Chapter 1012 - Little Spade, What Are You Doing?

Chapter 1012: Little Spade, What Are You Doing?

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“Things aren’t looking good for Supreme Alliance.” The shoutcasters wouldn’t casually make such remarks. However, the breakdown in the middle lane seemed to have hinted at their failure. The assassins were a telling sign of the game’s tempo.

Compared to Xiangnan’s aggression, Supreme Alliance seemed lackluster as they continued to circle the same area, Qin Mo being the most obvious. He always assumed his finances would remain the highest since his skills and maneuvering were so high-leveled even Xiao Jing might not be able to achieve such an outcome.

But this time, he fell to the second position. Instead, Xue Yaoyao had the highest finances. Such a statistic was a clear sign, it meant that the joint attack had indeed caused an impact.

“The wilderness is way too important to Qin Mo but Xiangnan has been suppressing him the entire time, which was why they hadn’t been attacking. Instead, they kept messing with his progress.” Lin Chentao seemed agitated. “If this goes on, Qin Mo’s assassin will be deemed useless and without his presence, it won’t be possible for Supreme Alliance to win this fight. The sorcerer in the middle lane… Hmm, why isn’t she helping Qin Mo? This match is so infuriating.”

Rao Rong remained silent. As a player well versed with the sorcerer character, he knew her predicament more clearly than Lin Chentao. Likewise, he knew it was impossible for a newcomer to play with her senses.

The joint attack in the middle lane wasn’t something ordinary players could pull off. Supreme Alliance must have noticed that problem as well.

As expected, Qin Mo spoke while he continued to kill beasts, his speed rapid, “Yaoyao, bottom lane. Uncle, middle lane.”

“Cool.” Yin Wuyao moved rapidly, gliding across the wilderness while checking the map to prevent an ambush.

Qin Mo seemed to have noted that possibility as he warned, “Be careful.”

Just then, someone suddenly appeared from the wilderness. It was Luoluo. Amongst all the far-range attackers, the character Luoluo chose had the greatest flexibility. It posed a challenge to the user’s speed, reactivity, and most importantly, their game sense.

If she appeared, Xue Yaoyao wouldn’t be able to freeze them due to Luoluo’s agility. Hence, that was why the shoutcaster had made the initial remark about how Xiangnan’s character was chosen specifically to go against Supreme Alliance.

“Compared to Supreme Alliance’s old playing style, Xiangnan placed more thought, even taking the characters into consideration. It is probably the champion team’s ability, to be well prepared for every single match.”

“Here it comes!” The shoutcaster deepened his voice as everyone turned towards the screen.

Luoluo flipped, landing in a safe position. She lowered her gun and shot in Xue Yaoyao’s direction.

Bang! Xue Yaoyao’s HP fell by half.

Yin Wuyao reached her immediately and wanted to put a stop to Luoluo’s continued pursuit. However, it wasn’t just Luoluo hiding in the bushes, Xiao Jing was there as well!

Xiao Jing’s big move made him immune to being controlled.

He moved rapidly and with a flick on his gun, Xue Yaoyao was sent flying, her rain spell breaking off, leaving her with only a third of her HP.

Xiao Jing wanted to continue forward but Yin Wuyao moved, blocking in front of him.

He only said one word. “Move.”

It was just a few seconds. Even if Qin Mo managed to reach in time to provide assistance, he could only prevent Xue Yaoyao from being killed the second time.

He wouldn’t be able to save Yin Wuyao as he was severely injured and controlled, trapped by the three of them.

K.O! The familiar sound blasted through the speakers, leaving the fans in a daze. All of them knew the reason behind Uncle Yin’s death.

With his maneuvering, he could have escaped but he sacrificed himself for Xue Yaoyao.

In just a short ten minutes, Supreme Alliance had lost two lives. The media assumed his death would definitely cause an uproar, just like before with the double Yun Hu and Lin Feng had played.

But this time, surprisingly, no one said anything as everyone was focused on the screen. They could feel how much their idol cherished his teammate.

Xue Yaoyao felt a twinge of guilt run through her and apologized, “I’m sorry.”

Yin Wuyao chuckled. “You’ll come in handy in the later stage of the game, don’t think too much, with Little Captain around, the game is balanced.”

“Mmh,” she replied before heading off. In the past, she had been convinced that her hand speed was good enough. But through this match, she realized how much she was lacking. She didn’t know when to cut the maps, to observe the others and where to look.

In comparison, Uncle Yin was well versed in both his maneuvering and how to watch the game. It wasn’t just Uncle Yun, even Coco was able to make appropriate actions when required. She, on the other hand…

Xue Yaoyao moved her left hand. She might be the weakest player in the team but from now on, she was not going to continue dragging them down.

“Yaoyao, the bushes to your right. Someone is there,” Qin Mo remarked, his voice as calm as always. “Coco, take a step back.”


In that instead, Supreme Alliance changed his formation.

The shoutcaster felt a chill ran through him. “The middle and bottom lane swapped?”

“The sorcerer isn’t in the middle lane, this is really… unexpected.”

As this move was unexpected, they audience slowly realized it wasn’t as easy for Xiangnan to mess with Qin Mo while he fought in the wilderness. Moreover, with Yin Wuyao’s skills, it wasn’t easy for Xiangnan’s players to come over.

Although it was possible for two, after fighting for such a long time, they didn’t just fail to get their blue, they were also stopped by Coco.

Zhao Sanpang was infuriated. The moment he retreated, Qin Mo commented, “Thanks for helping to clear the wilderness.”

Thanks for helping to clear the wilderness? Thanks for helping to clear the wilderness… The words repeated in his mind like a broken recorder. He was furious.

In the end, they had indeed helped him clearing the blue beasts; more than half of their HP was taken down by them.

That was what he had been plotting.

Despicable, he was way too despicable. How could he plot against someone in the midst of their scheme? Qin Mo was definitely the founder of such despicable behavior!

“Take the tower.” Xiao Jing readjusted his plan as he realized continuing like this would just slow down their own progress.

He had to hand it over to Qin Mo, even with an injury, he still managed to come up with such a scheme to deal with them. It made things interesting…

Xiao Jing broke into a rare smile that was captured by the cameras and Xiangnan’s fans were bedazzled.

“Supreme Alliance seems to be doing better than before.” Someone detected the shift in tempo.

“Indeed.” The members from the other teams commented, “Both Coco and the new sorcerer’s maneuvering seem to have improved, they seem to have reached another level. It might be because of their new formation, which is odd. How can their game instincts improve so drastically in such a short amount of time? ”

“The Supreme Alliance members managed to grow so much during a match? It seems impossible.”

Just as the discussion was heavy, Rao Rong narrowed his eyes, his body leaning forward as he watched the man that was tilting his head while he maneuvered his mouse. “It’s Qin Mo.”

“What?” Lin Chentao watched the screen carefully, not understanding what his captain was referring to.

Rao Rong continued to observe. “Qin Mo is instructing them on the formation.”

“That can’t be.” Lin Chentao’s first reaction was disbelief since an assassin had to be quick in his fight in the wilderness as he would also have to guard against the enemies, preventing them from stealing his beasts, which was the reason they had to cut the maps and watch the other areas so critically. That required an insane amount of effort. If he also had to watch the other lanes and instruct, Lin Chentao couldn’t imagine how fast his processing ability and hand speed was.

But from the looks of things, his captain wasn’t wrong! Because, when he turned towards Qin Mo, he realized he was indeed giving out instructions. That wasn’t all, his left hand moved so quickly Lin Chentao could barely see the movements.

“Coco, retreat, use your second skill…”

Qin Mo had his headphones on, his handsome side view shining beneath the bright lights. He looked so noble he seemed untouchable. He remained calm as his character passed through the walls while he quietly gave out commands. His calm behavior made everything seem normal.

But anyone who had played Hero before knew that Qin Mo was the only one who could do this.

When the shoutcaster realized that, he turned towards the director, signaling for him to zoom in for a close up shot. Very quickly, when Qin Mo appeared on the screen, everyone could clearly see his lips moving and when they turned to watch his game vision, the movements were so swift and sharp they could barely catch anything.

He cleared the troops in the middle lane, lessening the burden on Yin Wuyao. Soon, they managed to keep a balance on the troops, preventing Xiangnan’s side from infiltrating.

“He is indeed worthy to be known as the most valuable player, with his commands, Xiangnan’s tempo has been broken.”

“He cleared the troops so quickly even when he did his commanding, it’s so amazing…” The shoutcasters were no longer sure of what to say, their tones carrying a strong sense of awe.

Rao Rong wasn’t that surprised.

Lin Chentao, however, sighed once more. “Qin Mo really is insane.”

“It’s going to be tiring,” Rao Rong commented. “Xiangnan has been fighting high level battles all these years and must have forgotten that Supreme Alliance managed to be called a strong team in the province largely due to Qin Mo’s commanding and his cooperative playing style.”

Lin Chentao widened his eyes. “Captain, you mean that Qin Mo has always been playing like this?”

“Was it you or me that retired for a year?” Rao Rong sounded helpless. “Qin Mo began as an assassin and has always been in control during competitions but in order to better match his team, he changed the playing style of his best character, didn’t he?”

Lin Chentao pulled his hair. “I always thought all-rounded players like you enjoy playing the control, which means, Captain, you also…”

“Qin Mo was born for the assassin character.” Rao Rong turned to look at him. “You have never seen the way Qin Mo played three years ago. With just a wave of his long sword, not even the three from Xiangnan would be able to stop him. For the past three years, he has been the controlling part in order for the team ranking to improve. But after Spade Z appeared, he gradually started to resemble his former self. You can catch a glimpse of his commanding abilities in the match today. Actually, Xiangnan forced him back to his former self. If this continues, Qin Mo won’t be able to defeat Xiao Jing.”

Lin Chentao felt his heart sink because he knew how accurate his captain’s analysis could be.

Even though both sides were his friends, he couldn’t help the pent-up emotions he felt within him if the game really ended up in such a manner.

As expected, the next second, another announcement came up. Xiao Jing killed the Tyrant King!

Before Xiangnan’s fans could cheer, however, Little Spade bolt upright, looking like an infuriated puppy.

Lin Chentao howled at the silver-haired youngster. “Little Spade, what are you doing! Where’s your wilderness skills! Where’s the drive from when you stole the Tyrant King from my wilderness, haven’t you woken up yet?!”

Lin Chentao’s words must have been too striking because in that instant, it wasn’t just the audience, even the cameras were directed at him.

“It’s Lin Chentao.”

“The grievances in his voice gave him away.”

“Previously, during his battle against Spade Z, didn’t Spade Z steal all his beasts a little too quickly?”

“Speaking of which, doesn’t it sound like an encouragement?”

“As expected, blessings from good friends can be rather different.”

“Did my Big Spade just stiffen?”

“With Lin Chentao’s volume, Big Spade probably heard it as well.”

With thousands of eyes directed at him, Lin Chentao’s brain seemed to have found its way back. He sat with a burning face and turned towards Rao Rong. “Captain, please don’t find me embarrassing.”

Rao Rong remained silent. What could he say when everyone was looking at him? Fortunately, he had a face mask on.

The shoutcasters hadn’t expected such a situation and tried to steer everyone’s attention in the right direction. “Now that the Tyrant King is killed, both team’s finances have been pulled apart. Seems like no one can stop Xiao Jing’s drive.”

“It seems like just Qin Mo alone isn’t able to stop Xiangnan’s tempo.”

“This time, it’s going to be hard for Supreme Alliance to turn the tables.”

“I have to say, that was a brilliant kill.”

“Supreme Alliance’s wilderness ability is lacking, compared to Xiangnan…” Before he could finish his commentary and before any of the observing teams could say anything, another round of announcement flashed across the screen.

There was one row of words. “Spade Z killed the Shadow Master.”