Chapter 1000 - Controlled? The Fatal Flaw

Chapter 1000: Controlled? The Fatal Flaw

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The 2v2 was unlike the PK that Feng Shang had taken part in. Even if Feng Shang lost, they could still catch up with the next match but if they lost the 2v2, it would be the end.

Supreme Alliance’s fans were more than anxious.

Previously, Xue Yaoyao couldn’t understand the pressure outside the arena Feng Yi had talked about. But it was becoming hard to ignore the explosive cheers for Xiangnan when Supreme Alliance was being suppressed.

Sometimes, the cheers could easily affect the players’ emotions. They had to strengthen themselves in the face of such pressures.

Lin Feng seemed to be in a panic.

Xue Yaoyao glanced at the youngster. She was sucking on her lollipop, both her and Young Master Qin having no intentions of using the helpline.

But this was the first time Her Highness Jiu paid so much attention to a match, her expression unlike before. Meaning that they had indeed met a strong rival.

Xue Yaoyao wasn’t well versed in battle tactics but seeing how her teammates couldn’t even leave the defense tower, she had a brief idea how the match was going.

Amongst the audience, someone lowered his cap and when he could no longer suppress the urge to speak, he cursed, “F*ck, this can’t be happening. Lin Feng and Yun Hu’s performance is awful, I can’t believe I lost to a Supreme Alliance like this! Captain, don’t you think so? The two others are strong players, what exactly are Lin Feng and Yun Hu doing? They are being chased all over the map, that isn’t how they are during a 1v1.”

Lin Chentao was the one speaking. He wore a cap to hide from the fans and had brought a face mask for his captain, the both of them seated in a concealed area. Even though there were many teams watching nearby, they weren’t part of the group.

Almost all the teams specifically came down just to watch Xiangnan and Supreme Alliance battle it out. They weren’t part of the group though mainly because of Rao Rong’s identity, he couldn’t be back in the team before the investigations ended.

Lin Chentao hadn’t forgotten Director Huang’s words that his captain was in danger. Hence, such disguise was necessary.

Honestly, he secretly hoped that Supreme Alliance would win since they lost to them, robbing them of the chance to enter the finals.

Besides, if they lost the 2v2, Qin Mo wouldn’t be able to compete. Lin Chentao knew more than anyone else how much his captain wanted to see the battle between Qin Mo and Xiao Jing.

The three of them entered the industry at the same time. Even though it wasn’t in the same location, they carried the same belief.

Both his captain and Xiao Jing all carried the same regret, which was the lost opportunity to compete against Qin Mo during his peak. Due to multiple reasons, the former world champion couldn’t compete in the National League for the past three years.

But that was no longer the situation and Supreme Alliance had a new player, Spade Z. They now had a member that could take away Qin Mo’s worries. Thus, Supreme Alliance was the strongest they have ever been. If they were stopped in their tracks, he would start to doubt himself, on how they had lost to such a team.

Lin Chentao felt his eyes turn red.

Rao Rong didn’t have to disguise himself like before. At this moment, he seemed calm, even his voice was soothing. “Lin Feng and Yun Hu’s flaw is their outstanding individual battle ability.”