Chapter 100 - Jealous, Is Fu Jiu Gay or Straight?

Chapter 100: Jealous, Is Fu Jiu Gay or Straight?

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The people in the classroom were all shocked when Fu Jiu held Xue Yaoyao in her arms.

Some of the girls’ eyes were opened extremely wide. They couldn’t believe all this!

Xue Yaoyao herself was stunned from the very beginning. She wanted to thank Fu Jiu, but she was afraid that she would be unable to hold in her urge to cry once she spoke up.

Fu Jiu acted like nothing had happened. She sat on the chair, and her left arm casually rested behind Xue Yaoyao as she smiled lightly. “The dumplings from last time were really delicious. You got any more for me today?”

Xue Yaoyao didn’t say anything. She nodded first and then shook her head. As she lowered her eyes, big, fat teardrops hit her textbook.

She didn’t understand why she didn’t cry when she was being bullied, but was now crying helplessly after this young man had shown his concern.

Xue Yaoyao thought that maybe it was that warm hug. It was so warm that she could overlook all the insults.

“No more, huh.” Fu Jiu rubbed her belly disappointedly. She then moved her left hand, and a lollipop showed up in front of Xue Yaoyao. Fu Jiu was slightly smiling, the corner of her mouth turned up. “Here you go. Girls should eat more sweets.”

The students around them were watching their interactions. Some were jealous and envious.

The most beautiful girl in class couldn’t figure out what was so good about that fat pig to deserve such special treatment from Fu Jiu!

“Fu Jiu really likes that fat pig?”

“No way, isn’t he gay?”

“Look at his attitude towards her. Does he look gay? He’s clearly straight!”

“But he liked handsome Jiang and wanted to keep Almighty Qin. Just how do you explain that?”

“I don’t care, I believe that My Highness Jiu is straight now!”

In order protect Fu Jiu’s reputation in school, they had set up a small fan club in school, and they affectionately called Fu Jiu “His Highness Jiu.”

Every time His Highness Jiu showed up with that mischievous look, that attitude of torturing trashy boys, those bright and clear eyes, and that calm and natural way of dealing with the media, he would look so much like a prince from ancient times who held all the power in the palm of his hand.

Therefore, the term “His Highness Jiu” emerged quickly.

Perhaps because the same kind of people always gather together, those who liked Fu Jiu were all people with honest values. They had wanted to fight against something like this for a long time already, but their power was weak, and that boy was not one to be messed with; he was connected to bullies outside of school. Just when the three of them wanted to fight, they saw His Highness Jiu kick him to the side. That gesture was extremely handsome, and it also vented their anger!

From that moment on, they decided that no matter whether His Highness Jiu was straight or gay, they would protect this young man with their lives!

Fu Jiu completely had no idea that her gesture just earned herself three fans.

Yesterday, she assembled her laptop all night. Now, all she wanted was to sleep on the desk.

Fu Jiu slept through the first two classes. Xue Yaoyao was covering for her, so the teacher didn’t notice.

Jiang Feiyang, who was sitting on the other side, was distracted. He looked at her the whole morning, and he didn’t understand how that little wimp who once liked him could give up being his deskmate.

This feeling was totally different from when he was being educated by that little wimp a few days ago. He was not sure why, but his chest felt tight from distress…