Chapter 1007 - Your Friend Spade Z Is Up

Chapter 1007: Your Friend Spade Z Is Up

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The 2v2 continued and Xiangnan noticed the issue. The Supreme Alliance duo didn’t just change the tempo, even their fighting tactics had changed.

The twins had a natural advantage, their chemistry. This was a fatal weapon to others but Lin Feng and Yun Hu managed to break through it. If they played separately, the twin’s individual playing style wouldn’t stand a chance.

If they didn’t separate, they would be left helpless while Lin Feng fought to build up his finances and destroyed the towers.

Once the plan was broken, the tempo started increasing.

If they started collecting troops, the super troops could push down the defense towers.

If Supreme Alliance had been suppressed under the defense towers previously, they were now showing how fast they could be.

Lin Feng’s attack sped up and the death of the main boss flashed across the screen.

Xiangnan could no longer stop him. Lin Feng brought a line of troops to attack from the back, heading straight for the city center.

The Xiangnan duo wanted to head back but was blocked by Yun Hu’s far-range big move.

In just a few seconds, an announcement blast through the speakers. The city was intruded, leaving a screen full of bright lights.

Lin Feng removed his headphones. He flung his numb fingers around and was just about to sigh when Yun Hu bolted upright, an arm on the table. He turned and whispered into his ear, “Don’t forget the promise you made, I’m going to have my payback. Don’t run, understand?”

Lin Feng visibly froze. F*ck, this couldn’t be happening! How could he still remember it? Did gays all talk like him, going straight for someone’s ears? F*ck.

It seemed like an unfair win.

He was the one who executed the double-kill and destroyed the tower, so why was he the one going to be the bottom party? This wasn’t fair at all!

Lin Feng walked down with his head hung low; no one knew the reason except for himself…

Supreme Alliance won the 2v2. But those who paid attention knew that if they hadn’t finished it off so quickly and the match had dragged on, Supreme Alliance might not have won because the twins had pushed the towers to the highlands.

Supreme Alliance’s strength was obtaining the big dragon in the jungle. With the help of the dragon, they could push through with the damage, preventing Supreme Alliance from retaliating.

It was an equally matched battle until the very end. The deaths remained at 2v1. Supreme Alliance led by just one death. It wasn’t because of their execution but rather the precision and experience they had, preventing them from getting killed.

Ever since the start of the National League, from the preliminaries, the quarters all the way to the semis, Xiangnan pushed through a perfect win. Even if they met a strong team, they could still win within the first two rounds.

But now… The shoutcaster glanced down. “This is the first time Xiangnan experienced a loss, it seems like Supreme Alliance has somehow broken their pristine record. We will be taking a break for the next half an hour. Xiangnan should be finalizing the players for the team match.”

“Xiangnan’s real potential should have been forced out.” The other shoutcaster chuckled. “Xiangnan usually would only bring out the full formation during international matches but this time, it would be hard not to make any adjustments.”

“Yes, the 2v2 was harsh.”

“You were commenting on Supreme Alliance’s tactic, what’s your take?”

“How should I put it…” The shoutcaster shifted towards the camera lens, thinking of a description. “They grew from adversity.”

“Grew from adversity?” The other shoutcaster arched a brow. “How so?”

“Let’s start with Feng Shang from the first round. It isn’t common for a rookie to grow so quickly, especially in his execution. At the beginning, he might have been a little slow but he started getting into the groove as the match went on. Honestly, I have watched some of the other Supreme Alliance matches and he has definitely changed.” The shoutcaster took on a serious tone that made his words more convincing. “I believe that with time, it won’t be long before the birth of another ace like Yun Hu, someone who can hold their ground.”

“So, is your analysis of Supreme Alliance based on Feng Shang?”

“It isn’t purely because of him.” The shoutcaster pointed towards the screen. “At the start of the 2v2, it was obvious that they hadn’t settled for the tactics they were using at the end. They altered their tactic towards a more exterior approach only after witnessing the coordination between the Xiangnan duo. They used the troops to attack the dragons and hadn’t been out for kills because they knew how hard the match would be towards the later stage of the game. Generally, when players are at the losing end, their thoughts would start to blur but the Supreme Alliance members are the exact opposite. It is probably due to the trust they have for each other, they shine brighter in tougher situations and adjust their tactics during the match according to their opponents’ habits. This flexibility itself makes them worthy opponents and growing through adversity is the perfect way to describe this team.”

“You seem pretty confident about Supreme Alliance.”

“That’s not certain.” The shoutcaster remained objective. ” Xiangnan’s strength isn’t about a full win but rather the confidence and stable state of mind even after losing a match. Besides, no one has tried challenging Xiangnan’s team battle. Tempo is crucial in an esports battle but in a team battle against Xiangnan, you understand how diverse their styles can be. It will be extremely difficult for Supreme Alliance to build up the tempo.”

After the commentary, the cameras shifted towards Xiangnan and their interactions were captured on screen. The audience were caught off guard by their reactions. Just as the shoutcaster had mentioned, they didn’t seem affected by the loss at all.

Instead, Zhao Sanpang tapped the twins on the shoulder. “Lin Feng is way too despicable, you guys are definitely not his match in terms of that. How can they steal the dragon so stealthily? Geez, I hate it when they do that.”

The audience: …

They glanced over at Xiao Jing. “It’s good to be aware of your shortcomings, you can just change during the National League.”

Judging from his comment, Supreme Alliance were here to sieve out their shortcomings?

“Xiangnan doesn’t seem to be affected.”

“We’ll have to watch the team battle to know.”

“Wait a second, Xiangnan is out!”

“Their strongest formation! It is really their strongest formation!”

“What about Supreme Alliance?”

“Qin Mo, Spade Z, North of the Yin Mountain, Coco and Xue Yaoyao.”

“There’s a girl in each team.”

“They aren’t the same, I’m not being biased but Beauty Luo can easily finish off both Xue Yaoyao and Coco.”

They weren’t wrong because in the entire esports industry, Beauty Luo was the only female that made it into the Nation’s top ten best player list. Her maneuvering and speed were both at the top. One of the reasons behind Xiangnan’s strength was her fire cannon attack.

“Without a doubt, it will be difficult for Supreme Alliance to win this match.”

“Don’t forget, Supreme Alliance has Almighty Qin.”

“Xiangnan will find a way to control Almighty Qin, just wait and see. Almighty Xiao isn’t lacking in comparison to Almighty Qin. It won’t be possible to win with just one player.”

“What about Spade Z? He’s the FC King of Zone C.”

“That is hard to say since this is a team battle.”

The debate continued but Supreme Alliance didn’t seem the least bit affected. This was perhaps part of growing up. Being insulted and pelted with false accusation, at the start, it might affect them negatively because the influence of negativity would always be stronger than positivity. But once they had teammates and with the youngster beside them, you would understand that they stood firm and upright, speaking with their abilities. Even if they lost, it would be with a clear conscience.

That was how Xue Yaoyao felt. She had always been a fan of Beauty Luo and was more than aware of the gap between them. This match, she would go all out.

Bo Jiu glanced over towards the bright-eyed girl beside her. She retracted her outreached arm as she knew that Yaoyao no longer required her guidance.

Supreme Alliance was in the best state for battle. The half an hour rest time had reached its last minutes.

“Are you ready?” Qin Mo stood up, he stuffed a hand into his pocket, standing tall and upright, dignified and elegant. He had always been fair, his skin shining like porcelain under the light rays. His lips were pale and lifted and the aura he brought out was overwhelming and firm.

“We are ready.”

Qin Mo arched a brow. “Let’s go.”

The five of them walked out in a straight line.

That image was so cool it sent chills through the audience because the aura they gave off was overpowering.

The youngster’s silver hair was extremely striking, her legs long and waist slender under the black uniform. The black headband didn’t affect her handsomeness at all. Instead, it was so mesmerizing the camera director couldn’t help going in with a close up.

The moment both teams stood on stage, the aura was explosive and the view counts online were breaking a million.

“The real battle is about to begin.” You Sixin broke into a devilish smile.

Hoshino focused on the youngster. He couldn’t help smiling when he caught sight of the lollipop in her mouth. She still loved her candies, even until this moment.

You Sixin noticed the gaze, but this time, he narrowed his eyes without comment.

The audience exploded into a chorus of cheers as they slapped their support sticks in unison.

The Supreme Alliance members entered the game at the same moment.


A notification popped up. Your friend Spade Z is online