Chapter 1018 - Five Consecutive Wins

Chapter 1018: Five Consecutive Wins

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That wasn’t the end as the youngster had no plans of stopping!

Everyone watched as the figure dashed towards Xiao Jing!

Even Rao Rong was shocked. “He is going to…”

A direct combat! He was going for a direct combat against Xiao Jing with fewer HP?!

Everyone was shocked. That was Almighty Xiao after all!

Spade Z was indeed outstanding but could he really defeat Almighty Xiao?

“Don’t do it, Little Spade, don’t do it!” Lin Feng shouted.

Everyone had their attention on the youngster; she didn’t have enough HP.

Xue Yaoyao, Feng Shang, and Yin Wuyao, on the other hand, were all looking at her with trust.

It sent their hearts palpating.

But Xiao Jing was Xiao Jing after all, he retreated and struck back, breaking her tempo. Next, he lifted his long rifle, a sharp weapon that inflicted harm wherever it struck.

As she was hurt, she dashed to the wilderness looking for a frantic escape.

The audience watched with their hearts in their mouth, hoping for Big Spade’s survival.

But Xiao Jing wasn’t someone you could escape easily from.

The youngster was aware of this. With a move of her fingers, she jumped into the Tyrant Boss’s lair. Xiao Jing followed tightly!

In the next second, something unexpected happened. The Tyrant Master of the Darkness was awakened, the attack striking Xiao Jing, who had followed behind Spade Z.

The triggered boss reached out, its impact predictably high.

As the youngster was already in a safe corner, Xiao Jing was embroiled in that attack, after being knocked out, his HP fell drastically.

The youngster paused slightly. The next second, she leaped backwards and while Xiao Jing was experiencing the after effects of the attack, she lifted her rifle and struck!

In that instant, Xiao Jing directed an explosive attack towards her!

With a loud blast, the word “K.O!” was visible across the screens.

Spade Z’s character laid amidst the silver light rays, the fearless figure unable to stand back up.

She released the tight grip she had on the mouse, her silver hair falling forward across her head, shielding her expression.

Just has some fans were getting disappointed and regretful, an announcement blast through the speakers.

Fifth kill!

Both the youngster and Xiao Jing laid dead in the boss’s lair.

That instant, the cheers shot through the roof while some of them covered their mouths in disbelief!

“That move, that!”

“Three Thousand Knife Cutting! It’s Almighty Qin’s Three Thousand Knife Cutting!”

Remnants of the white dragon left behind by the rifle could still be seen on the screen.

It was unbelievable. There would come a day when someone could use the Three Thousand Knife Cutting using Almighty Qin’s electric formation.

The professional players knew it wasn’t possible unless Spade Z could match up with Qin Mo’s speed and accurate precision, with every single step taken into account. They didn’t think it was possible since there wasn’t anyone who could predict Qin Mo’s thoughts. But the youngster did it!

He stole the main boss, retaliated with an impressive counter attack, and finished off with five consecutive kills!

The entire series of events, the insane maneuvering was a feast for the audience.

The youngster’s maneuvering was still being played on the screen, her movement so fast their eyes couldn’t keep up. It was amazing!