Chapter 1028 - I Like You too Much

Chapter 1028: I Like You too Much

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Yun Hu was exhausted, his mind and soul stripped dry. He had been suppressing himself, his palms red and sore as he resisted the urge to run after Lin Feng. After deciding not to sleep with him, he decided to forget the love he had harbored for so many years. He didn’t wish to be treated like a stranger when he was back.

This was for the best even if there came the day when he would have to stand beside him as his groomsman. At least he could still watch over him in the future.

He felt a throbbing ache in his chest. Even breathing was starting to hurt.

The youngster walked out of the room, catching sight of him in this state. His face was pale and totally unlike how he was before.

“Hey, are you coming?” The youngster licked his lips seductively. “Honestly, you like him, don’t you? But it’s obvious he isn’t gay, even though he didn’t look too bad, he clearly isn’t one of our kind.”

Yun Hu seemed to have just remembered his existence. He reached out and slammed the door shut. He entered the room while buttoning up his shirt, his voice icy cold. “You can go.”

The youngster watched on with regret. “You have a great body. Here, I’ll refund the money. But can we do it once?”

Yun Hu didn’t bother glancing at him, tossing his shirt at him as a sign of rejection.

The seductive boy didn’t give up. “Hey, I don’t look that bad and you should know how it is in our circle, we can’t hold it in. What’s the big deal with doing it once?”

With that, he walked over, his breath splashing onto Yun Hu’s ear while his hands were leaning over smoothly.

Yun Hu reached out to block his elbow, not a hint of warmth in his eyes. “If you still want your hand or your job, get out.”

“Boring.” The youngster knew he didn’t stand a chance. He bit his lips and got dressed. Besides, he was paid very well for the job and had been warned not to offend him due to his important status. Initially, he had assumed that he had gotten himself a sugar daddy but somehow, he couldn’t seem to get through to him. “Are you perhaps impotent?”

Yun Hu smirked. “To you I am. This is your last chance, get out.”

The youngster knew persisting would ruin his career prospects. Right now, he was just starting out and had a bright future ahead. It was best to leave.

The door closed and the room was back to its original state.

Yun Hu was cold to the bones even though it was summer. He felt as though his heart was frozen. Then he turned to the bed in the living area. In this moment, he suddenly found the place dirty.

Perhaps, it wasn’t him.

In fact, Yun Hu didn’t dare to allow Lin Feng in because the moment he had entered, he would have realized that the bed was untouched. Even the youngster had been employed to put on an act.

He couldn’t stand it anymore, he couldn’t tolerate even a bit of his awkwardness and distance.

He took a moment to think through it. It had been a while since they had hung out together, probably to avoid gossip or because he was worried about what his family would think.

That was right, Lin Feng was straight. Of course, he wasn’t worried.

There were times he wanted to tell him, ‘I’m not gay. I can’t accept other guys as well. But I like you too much… Too much…’