, Fatty. Don’t joke like that, the captain is here!”

Fatty wiped his face, and his eyes were bright from the excitement of meeting another master. He didn’t answer the cat-like young man but turned to Qin Mo and said excitedly, “CEO Qin, where did you find this guy? He’s amazing! His reaction is a little slow, and he noticed me a bit late. But after that, he was having a total blast. Hundreds of thousands of fake internet IDs sneaked in at the same time, completely masking the real data. Not only that, he even installed a non-decodable virus on my computer while he was wiping out all the traces! Amazing, simply amazing! I guess his computer doesn’t have high specs; otherwise, even I would not be able to break past his external environment.”

“Wait, Fatty, tell me what’s wrong with my computer first; why is the screen black, hah?” The cat-like young man bit the rabbit’s ear and didn’t understand a thing Fatty had just said.

Fatty gave an “oh” and explained rather simply, “The opponent installed a virus in your computer, and I can’t decode it.”

The corner of the cat-like young man’s mouth quivered. “Are you telling me that not only did we not hack him, he actually broke my computer instead?”

“Yeah, you could say that.” Fatty touched his chin in a rather profound manner.

The cat-like young man: ” … ” Why the hell are you acting profound for? Are you being proud at being counter-hacked!

Qin Mo took in everything that had happened like it was nothing. He extended his arm, put down his company documents, and casually crossed his long legs. The shape of his jaw created a smooth line as he said, “Tell me about the external environment which you broke into.”

“Hey, CEO Qin is brilliant; he always gets to the crux of the matter.” Fatty laughed, seemingly cunning. “I’ve already locked onto his general location—he’s right in this exact school!”