Chapter 1006 - Next Up

Chapter 1006: Next Up

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Lin Feng couldn’t understand how he could hear Zhao Sanpang’s laughter through his noise reduction headphones. If he hadn’t been playing, he would have gone over to bash him up.

That cannon, that cannon… Lin Feng suppressed himself. In the end, he reached out and caressed his ear.

He was going to get it back, he had to get it back, this was humiliating! Why couldn’t he return back after the beautiful double-kill! He was killed on the way back to the city, it was a horrifying memory!

When Yun Hu reached the city, he glanced over at Lin Feng, waiting for him to revive. For a second, he released his mouse.

He reached over and caressed his head quickly before heading to the wilderness but that short second was captured by the cameras.

You Sixin arched a brow, a teasing hint in his voice. “Supreme Alliance sure is interesting, seems like the tables have changed.”

Hoshino remained like the ancient young master he was. He twirled a fountain pen, his smile carefree. “They look like they are playing individually but in reality, were playing double with a more macro view. Even though they aren’t on the same road, they keep their priorities in check. One of them stood guard to prolong the time while the other built his finances. Xiangnan didn’t just lose two lives, two of their defense towers have also been destroyed.”

“It’s pretty much a lost cause.” You Sixin chuckled. “Now, let us see if the Little Spade you care so much about is the real Z.”

Hoshino remained silent.

Over in a corner, Lin Chentao pushed his cap upwards as he frowned, looking confused. “Why does this scene look oddly familiar?”

“Qin Mo,” Rao Rong replied.

Lin Chentao glanced over in silence.

Rao Rong’s eyes were bright and glum at the same time. “This was the tactic Qin Mo and Spade Z used against us during the semi-finals.”

Lin Chentao paused for a second before understanding dawned on him. “F*ck, that explains the familiarity! Lin Chentao and Yun Hu are fast learners! They are so scheming!”

Even so, Lin Chentao was well aware how difficult it was to have such an effect. They were well aware of their condition before the match.

In just a short ten minute, they witnessed Lin Feng’s explosive growth. That itself was amazing. He managed to think of a comeback and calculate the time it took for the big move to be executed in spite of the intense pressure.

Lin Chentao couldn’t do it. He might be able to grow after the competition but to do it during the competition…

Perhaps, it was possible for Supreme Alliance to win.

Rao Rong watched as he fell into a daze. “Do you know what a 2v2 tests?”

“Teamwork!” This was something he knew.

Rao Rong shook his head. “No, it isn’t teamwork, it is trust.”

They could only cooperate perfectly with enough trust, regardless of Lin Feng and Yun Hu or the other two…

Rao Rong lowered his lids, turning towards Supreme Alliance.

Bo Jiu reached out to touch her pockets but there wasn’t anything, hence, she decided to find a topic. “Brother Mo, did you expect this?”

“No.” Qin Mo watched her action, tossing the lollipop in his pocket over to her, his voice noble. “It’s the last one, have it after the match.”

Bo Jiu sucked the lollipop, her silver hair flying. Her smile was mischievous. “It doesn’t matter, it won’t be long before our turn.”