Chapter 1002 - Peace

Chapter 1002: Peace

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Europe. It wasn’t very far. The plane ride from Jiang City was only a day. Thus, it wasn’t the distance that was pulling them apart but rather their future plans and their future social circles.

Sometimes, Lin Feng would be afraid and the fear would be hovering over him since he was young. He was afraid that the gap between the person he had grown up with would suddenly become too wide since he was so outstanding, both in his studies and his fighting ability.

He didn’t wish to be looked down and because he wasn’t very intelligent, he studied harder than anyone else and practiced his basketball skills and martial arts diligently.

When he had been young, he could do as he pleased but that wasn’t the case after he had grown up.

Lin Feng didn’t tell Yun Hu that he was moving as moving away from the courtyard meant that he was leaving their circle.

In reality, it wasn’t that bad since the Lin family was still wealthy. But it wasn’t the same as the Yun family had power, with Yun Hu has their sole inheritor.

Even though Lin Feng was seen as a naive boy, he had thought further than anyone else.

Auntie Yun may be fond of him but it was only as Yun Hu’s brother and nothing else. The Lin family could no longer take another blow. His parents had suggested for him to go overseas. But he knew that they needed him here, both in the company and at home because the Lin family was deteriorating. Some things were about to change.

They had been living in comfort since young.

Lin Feng was afraid that he was going to end up an alcoholic while he studied abroad. By then, there probably wouldn’t be much for them to talk about.

Even though they had a tight relationship, the difference in their status and the location would start to build walls between them.

Only by winning would they have a memory by which Yun Hu could remember a person named Lin Feng from his youth.

Lin Feng glanced over at Yun Hu, who was still defending. Since the second tower was still intact, they had a chance.

At this moment, Lin Feng paused. He changed his direction and instead of providing support, he ran towards the bottom lane to fight beasts.

Yun Hu’s gaze shifted. When he saw the seriousness on Lin Feng’s face, he smiled. He continued to guard the tower, with no intention of heading back to the city for more HP even though he didn’t have many left.

The Xiangnan players were prepared to finish him off but Yun Hu dodged the warrior. With an agile turn, he came close to the tower and struck with a counter attack. But that wasn’t enough to take the first drop of HP.

Instead, it lowered his HP. Fortunately, a blood bag appeared, allowing him to tide through the crisis.

Xiangnan’s warrior that entered the tower lost a third of his HP!

The shoutcaster couldn’t help sighing. “That was a smooth attack, the last maneuver in particular was executed perfectly. If it hadn’t been for that last move, Xiangnan would have taken the first drop of HP. I admit, Yun Hu is doing great but it’s a pity he is the only one under the tower or he would have been able to counter… It seems like teamwork is extremely important amongst teammates, especially in a 2v2. Even at such a critical moment, Lin Feng hasn’t come forth to provide assistance. It will be hard for Supreme Alliance to win…”