Chapter 1010 - Untitled

Chapter 1010: Untitled

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The players at the middle lane and jungle weren’t successful. It probably wasn’t much in a normal game but this was the National League, gaming at the highest level.

The battles in high-leveled games all occurred in the jungle. Thus, there wasn’t much meaning to just defending towers. It wasn’t just a test of the player’s hand speed, it was also a challenge of their sense of gaming. Cutting through the maps continuously wasn’t just to track their enemies, it was also to observe their teammates’ condition.

Many Hero players had the misconception that sorcerers were stationed at the middle lane but that wasn’t true as the best sorcerers would always pay attention to their wilderness in order to provide timely assistance.

The gap between both teams was obvious from the start.

The moment Xiangnan’s sorcerer noticed the counter from her team, she left the middle lane without hesitation towards the lake at the side to block Coco, preventing him from providing aid so that her teammates had an advantage.

Xue Yaoyao didn’t move as quickly as she only took action after killing the blue beasts, which was clearly too late, missing out on the opportunity for a team battle since the team couldn’t even gather.

The game was assumed to progress negatively. However, after Qin Mo was back to full blood, he instructed calmly, “Take it back.”

The three words were spoken calmly but the silver-haired youngster smiled, dashing towards the wilderness. She hid in the bushes and asked, “Blue or red?”

“Red,” Qin Mo instructed, his calming voice spreading through the headphones into their ears and sending a surge of confidence through them. “Coco, aid the top lane. Yaoyao, stay in the middle, don’t let them over. You don’t have to come over. Uncle, mess with Xiao Jing a little.”

Yin Wuyao appeared the same as always, even if he wasn’t smoking. “Okay.” He glided forward.

It was important for the main attacker to take the red. Once they were done with the opponent’s blue, Beauty Luo cleared a row of troops and started off with the red that reappeared.

Everything seemed to be progressing smoothly until Coco, who had only half of his HP left, came over. With just one move directed at him, Beauty Luo managed to injure him severely.

The moment Zhao Sanpang saw her moves, he headed back on his horse, providing her with timely assistance.

“Your one o’clock.” Qin Mo’s orders helped Coco dodge an attack.

“F*ck.” He cursed at the empty blow before turning for another strike.

“Close combat, follow.” Qin Mo moved his mouse. With a blow, his opponent slowed.

Zhao Sanpang wasn’t as agile as before but that didn’t keep his mouth busy. “Red, hurry and take down the red, don’t let them take it!”

The moment Xiao Jing caught sight of Qin Mo in his wilderness, he had wanted to provide assistance but Yin Wuyao was forcing him to concentrate at another area. It would take a while before he could free himself.

Yin Wuyao wouldn’t be able to hold him for very long though as both his skills and his finances was much lower than Xiao Jing. When he was left with less than half of his HP, he retreated. “Xiao Jing is going over.”

Beauty Luo and Zhao Sanpang assumed they were after their red since that was their goal but Zhao Sanpang hadn’t expected anyone to be in the bushes and that person didn’t act as predicted. He didn’t head for the red but leaped instead, sending him and his horse up into the sky!