Chapter 1015 - Three Thousand Knife Cutting

Chapter 1015: Three Thousand Knife Cutting

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The excitement in his voice caught everyone’s attention. It wasn’t just those beside him, even the shoutcasters steered their gaze over towards Qin Mo’s character.

The cameraman reacted quickly, shuffling the screens to Qin Mo’s angle. His character was amplified, along with the three beasts around him.

“Three, three beasts?! Almighty Qin killed three beasts at once?!”

“F*ck, I can’t take it anymore, isn’t he handsome? How did he do it?”

The blue beasts were usually killed individually but Qin Mo had killed three of them at once! Other than the blue beasts, he took another two tiny ones?! F*ck, how did he do it?!

Everyone was faced with the same question. He cleared the area in a short few seconds with his godly maneuvering and attacks, the sword sliding across the grounds with a silver glint.

The figure clothed in white seemed like a sharp knife, gliding across the lands elegantly. The three beasts fell at the same time.

Everyone was clearly blown away, their expressions frozen as though a spell had been cast upon them.

“He, he can do that?!” someone gasped.

Since they were all gamers, they knew that it wasn’t common to kill three beasts at once.

The shoutcasters knew they had to resolve the audience’s curiosity and reached for the microphone in front of him. He spoke, “It isn’t impossible to kill three beasts at once but few people can accomplish that. Allow me to explain a theory, Qin Mo most probably struck every beast once, he then made use of their wrath, forcing them out of their position towards a particular position. Let us look at Qin Mo’s position on the map. This is a calculated spot and even an inch to the side would cause the attacks to fail. This isn’t just a test of his maneuvering, his familiarity with the map also played a crucial part. Oh right, his speed as well. Those aside, he had to calculate the moves as well. Qin Mo’s lighting formation was directed in the middle of the three bosses, the forces spreading outwards to strike all three bosses, freezing them to their spot. He followed up with a big move, which finished them off.”

“That’s a detailed explanation, can you do it too?” The other shoutcaster chuckled.

The shoutcaster shook his head. “I’ve tried practicing it but it was way too difficult. I’ve got to hand it to him, to be able to pull of such a high-level maneuvering when his hand is injured. Xiangnan must be glad to have met Qin Mo after he got injured.”

The long-term Qin fans were the most affected by his words as there had been a time when he had been invincible.

“Qin Mo is raising up,” Rao Rong declared after watching his actions.

Lin Chentao glanced over and noticed the change in his captain. His expression and clenched fists remained him of his past self. Back then, he had had the same look on him, a light hidden in his eyes. Just standing there alone had been enough for others to gravitate towards him.

This was an extremely important match to captain even though he wasn’t in it. It was after all a showdown between Qin Mo and Xiao Jing.

“Interesting.” You Sixin supported his chin on his hand, his lips curved into an enigmatic smile. “Killing three beasts at once?”

Hoshino tilted his head over, his expression calm as usual. “You seem to be practicing this recently.”

You Sixin tilted his head to meet his eyes, looking devilish. “I have mastered it.”

“Qin Mo’s hand is injured.” Hoshino’s words prompted an arched brow form You Sixin.

“Which is why I said it’s interesting.” Someone on my level even with a hand injury.

Qin Mo WAs indeed someone he wished to challenge. It was only a pity that all of this was temporary since he might not be able to compete when the time came.

“Supreme Alliance is able to turn the tables.” There was a smile in Hoshino’s eyes as he remarked casually, “To hunt in such a manner will build up his finances very quickly.”

His words came true the next second because in a short minute, Qin Mo became the third richest in the game. He was the one with the highest finances apart from Bo Jiu and Xiao Jing.

The screen was still following Qin Mo, everyone’s eyes on him as he continued to hunt.

He was taking their beasts. Right at this moment, Xiao Jing glided over.

Everyone thought Qin Mo, who had only half of his HP left, would be lifted. But the next second, Qin Mo leaped back to the lake, heading back to the middle lane to assist.

“F*ck, Almighty Qin’s maneuvering is amazing!” The audience was in awe.

But the professional players were looking at the technique. “Qin Mo wasn’t trying to hunt, he was building his big move!” As their comments landed, the white figure glided across the soldiers, his long sword sweeping the troops and sending silver light rays in all directions. His sword made three clean swipes.

First kill!



A total of three kills!

He managed to take three lives with just half of his HP!

Three Thousand Knife Cutting! The move sent a surge of energy through the audience, sending their hearts ablaze.

But that wasn’t the end of the Three Thousand Knife Cutting. Underneath the electric formation, the soldiers cleared, leaving a formidable figure.

Qin Mo was in danger since he was already severely injured. Just a big move from their sorcerer was enough to take his life. But right at the moment he struck, Qin Mo used his second skill to leap backwards, away from any attack.

“F*ck!” The sorcerer cursed in frustration. He was tricked. How could he miss him?

The audience burst into a resounding cheer!

But right at this moment, someone suddenly appeared from the bushes. It was Xiao Jing, with his long sword in hand.

Bo Jiu was too far and couldn’t make it in time and the others couldn’t catch up to Xiao Jing’s speed.

Besides, after he killed Qin Mo, he used his second skill to go back to the defense tower.

Someone commented, “You can’t just leave with three kills.”

“An ambush?” Qin Mo released his mouse, his lips curved up as he waited patiently for his character to revive.

Zhao Sanpang revived earlier than him. He sat on his horse and struck with his knife while he cursed, “My team doesn’t scheme as much as you, I have just one question, are you up for a PK?”

Qin Mo’s hand returned to the mouse as he replied casually, “After the competition, I’ll satisfy your desire to be trashed.”

“F*ck!” The person in front of him wasn’t just scheming, he could even make an argument taxing!

Xiao Jing tilted his handsome face. “Watch the woods, he is about to rise.”

He didn’t have to specify who it was, everyone knew. If Qin Mo wasn’t injured, what would he do?

Even Bo Jiu was thinking about it but before anyone else caught on, Bo Jiu already knew how taxing the Three Thousand Knife Cutting was on his wrist.

Feng Yi frowned, his gaze heavy with worry.

Young Master Qin… By doing that, he might never be able to play again… But if he didn’t do it, they wouldn’t be able to win against Xiangnan.

He placed his esports career at stake for the sake of the team’s long-awaited glory.

Lin Feng wasn’t dumb, he could tell as well. He felt his throat closing up. “Captain…”

Feng Yi remained silent.

Lin Feng bolted upright, his hands clenched into tight fists. “Brother Feng, when we first joined, you once said that Supreme Alliance isn’t the same as the other teams. If you ever find that a game is motivated by interest, we can give up. We’re not going to continue with this competition, we can’t risk our Captain’s hand!”

Feng Yi felt a chill run through him. He reached his hands out and pinched his temples. “Let me think about it, we need at least half the team to agree before it can go through.”

“Count me in.” Yun Hu placed his mineral bottle on the ground, lifting his head up.

“And me.” Feng Shang declared. This time, he didn’t stutter, his voice strong and firm.

It wasn’t just the three of them, even the tea mates in front of the computer had the same sentiments.

In that moment, both Coco, Xue Yaoyao, and even Uncle Yin turned towards their direction.

Feng Yi glanced at the crowd in front of him.

He knew better than anyone else how much they had sacrificed for the National League.

His brother, someone who could barely speak in front of outsiders had helped out at the internet cafe every single day in order to familiarize with the other players and learn from their playing style.

Yun Hu and Lin Feng had waited for three whole years. In order to prepare for the National League, the two of them had thrown themselves into an insane training regime every single day.

In reality, Lin Feng wasn’t talented in this area, but even though he was a lazy person, he managed to preserve for three years.

Those past three years, Qin Mo had been nursing his injury. Supreme Alliance couldn’t even make it to the National League. They hung their heads, swearing never to allow themselves to feel so useless.

In those three years, even if Supreme Alliance had entered the National League, they wouldn’t have gone far. They had been mocked, ridiculed, and subjected to the attacks by anti-fans. Anti-fans were fans who wanted to make use of them to achieve their goals. But they couldn’t, regardless of how much they tried, which was the reason they shifted gears, deciding to turn their backs on them.

The most serious case was the one surrounding Little Spade. There were people who didn’t like the web, because there would always be a veil that allowed them to act as they please.

The greatest pain wasn’t caused by insults and humiliation. It was when those who claimed to be fans ended up inflicting pain.

As their manager, Feng Yi was more than aware. Both his brother and Lin Feng sat in the club, away from the computer when they spoke. “I really don’t get it, why am I still persisting? How can fans act like this?

He was always busy dealing with the media and endless chain of troubles the team faced, to clear their name, to justify them.

Fortunately, no one was defeated even after living through so much; through their loss, sadness, and perhaps, with thoughts of giving up crossing their minds.

But in the end, they stood strong in their best state because they had always been the championships in mind. After losing so many times, they strived harder than others.

They wanted to win. They wanted to win back all their past glory. And today, they finally had the opportunity.

But Lin Feng and Yun Hu… No, everyone, even Yin Wuyao, who had waited for so many years, had made the decision to stop the competition, to give up on such a desirable opportunity.

Although wanted to win the competition, their captain’s hands were much more important to them. The intelligent Feng Yi understood the intentions behind those three gazes.

“Alright.” Feng Yi dropped his hands, smiling like a gentleman. “Since you insist.”

He walked over to the panel of judges. Feng Yi was as tall and steady as always, ever ready as the manager of Supreme Alliance. No one could take advantage of him.

Feng Yi was a reason Supreme Alliance could go so far. He held them firm, representing them in all sorts of functions.

He closed his eyes, remembering the arrogant and aloof youngster from before. With one hand in his pocket, he tossed a card to him. “Form the team, this year, we’ll be the National Champions.”

Geez… Feng Yi shook his head, a smile playing at his lips. He seemed never to have told the team that they had already shown him what it was like to be the National Champions.

Everyone watched as Feng Yi walked to the judges but no one knew what he was up to.

Supreme Alliance’s manager was at the judges at this moment?

The news captured the audience’s attention. The camera couldn’t steer from the arena but at the top, the two shoutcasters exchanged glances. Why did it seem like something out of the ordinary was going to happen? Deep inside, they had a vague idea of what was going to happen.

Lin Chentao was confused. “What is Feng Yi doing there at such a moment?”

“Supreme Alliance probably intends to give up.” Rao Rong’s gaze never seemed to have left Qin Mo. He broke into a smile. “Sometimes, I have got to admit, even though Feng Yi can be greedy, he has never been stingy about Supreme Alliance.”

Lin Chentao frowned. “Give up? Supreme Alliance is doing well. If this continues, they will most likely end up winning!”

“If this continues, Qin Mo’s hand might become disabled,” Rao Rong replied.

Lin Chentao opened his eyes in shock. Was that the reason?

“It should be a decision all the teammates have made, to give up the competition.”

Lin Chentao couldn’t seem to understand and that was when he caught sight of the standing Lin Feng. Supreme Alliance, they were indeed a team that attracted players.