Chapter 1026 - Breaking Up

Chapter 1026: Breaking Up

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The alcohol started to kick in when he entered the elevator. He had always been known as the follower of Supreme Alliance. Lin Feng dominated the title with his alluring features and flawless porcelain skin. He didn’t look his age with his flushed complexion and glazed expression.

He had always been tall with his 180 centimeters. He was just three centimeters shorter than Yun Hu. Under normal circumstances, even in such a state, girls would come flocking over and gush over him. But his unbuttoned shirt and intoxication was enough indication of his unavailability.

There was laughter in his eyes. Deep inside, he repeatedly chanted, ‘I am a straight man, it’s just being suppressed, this isn’t a big deal. A real man can survive this.’

After mentally preparing himself, Lin Feng pushed the door open, looking imposing and comfortable. This was the pride of a real man!

He seemed to have forgotten the reason for coming.

Yun Hu didn’t open the door immediately, he took about three seconds.

The man at the door wore an unbuttoned shirt, he seemed to have just showered and was in the midst of an intimate session. His hair was ruffled and unkempt, adding to his rugged handsomeness.

The next second, a bewitching youngster hugged him from behind. He was half-naked, his smile teasing. “Who is he? Is he here for a delivery? Is it to satisfy your hunger after we are done?”

“No,” he replied emotionlessly. “He’s a friend.”

The youngster chuckled lightly. “Hurry and send him off, you can talk another day.”

“Go back in first.” Yun Hu reached out to pull him away before taking a step and pulling Lin Feng with him as he shut the door.

Lin Feng seemed to have drunk too much as his temples were throbbing and he couldn’t seem to see properly.

F*ck, who was going to explain this situation?

Yun Hu lit a cigarette, clipping it between his fingers. “I thought about it. Since you aren’t willing, there isn’t a purpose in forcing you. I am gay and it can’t be fixed. That guy you saw has fancied me for a while and as compared to liking someone, being liked seems much easier. He will study abroad in the future and can serve as a companion. You should know that I’m not a player. As opposed to forcing you, staying brothers seems like a better option.”

Lin Feng opened his mouth wide, prepared to say something but nothing came out. It seemed as though his throat had closed up. The alcohol kicked in. The pain in his heart and gut was so painful that he had to bend over.

But Lin Feng knew it wasn’t the time to look pathetic because that would make him dumber than he already was.

Why did he have to drink, why did he torture himself?

“That day…” Lin Feng started.

Yun Hu tapped his cigarette, cutting him off. “Nothing happened that day. I lied to you. You should smarten up and think through things before making a decision, especially after I leave. Stop behaving so carelessly and stop feeling guilty.”

“Oh.” Lin Feng was starting to feel giddy. He wasn’t sure why he was here. Perhaps, he really was dumb…