Chapter 1001 - Untitled

Chapter 1001: Untitled

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Their individual battle ability was too good. This would come in handy in a 1v1. In a team battle, on the other hand, Qin Mo was there to command the team which allowed them to work together. But in a 2v2, this was considered a shortcoming.

If they didn’t harmonize well enough, their individual strength would become too overpowering, forcing them to a corner.

Qin Mo was definitely aware of this. So why did he send them out?

He was taking a risk but there wasn’t any other pairing strong enough for the duo sent out by Xiangnan.

If Lin Feng and Yun Hu teamed up, there was still a chance but it was far too risky.

That wasn’t all, their tempo was making Bo Jiu worried too. Due to her background, Bo Jiu was extremely sensitive to the tapping sound coming from the keyboard.

They were so in sync that their left hand landed on the keyboard at the same time. This was indeed a difficult battle.


Xiangnan’s twins struck with another attack. This time, it was harsher than before.

“Supreme Alliance’s defense tower is about to go down.” As the shoutcaster made his comment, an announcement appeared on the screen, informing the players of the destroyed tower.

This match was progressing much faster than the previous one. In less than five minutes, a tower was destroyed.

Was the Supreme Alliance really about to lose?

The fans watched on anxiously. Outside, the view counts started to increase steadily. Lin Feng and Yun Hu weren’t like Feng Shang after all. They had been in the industry for way too long. So long that they had experienced both the loss and victory of Supreme Alliance.

After gaming for so many years, they wouldn’t be able to live through a loss.

You Sixin yawned, looking bored. “Supreme Alliance will have to take back the tempo or this match isn’t worth watching. It would have been a waste of my effort to have come all the way down with you to watch your favorite Little Spade. Don’t you think so?”

Hoshino eyed him. “Yes.”

“That was easy.” You Sixin tugged his collar, looking devilish. “Why hasn’t Qin Mo used the assistance?”

“He probably trusts them.” Hoshino glanced over at the youngster’s dark gaze. There was a shine within he had never seen before. Qin Mo probably wasn’t the only change she experienced here, the other members of Supreme Alliance had also showed her warmth.

There wasn’t any other reason for that unwavering gleam in her eyes.

You Sixin asked teasingly, “Trust?”

It wasn’t something he encountered often and wasn’t something he believed in. But he was intrigued; why wasn’t Qin Mo taking action?

Was he waiting for them to work things out? Was it possible? In such a short period?

Xiangnan had started attacking the second defense tower.

The duo had both chemistry and aggression, not giving them any chance to intercept.

From Bo Jiu’s angle, Lin Feng’s eyes were starting to turn red. He couldn’t find a place to release the energy within him. His formation was infiltrated quickly and the unjust within him started to build up.

How could he lose like this? He never wanted to see that person lower his head again, especially when he was about to leave.

Before the match, Lin Feng had visited Yun Hu’s house where he had found the letter that had been sent from Europe. He was leaving in less than a month…