Chapter 1005 - The Tempo Was Brought Up

Chapter 1005

: The Tempo Was Brought Up

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The first drop of blood and first kill!

The crowd went crazy. When the saw the words KO, they exploded and the shrills went through the roof.

Everyone had their attention on Lin Feng, their eyes gleaming with excitement.

Just seconds ago, the fans that had called him a burden were stumped for words, their faces pale with disbelief but no one cared.

Even the shoutcasters were stunned. They hurriedly made their remarks. “Beautiful! This is indeed a beautiful move, let us watch the playback!”

But no one was watching the playback. Once Lin Feng was done with his kill, he didn’t head back to the city. Instead, he retreated, blocking Xiangnan’s warrior.

Half HP against full HP and he no longer had his big move.

What was he thinking?

The shoutcasters were confused. But very quickly, they understood the situation because Yun Hu moved. He took a blood bag and dashed over.

The two of them trapped Xiangnan’s warrior. Yun Hu struck with a big move, cutting his HP by half.

Lin Feng turned, dodging the sharpness of his blade. With a blow and agile movements, he managed to block his path.

The Xiangnan twins operated beautifully because even at this moment, they still remained calm. With a flash, the warrior managed to dodge Lin Feng.

But that was temporary as Yun Hu struck him, reducing his HP drastically. Lin Feng didn’t give them any chance at a comeback either.

The twins moved their mouse in an expertly fashion and finally reached the tower and thus safety.

At this moment, Lin Feng, left with half his HP, used a big move.


Just then, the heart palpating music started to play as two words appeared on the screen. Double-kill!

Momentarily, the crowd went crazy again. The shoutcaster remained calm though. “Lin Feng has extremely low HP right now. Doesn’t such a tower-kill take his life?”

They did a playback, the scene extremely thrilling.

The youngster smiled with her lollipop in her mouth. “It won’t.”

Her confidence was because of his actions from the playback, he seemed to have learnt and was executing the Almighty’s scheming ways.

Even though Lin Feng was still defending the tower and had little HP left, he still managed to escape, hiding within the bushes and dashing back to the city.

Saying it was the end would be underestimating Xiangnan though.

At this moment, the far-range main attacker from Xiangnan stood in the city center. Using his many years of experience, he sent out a far-range cannon, directing it straight at Lin Feng… KO!

Lin Feng: “…”

Yun Hu: …

Bo Jiu: …

Shoutcaster: …

Everyone had the same expression.

Lin Feng froze, it was obvious from the way he held the mouse that he seemed to have been in that position for quite some time.

Even the Xiangnan player hadn’t expected the attack to really strike him.

“Hahaha!” Zhao Sanpang blanked for a second before bursting into laughter. “He was killed on the way back to the city, hahaha!”