Chapter 1017 - Game

Chapter 1017: Game

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Xue Yaoyao’s death made some fans annoyed since they saw her dragging the team down. At that moment, however, someone tapped their shoulders, reminding them to take a closer look. That was when they realized, Xue Yaoyao died while shielding a big move that was directed at Yin Wuyao. If she hadn’t, he would have been the one leaving the match.

The fans were rendered speechless while the screens showed Supreme Alliance fall by one, meaning it is no longer a 5v5 but a 4v5.

This was when Qin Mo’s hand injury became apparent. If not, his wrists wouldn’t have swelled up. Even then, he still continued to hold his mouse to cooperate with Yin Wuyao. He started an electric spell and struck the approaching Zhao Sanpang.

An ordinary person with an injured wrist wouldn’t be able to write, much less to say compete in a competition. But even at this moment, Qin Mo’s maneuvering was still formidable.

The audience turned towards his ravishing face, noticing its lack of color. Even his lips were pale. But he continued, his calm voice entering their ears. “Coco, return to the city to heal.”

“Yes.” Coco retreated.

Qin Mo shifted, taking his place.

Someone frowned. “Doesn’t his hand hurt?”

“It definitely hurts, just look at his face. Qin Mo is the only one who can accomplish such a feat. But Supreme Alliance won’t be able to hold out long enough, the middle lane is about to collapse.”

Indeed, how could they defend against the four of them with one less? Four People?

And where was Xiao Jing?

Just as the director realized the issue, he shifted through the map in search of Xiao Jing. When the audience caught sight of him, their eyes widened in shock.

“Xiao Jing is fighting the main boss!”

“The team battle in the middle lane is to prevent Supreme Alliance from coming out and buy some time. Now that Supreme Alliance is down by one and Xiao Jing is fighting the main boss, he will be able to receive help from the flying dragon. It’s going to be hard for Supreme Alliance to turn the tables.”

“The main boss is left with a sixth of his HP, seems like the end is near…”

And right at that moment, a figure appeared from the bushes, striking the main boss!

“Spade Z!” The audience cried out her name. Bo Jiu stole his kill, taking the main boss from Xiao Jing to receive help from the flying dragon!

Xiao Jing narrowed his eyes. He struck the person in front, prepared to finish her off.

The white figure leaped to the right with her second skill, entering through the wall into the middle lane.

Zhao Sanpang was monitoring the map. He turned his mouse, dashing over and directing a knife at Bo Jiu! But before his knife could strike her, she had already leaped into the wilderness.

Luoluo was already lying in wait. She raised her cannon and took aim. The screens exploded into flames!

The youngster clenched her mouse. With a sharp jerk, she dodged the incoming cannon ball, her fingers tapping rapidly. She moved like the wind, the flames gliding past her. The youngster raised her rifle, the remnants of the attack falling onto the ground like a dragon’s cry.

Everyone in Xiangnan, including Xiao Jing watched in vain as Bo Jiu returned to the city safely with the help of the flying dragon. This, in turn, meant that the three Almighties from Xiangnan couldn’t stop the youngster.

The fans of Supreme Alliance went crazy since the only other person who could do it was Qin Mo from back in the days. And now, someone else could do it, Spade Z!

Zhao Sanpang watched as the dragons soared into the sky, a curse rolling in his throat, threatening to burst out. Little Spade was taking their wilderness as his own!

The game that was originally about to end took a turn after Spade Z stole the flying dragons.

But the turn was temporary because once Xiao Jing was done with the boss, he went to the middle lane to help the team battle. With a second skill used as jump, he struck the severely injured Coco.

Zhao Sanpang followed with a strike. In that moment, Supreme Alliance fell by another! 3v5. Their sorcerer and far-range attacker were down.

Even with the flying dragons, Supreme Alliance couldn’t hold on. The last defense tower in the middle lane was about to be destroyed.

Some people in the audience bolt up in agitation.

Another announcement blast through the speakers. K.O!

Yin Wuyao was stuck under the defense tower, leaving him helpless to Luoluo’s cannon.

Their situation seemed bleak.

2v5. Supreme Alliance was left with Qin Mo and Bo Jiu while Xiangnan still had a full force.

The flying dragons could buy them a few seconds but what then? How could the two of them defend against a team of five?

From the looks of it, Qin Mo’s hand seemed to be at its limit. Everyone assumed Supreme Alliance would fall in defense.

The youngster held the mouse while she passed through the walls and leaped to the right. No one could be sure how the youngster managed to do it, all they could see was the speed with which her fingers were moving across the keyboard.

Luoluo knew it was directed at her, taking an instinctive roll to the front.

Zhao Sanpang leaped forward, prepared to strike the youngster. Although he and Xiao Jing were prepared, the moment they executed the attack, the youngster was gone and had moved to their back, the figure of her seemingly an illusion.

The audience widened their eyes in shock. “Was I seeing things? Were there two Spade Z a moment ago?”

“No, I saw it too. That’s odd, is there a splitting ability? But that can’t be, Little Spade’s character doesn’t have such a skill.”

“It’s her maneuvering,” the professional esports player beside replied. Some of their eyes shot open, their pupils wavering. “Spade Z was able to split himself because of his maneuvering.”

It was her godly speed, accurate maneuvering, and use of the surroundings that made it possible.

“F*ck!” That was the first thought that flashed through Zhao Sanpang’s mind. He couldn’t turn back in time.

A figure flashed behind them, shooting the severely injured Luoluo.


Xiangnan’s sorcerer took action but after the big move had struck, he realized that Spade Z had leaped back to the defense tower.

Everyone thought it was the end and Xiangnan’s sorcerer had the same thought. But the next second, the figure reappeared, her gun directed straight at him.

A sorcerer without his big move was useless. Moreover, Spade Z was holding a silver rifle and had the help of the white dragon. It was a stunning scene.

Very quickly, the announcement blast through the speakers once more.


But this time, Spade Z didn’t manage to return in time. Xiao Jing sent her flying into midair. In that moment, Zhao Sanpang came to his senses, raising his sword. He watched as his knife inched towards the severely injured Spade Z.

No one could bear watching the scene. But right at this moment, the sword formation was raised!

Xiangnan slowed from the electricity, even Zhao Sanpang was the same.

In front of the computer, the youngster shifted the mouse expertly. This time, Bo Jiu didn’t retreat, instead, she leaped behind Zhao Sanpang, towards his right.

“What is he going to do?!”

Very quickly, their question was answered.

At the borders of the thunder spell, the youngster slammed into the keyboard. She moved so quickly that they could barely see her. With an expertly executed maneuver that seemed to distance her, she turned at the last moment and slammed into Zhao Sanpang.

That killing was extremely confusing, messing with the audience’s eyes. In the end, they still couldn’t tell how the youngster had moved.

Because of her insane speed, she was so fast that the shoutcaster couldn’t catch up with the commentary.

An announcement flashed across the screen and the music pierced through the air. Three kills!

Xiao Jing was still being controlled by Qin Mo. With the announcement, he turned, prepared to go after the youngster.

Bo Jiu turned, she sucked some blood, healing herself briefly, with no intention of keeping her gun. The white dragon soared into the sky, striking the tank that had been strapped under the tower by the electric spell. Along with the impact from Qin Mo, the rifle was deadly.

As Xiao Jing wouldn’t back down without a fight, he leaped forward and attacked Bo Jiu.

This time, Xiao Jing seemed stronger than before, he seemed to know which direction Bo Jiu would move, directing a shot at her and stopping her from heading back to the city.

This time, Bo Jiu was left with a sixth of her HP.

Her silver hair fell forward, shielding her eyes. In that moment, everyone was sure she had reached her end.

Bo Jiu moved to the side, gliding into the bushes like the wind.

“Hiding isn’t going to help, right?”

“No, he isn’t hiding.”

“If he isn’t hiding, what is he doing?”

“Waiting for his big move.”

The discussion out of the arena couldn’t catch up with the process of the game.

Suddenly, the youngster’s screen flashed and then she leaped with an attack directed towards the severely injured tank. The next second, she leaped backwards.

The white dragon cast a shadow on the ground as the music blast through the speakers.

In a moment, everyone stood up, even Hoshino, who was seated in the VIP area.

That moment, his gaze was darker than anyone else in the audience, turbulence within his pupils as he watched the youngster.

Fourth kill!

The tank wanted to crash Spade Z but hadn’t expected the youngster’s figure to falter. When he finally approached her, she had dodged his attack before coming close!

That instant, his hand froze in shock, forgetting to dodge her attack.

When he finally processed the situation, he realized he hadn’t forgotten to dodge but rather, there wasn’t a way for him to dodge. The person maneuvering wasn’t someone he could hide from; his fingers couldn’t catch up with her speed. Both her speed and her impact placed an indescribable amount of pressure on him.

It seemed as though she wasn’t the New FC king but Young Master Qin from back in his heyday…