Chapter 1013 - Untitled

Chapter 1013: Untitled

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“Shadow Mas-master?” the shoutcaster stuttered. He had just been criticizing Supreme Alliance. He hadn’t expected Spade Z to kill the strongest boss the next second, sending a wave of dragons flying.

The shoutcasters were at a loss for words. Meeting such an unexpected player was indeed an obstacle in their career. After a moment of silence, one of them quickly salvaged the situation. “Spade Z is indeed a formidable force in the wilderness, someone that shouldn’t be underestimated.”

“It’s to return the favor.” Some of the onlooking teams narrowed their eyes. “It hasn’t been long and he managed to kill the main boss?”

“Look at Spade Z’s finances!” A sharp-eyed person in the audience pointed to the screen.

On closer inspection, everyone was shocked. Somehow, Z’s finances had matched up to Xiao Jing’s!

“Whenever we talk about a player’s speed, we aren’t just describing their speed or the ability for them to grow their finances. In Hero, it is used to describe the ability to grow their finances during the early stage of the game. The richer the player, the better their equipment. But there is something more important, the time. Spade Z has his own unique playing style when he hunts.”

“Isn’t it just regular hunting?”

“No, it isn’t the same.”

“What’s the difference?”

“I’m not exactly sure. Wait a minute, let’s watch the playback.” They would definitely flash the playback for something as major as killing the Shadow Master, especially when it had been so unexpected.

Once they were shown Spade Z’s angle, many of them realized that the youngster was indeed using an entirely different playing tactic.

“He uses the second skill for maneuvering and an ordinary attack to attack beasts but how can he move so quickly?”

She was indeed fast. Regardless of where she was, be it the wilderness or near the troops, she just seemed unusually quick.

“Spade Z seems to move very smoothly?”

“It isn’t because of the skill? He knows exactly what can be removed from a single skill and keeps the second skill as a backup to jump walls in order to save time. He is always in his best state in terms of speed and attack power, regardless of whether he is escaping or when he has chosen the next target. Spade Z has played his character to its fullest potential and is treating Xiangnan’s wilderness as his own, moving around as he pleases.”

“Most of Xiangnan’s skills are used to control Qin Mo, they clearly underestimated the New Player King, Spade Z.”

“More importantly, let us take a look at Spade Z’s playing style. Why does it seem so complicated?”

“But doesn’t it look rather familiar?”

“Seriously? This is the first time I have seen such a hunting style, and every move he takes seems to have been well thought out since he manages to dodge Xiao Jing every time. I doubt any of it is a coincidence.”

“Ah! I remember where I have seen this hunting style!”

“Where?” The audience were curious.

“This was the method Qin Mo used back when he fought against the three Almighties of Xiangnan. At that time, Supreme Alliance was extremely strong but the other members were lacking in comparison to Xiangnan. But in the end, Qin Mo was able to mend the gap. He was indeed invincible. Thereafter, he injured his hand and the hunting style disappeared from the esports world. Every step was calculated and with every step he took, he either sped up or made an attack, it made hunting two times faster than others. I’ve tried to imitate his style after studying that match but it wasn’t something anyone can replicate. Firstly, you have to be well versed with the map and would have to constantly cut between maps to analyze the progress of the battle to stay prepared and cause the greatest impact. The player is also required to move accurately and at an extremely fast speed. More importantly, you have to have a plan. I thought it was the end of such a hunting style, I never expected to see it reappear through Spade Z. Xiangnan miscalculated, they shouldn’t have focused their attentions solely on Qin Mo.”

Xiao Jing noticed the problem, he narrowed his eyes and instructed, “Sanpang, watch Spade Z.”

“Right on it!” Zhao Sanpang rode his horse around the lake, prepared to block the incoming Bo Jiu. He was prepared to give the youngster a sharp blow and just when he was about to reach his side, the youngster leaped to the side to clear a troop of soldiers, wasting his big move.

“Captain, Little Spade is just like a loach, he ran off after seeing me.”

Run? Bo Jiu lifted her lips into a smile. Right at this moment, she retreated, using her second skill to jump across the wall.

Zhao Sanpang was lifted into the air as the attacks exploded. He cursed. “F*ck.” He moved his left hand, maneuvering swiftly. But even then, he still couldn’t avoid the attack.

Fortunately, Beauty Luo reached him in time to provide assistance or he would have turned into the second kill.

“Little Spade, geez, that’s so scheming,” Beauty Luo remarked with a hint of laughter in her voice but the cannon in her hands wasn’t the least bit friendly as she fired an attack at the figure in white.

Because of the intensity of the attack along with the support from the sorcerer, the audience watched with bated breath, thinking Spade Z would be caught.

Bo Jiu didn’t have much HP left since she had been hunting and hadn’t gone back to the city to replenish ever since the start of the game.

Right at this moment, a figure clothed in a white robe glided over, his long sword in his hand. Currents started to brew, the two Xiangnan players trapped in the middle, their attack power falling drastically.

Qin Mo was the only one who could cast such a spell!

“Come back.” Xiao Jing wasn’t too late. Using her agile maneuvering, Luoluo dodged under the defense tower. But the sorcerer from Xiangnan wasn’t as fast, with a shot from Spade Z, he was lifted into the air.

“Freeze,” Qin Mo instructed calmly.

“Yes.” Xue Yaoyao unleashed the skill accurately.

Everyone watched as the silver gun inched forward. She used her big moved, sending a white dragon out!

Amidst the silver rays, two words appeared on the screen. K.O!

2v2. The scores had reached a tie once again! Bo Jiu had taken the next kill.

Qin Mo’s interception and Xue Yaoyao’s freeze played an important part in their battle.

Xiangnan moved quickly, especially Xiao Jing, who jumped across the wall, prepared to get rid of the severely injured Spade Z.

Bo Jiu detected the danger almost instantly. Right after the kill, she used her second skill and leaped upwards, using the beasts to build up her HP. Even Xiao Jing wouldn’t head towards a wilderness with three enemies.

“An amazing kill by Supreme Alliance.”

“With the flying dragon, it won’t be easy for Xiangnan to open fire in the wilderness. If they continue to eye the wilderness, their defense tower won’t be able to survive, which would be a poor trade-off.”

“Spade Z killed the Shadow Master at the right time, it immediately brought up the tempo of the game.”

“That’s right.”

The next second, an announcement flashed across the screens. Coco had died on the top lane and Supreme Alliance lost another defense tower!

The scores were widened by one.

The Supreme Alliance fans watched with wide eyes, they didn’t understand the situation. Weren’t they leading? How did Coco lose his life?

When they watched the playback, they realized an important point. Big Spade’s finances were indeed on par with Xiao Jing but the finances of the other Supreme Alliance members were much lower than the ones of Xiangnan’s members.

Qin Mo was the same, which meant that Supreme Alliance hadn’t managed to turn the tables.

The game remained status quo, even if the number of deaths wasn’t far off, nothing had changed.

“Supreme Alliance’s top lane is about to collapse,” Rao Rong said. In the next second, a Xiangnan player reached the second defense tower.

In most large-scale professional competitions, if the top lane collapsed, it meant that the entire game was going to collapse as well. Comments on Xiangnan’s underestimation of Spade Z were silenced as everyone had the same understanding.

Xiangnan had a clear goal from the start, to suppress Qin Mo. Once the joint attack was over, they collapsed the top lane. Ever since the start, Qin Mo had been focusing on blue beasts and now that the top lane has collapsed, it would be harder to continue his blue beast hunt.

An assassin without blue beasts was considered useless.

“It seems like the final battle of our National League is coming to an end.” You Sixin’s fingers tapped his face. He turned over towards the person beside him and broke into a smile. “Hoshino, the person that caught your eye isn’t bad. It’s a pity though, Spade Z doesn’t seem to understand. He has to slow down if his teammates can’t catch up with him or it only ends in failure.”

With that, Hoshino frowned as he glanced down at the youngster, his fingers tightening.

“And…”You Sixin pointed towards the large screen. “Qin Mo is much slower than before. If I’m not wrong, there is something wrong with his hand.”

As a VIP and one of the top players in Asia, his every action was amplified. There were cameras zooming in on his face even before he started speaking. His voice echoed through the arena into everyone’s ears.

“There’s something wrong with his hand? What do you mean?”

“Almighty You has never been wrong. But that means… Perhaps, Almighty Qin’s hands have not recovered?”

“It hasn’t recovered? That can’t be right, didn’t we all witness Almighty Qin’s maneuvering? How can he attain such speed when his hands haven’t recovered?”

Lin Feng didn’t believe it as well but when he turned and caught sight of Yun Hu’s expression, his fingers tightened. “Captain’s hand injury isn’t healed?”

“I can’t be sure,” Yun Hu replied in a hoarse voice. “But this is the first time I have seen anyone snatch beasts from Captain successfully and he has indeed slowed. Manager Feng is probably the only person who knows what’s happening.”

With that, Baby Feng turned towards Feng Yi. “Brother, di-didn’t Cap-captain get tr-treated in America?”

Feng Yi remained silent, which said everything.

In that instant, Baby Feng knew what he meant. Captain’s hands hadn’t recovered.

“Brother, wh-what exactly is ha-happening?”

Feng Yi watched the elegant figure in front of the computer, he sat straight and upright, his posture exuding a confidence that reassured them as though he could bring them hope.

This had been a fact that remained solid ever since the day he joined Supreme Alliance.

At the start, he killed anyone in sight and could overturn even the toughest battles. When he walked out of the shining silver lights, even the winds would be swept up, invincible against all odds. After his hand was injured, he willingly gave up his assassin character for the sake of the team. If it wasn’t for Qin Mo, Supreme Alliance would never retain its position as the strongest team in the province.

There wasn’t any other solution. After the loss back then, many of Supreme Alliance’s members joined other teams. Yun Hu was the only one left who could vaguely match up to Qin Mo’s speed. At that time, Yun Hu and Lin Feng hadn’t been as independent as they are now.

Especially Lin Feng, who was still a new professional player.

But because of Qin Mo, Supreme Alliance managed to retain their position. He managed to shoulder everything.

There wasn’t time for Feng Yi to explain everything but there was something he had to make clear. “Do you remember the match that Supreme Alliance lost? He had been worrying the entire time especially when Supreme Alliance became entangled in the internet controversy and when the battles against Supreme Alliance were finalized. It wasn’t possible for Supreme Alliance to make it to the finals with our line-up, which was why he gave up the final stage of his treatment to rejoin the team. Before he came back, the doctor told him to relax his arm and not to exert as much pressure as before. The Three Thousand Knife Cutting places a lot of stress on his wrists and was best left unused or he might danger his hand permanently. For the sake of Supreme Alliance’s victory, he never once cared about the risks or about how he might never be able to game again.”

Baby Feng was deeply affected by the last sentence, his eyes turning red.

Lin Feng bolted upright, pulling his hair. “What do you mean he might never be able to game again?”

“It’s literal meaning.” Feng Yi watched his player. “His hand was never healed.”

In that moment, there was a commotion in the audience stand. “Look, what’s the situation?”

With that, Lin Feng and the others turned to the screens. A chill ran through them when they saw the youngster.

Someone asked in confusion, “Why did Spade Z stop moving?”