Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Almighty Qin Said, Come Out, I’ll Take You to Lunch

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Fu Jiu woke back up during the break before the last class period.

She didn’t know what Jiang Feiyang was thinking. He even walked over to her and knocked on her desk as he said in a low voice, “You’re really gonna sit here?”

Fu Jiu found it funny, and she looked at him. She lazily propped her chin up using her left hand. Those eyes instantly cleared Jiang Feiyang’s mind.

What was he doing?

Did he want this little wimp to return to his seat?

He must be out of his mind!

But Young Master Jiang continued, “You don’t have to do this. The class teacher will rearrange the seats next week. Just let Xue Yaoyao be with the girls. It will be fine.”

“I think it’s nice here,” Fu Jiu laughed, “At least I don’t need to worry about being ratted out.”

Jiang Feiyang knew Fu Jiu was referring to him, and his face whitened. He simply found this little wimp outrageous. He gave him a reason to come back, and he just threw it away.

“Suit yourself!”

Jiang Feiyang went back to his seat after saying that. His eyes were still full of anger, making those girls who liked him confused.

Xue Yaoyao raised her head up too. “Will, will I affect you in a bad way?”

“Affect?” Fu Jiu took her ‘redesigned’ English textbook out from the desk and curled her lips up into a smile. “Why would a dead last student like me worry about being affected? You are better than me, especially in physics. Is that really a subject for human beings to learn?”

This wasn’t the first time Fu Jiu complained about physics, which easily revealed how much she hated this subject.

Xue Yaoyao looked at the silver-haired young man next to her who curled up his thin lips into a smile. Because he just woke up, a few strands of hair stood up on the top of his head. That casual messiness looked so adorable that it seemed like a pair of puppy ears were going to grow right out of his fluffy hair.

She never felt happier in her whole life. Xue Yaoyao truly liked Fu Jiu, but not in a romantic way, for she knew that she was no match for this young man. She just sincerely wanted to repay his kindness from the bottom of her heart. Even though he didn’t need it, she still wanted to make him comfortable.

“If you have any questions about physics later, I can…”

Fu Jiu’s phone made a sound before Xue Yaoyao could finish talking. It was not ringing but buzzing.

Cell phones were not allowed in school. Rules were rules, although nearly everyone had one.

Fu Jiu made a ‘wait’ gesture and clicked on the message. It was a voice message sent from Qin Mo in his very low, plain voice. His voice sounded just like what those types of arrogant and senseless male CEO-s would have. “I’m in the area around your school. Come out, I’m taking you to lunch!”

“Business lunch? Not going, I want to play some games in a bit. And Brother Mo… I’m just a student.” Fu Jiu felt that in Almighty Qin’s eyes, going to school was not important at all. A nerd like him, who had been accepted by the best university in the whole country before he even graduated, would never understand the pains of being trash academically.

Qin Mo paused, and he ordered again like a cold big brother, “Then study well.”

Hearing that, Fu Jiu laughed. She tilted her head and sent a few voice messages in one go. “Don’t worry. I’m usually a good student, and my new deskmate is going to give me some help on studying. Go do your work, see you after school.”

She thought that it was over after this. After all, there was no reply after a few minutes.

Just as Fu Jiu was about to carefully scout some new players, her phone buzzed again. “So you need tutoring to pass your exams.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

Almighty, what do you want me to reply with, you might as well not reply to me at all. No wonder you can’t find a girlfriend!