Chapter 1021 - Sweet CP

Chapter 1021: Sweet CP

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Bo Jiu pushed him into the cab, staring at his hand the entire time.

Right hand. It wasn’t just for holding the mouse, it was also to hold his gun.

There was too much for her to say, thus Bo Jiu turned to ask, “What is Doctor Qin’s number?”

Qin Mo sat at the back and glanced at the youngster that was still holding onto him as he recited a string of numbers.

The fans weren’t wrong, the Almighty seemed unusually docile.

The Qin family’s private doctor was also a specialist in the medical world. When he saw his private phone ringing, he frowned. He never expected Young Master Fu to have called. Young Master Qin seemed to be seated beside him.

This was the first time Doctor Qin experienced such a situation. He found it odd that someone else was reporting his sickness as his young master had never given anyone his private number, even when he had been injured.

It seemed like Young Master Fu was special to his young master.

The words ‘hand injury’ struck a nerve. The doctor clothed in his white robe immediately placed the patient chart in his hands down. “I will be right over.”

Bo Jiu had dragged Qin Mo away in public and hadn’t cared about the reporters but rather He Honghua and Movie Queen An, who had come in disguise to watch their competition.

He Honghua wanted to give her Jiu a surprise.

She hadn’t expected to witness such a scene. Moreover, the little fangirls surrounding her kept making weird comments like “How sweet, they look so good together. I never knew Almighty Qin was the one at the bottom, this is really unexpected. Big Spade is indeed the perfect epitome of a hot-blooded pretty boy.”

Dominant? What did they mean?

The increasing chatter planted more questions in her. In the end, she turned towards Movie Queen An in search of an answer.

In contrast, when Movie Queen An saw Jiu drag her aloof and frosty son away, her heart heaved a sigh of relief. He was going to put his hands at risk for the sake of a competition but fortunately, there was someone around to knock some sense into him when she wasn’t around.

Movie Queen An was caught off guard by He Honghua’s question. She was trying to find an answer that wouldn’t instill negativity in He Honghua. After all, she herself had been in turmoil for a long period before accepting their relationship. Moreover, she had been in the entertainment industry for such a long time and would have grown accustomed to such differences.

It wasn’t the same for He Honghua though and she would be affected by the differences in her son.

She took a moment and decided to stop hiding. She reached out her hands and held onto He Honghua. “Sister He, this place isn’t suited for our conversation. Let’s talk outside.”

He Honghua nodded. She glanced back at the little fangirls and wondered if it was the generation gap that caused the barrier as she had no idea what they were talking about.

However, from the looks of it, they seemed rather fond of her Jiu. That was enough.

He Honghua was tempted to gift all those little fangirls with iced drinks; they had been so enthusiastic the entire time and must have hurt their throats with the screaming.

If she had really done that, however, the media would label them as a nouveau riche and someone that flaunted their wealth. She had made such a mistake before and wasn’t going to cause Jiu any trouble this time. She could always thank them personally the next time she saw them after all.

The little fangirls would never have imagined their slipped chance at meeting a potential mother-in-law.

As for mother-in-law? That was because Big Spade was their husband!

Fangirls had always been so accommodating.

He Honghua continued to listen to their conversation, her eyes widening sometimes.

Being well experienced, Movie Queen An chuckled at her response. “That isn’t much, that is how they express their adoration. Fans of that icy boy of mine have even volunteered to bear children for him. It’s normal, definitely normal.”

It was normal for yours but her Jiu was a girl. To be called husband…

“Those fangirls you saw back there are CP fans.” Once they reached a more private area, Movie Queen An broke into a faint smile, a contrast to her serious expression. “There is something I have been keeping from you. I’m worried you wouldn’t be able to accept it but now that the competition is over and the kids don’t seem to be affected, it seems better for me to break the news rather than for you to find out through the reporters.” Movie Queen An paused. “The both of them are together.”

He Honghua froze. She quickly realized who Movie Queen An was referring to but she had never heard Jiu talk about it.

“Are you mistaken? My Jiu…”

Before He Honghua could finish her sentence, Movie Queen An tapped her arm. “I understand, you’re trying to say that Jiu is a boy and so is Mo. But sometimes, emotions can’t be controlled and when you really like someone, even the gender can be disregarded. My son is cold and would only show his human side in front of Jiu. Sister He, you may not be able to accept this right now and as a mother, that was also how I felt in the beginning. But now, I hope you will give them some time and monitor them from afar before concluding your decision. If they continue to stay firm after a period, we can be assured that this isn’t just an infatuation or a moment’s folly. It just happened to be a guy they both like…”

He Honghua was thoroughly confused. She didn’t see anything wrong with sister An’s words but her Jiu was a girl. If they really got together, Jiu would have told him about it. This, however, meant that everyone in the Qin family still didn’t know about it.

For the first time, she found the plan from back then extremely dumb. It was so dumb that it might harm her Jiu.

There were some things she couldn’t say because once she did, Jiu’s actions would turn into a lie.

He Honghua turned back towards the supportive fan club behind her Spade Z.

There were times she wasn’t fully aware but right now, her Jiu was no longer an ordinary person.

National Champion, these two words meant that Jiu had become an extraordinary esports player. Her popularity was off the roofs. It was substantial enough to send some flying and similarly, it could send some to hell…

She must never let anyone find out about Jiu’s secret. She was afraid this overwhelming adoration would turn against her. She could only imagine the predicament her Jiu would be in. Or perhaps, her Jiu wouldn’t be bothered. She knew her child well, what she cared about were her teammates…

Movie Queen An watched He Honghua’s face and for that instant, she couldn’t see through her thoughts. But she was certain that things weren’t looking good.

This actually made sense.

From the looks of things, she would have to help her son…

The standard protocol of the competition had to be adhered to. After Qin Mo had left, Feng Yi would have the rights to take the award. Under the camera, Supreme Alliance was as handsome as always.

Once everyone had left, Yun Hu tugged onto the smiling Lin Feng, pressing him down in the changing room, his voice deep and hoarse. “I doubt you have forgotten our own words. Your house or mine?”

Lin Feng didn’t brush him off with an excuse but he cursed. “How can you do such things at home?”

“Why can’t you do such things at home?” Yun Hu arched a brow.

They were standing inches away from each other, the proximity making Lin Feng awkward, especially when Yun Hu’s breath splashed onto him. He averted his gaze and asked, “What if someone at home saw us? Let’s get a hotel room.”

Yun Hu immediately knew what he meant; he didn’t want their relationship to be exposed, even if they really had sex. He purely wanted to return the favor.

Yun Hu stiffened, his throat tightening before he broke into a chuckle. “Let’s do as you say and get a hotel room. Remember to bring your identification card and loosen up when it happens. This time, you are a willing party, don’t act as though I forced you into it.”

With that, he released Lin Feng’s shoulders.

Lin Feng didn’t want to behave like a novice since he had bragged about his non-existential past relationships. Lin Feng straightened his clothes arrogantly, his voice calm. “You don’t have to remind me of such minor details, it isn’t the first time I checked into a hotel.”

“I seem to have forgotten that this isn’t your first time.” Yun Hu was smiling but his fingers tightened. The memory of the day he found out about Lin Feng’s colorful history was still fresh in his mind. He could still taste the bitterness from that day. That was the reason he had been so affected when Lin Feng hadn’t come home.

It was enough after all those years. He had always been this way. Perhaps, it was really time…

Supreme Alliance had won. Thus, he could leave to study abroad in peace.

Even though the reason to study abroad was to forget a certain someone.

After he had graduated from university, that guy would definitely find a hottie to date seriously. If he stayed behind, he would use all means to get the girl and Lin Feng would probably never forgive him.

They were no longer the youngsters from before. After a fight, he had always brought a game console over to mend their relationship. “You’re too much, didn’t I just help a girl buy her meal? Isn’t it because she is pretty? If you really think it’s a disgrace to us guys, I will stop doing it.”

At that time, he had asked Lin Feng, “If both me and that girl fell into the water, who would you save?”

Lin Feng broke into a large smile. “It would be better if I fell into the water and for you to save me since I can’t swim.”

If he asked the same question, the answer would definitely be different.

Yun Hu knew that Lin Feng had his plans and he wasn’t a part of them. Back then, Lin Feng had rejected his offer to study abroad together. When he had rejected his offer with that faint smile, he already known.

“Hu, you go ahead. We aren’t seeking the same things. I have to work hard and find a wife.”

Work hard and find a wife? When Yun Hu tilted his head, his fingers crushed into his palms and the next time he lifted his lids, his eyes were calm. He knew what he had to do.

Inside the Qin family’s house, the doctor experienced so much stress over a patient for the first time. This was mainly because of the silver-haired youngster, who was monitoring his every move. He treated Young Master like a porcelain doll.

Even though his young master’s hand injury was serious, it wasn’t to the extent he couldn’t lift a cup of water.

The youngster tugged both legs on the bed, feeding Qin Mo a cup of water. It was both gentle and possessive.

Doctor Qin wasn’t dumb, he knew his young master was enjoying the special treatment. He remained silent and made himself invisible.

“Is he hot?” Bo Jiu glanced up at Qin Mo, completely unaware of how she looked at the moment. She was like a fox sprawled in front of her master, looking docile and adorable.

Qin Mo watched her furry head, itching to ruffle her hair. He smiled. “It’s alright.”

“Take your medicine.” Bo Jiu popped a pill out and reached over towards Qin Mo’s lips.

Qin Mo frowned, turning towards Doctor Qin. He was seemingly asking why he had administered such a meaningless medicine.

Doctor Qin shrugged, expressing his lack of choice. If he didn’t administer anything to cater to Young Master Fu, this guy was going to doubt his medical skills.

Qin Mo didn’t move as he watched the approaching medicine when Bo Jiu seemed to have remembered something. “I understand.”

Then she placed the pill between her teeth and reached out for Qin Mo’s chin, reaching over to kiss him.

Doctor Qin froze.

This… He had always thought that his young master was the one on top but what was with this situation?

Qin Mo stiffened slightly before he naturally accepted the medicine. For the first time, eating such a disgusting thing didn’t irritate him. On the contrary, he found it rather sweet.

The youngster’s breath filled his mouth, his lips lifted up high.

Bo Jiu regretted it shortly after since they were no longer kids.

Back then, her pet hadn’t liked taking medicine. But he had fallen sick because of her. There had been a fever patch over his exquisite forehead and he had always been coughing. He had refused to listen to Grandfather An just like an arrogant like prince and hadn’t eaten any medicine.

She had ended up climbing the wall into his room. After taking a mouthful of cough syrup, she had leaned forward and kissed him. He had probably been caught off guard by her actions.

His little face had flushed with anger when he had reprimanded her, asking her what sort of girl she was and how she could kiss others so easily. But in the end, he had stopped pursuing the matter since there had been nothing he could do against her. He had also threatened her; if he found out she did the same to her other friends, he would never allow her to hug him again.

Back then, Bo Jiu had been frustrated. He had known how much she had liked hugging him to sleep and yet, he had kept using it against her.

That night, he had still allowed her to sleep on his little bed. When he had read her a bedtime story, his face had suddenly turned red again.

Basically, how could that blushing little cutie grow into such a tease? Bo Jiu watched his enigmatic face as she pondered over this.