Chapter 103 - Lord Jiu’s Gaming Skill (Very Cool)

Chapter 103: Lord Jiu’s Gaming Skill (Very Cool)

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After she had sent those ellipses in a text, Fu Jiu turned on the hotspot on her phone. She kept that customized ‘English textbook” of hers upright.

Everyone in the classroom thought that she was reading her book, including her teacher.

Only Xue Yaoyao who was sitting next to her knew that Fu Jiu wasn’t looking at the book at all, but at a small laptop!

She looked at this miraculously delicate and small laptop. She was so stunned by it that she covered her mouth to stifle her scream. She hid Fu Jiu’s secret from the English teacher.

Who would’ve thought that a plain English textbook could turn into a laptop when it was opened. How, how did he do it?!

Xue Yaoyao’s eyes were shaking as she looked at the young man’s perfect profile.

She was not dumb. One couldn’t buy such a laptop anywhere. Plus, there was no logo on it.

Anyone who studied basic computer knowledge would know that this was a personally assembled laptop with top configurations.

Why… Why would he have such a laptop?

He was obviously just a normal high school kid.

He used to be a rude nouveau riche.

Was all that… just a disguise?

Xue Yaoyao watched those long, slim fingers operate on the keyboard with beautiful technique.

She also played PC games, and she clearly knew that the better the players are, the lighter they type, barely making any sound.

Also… when the young man typed, he didn’t even lower his head. He held his chin with one hand, and his beautiful eyes looked at the podium at the front of the room, looking like she was listening to the class rather than playing games.

How great and capable was he that he could manage to do all this?

Xue Yaoyao tightened her fingers. An indescribable excitement was flowing in her blood.

As someone who didn’t have money, she knew Director Zhang’s incident last time wasn’t something so easily exposed; there was more to it than that.

She already knew how deeply connected Director Zhang was to the school long ago.

How did private information like that leak out?

And who was capable of creating such a huge ruckus over the internet in a single night?

Someone big was behind all this.

Director Zhang must loath this secret backer.

According to them, the victims, they all relied on this secret backer for her to get rid of the accusation of being a thief and come back to school.

He was the very hero that she wanted to thank the most.

More and more voices were being suppressed for not having enough connections or money, getting twisted around ruthlessly.

But at that time, Xue Yaoyao saw hope—lots and lots of hope.

She had been guessing who this person could be, but even the police had no clue.

But now, she knew. She finally knew who he was.

He was the one sitting right next to her, who protected her over and over again.

Xue Yaoyao rested her shaking left hand and picked up the carbon pen. She wrote a note, but she was too excited to write well, so her pretty handwriting was bit askew.

“You were the one behind the Director Zhang’s incident, right?”

Fu Jiu was focusing on finding players. The English textbook cover was the result of her work during the whole night. She ordered the cover online, taking a long time and spending much effort to install the other parts.

Suddenly, a note like that appeared in front of her eyes. The handwriting on the paper was blurred out by tears, but the words looked even clearer somehow.

Fu Jiu froze for a second and turned to look to Xue Yaoyao’s direction.

Seeing that, Xue Yaoyao hurriedly wrote another note, “I won’t tell, I swear, I just think…”

Before she could finish, Fu Jiu had taken her pen and written on the paper decisively and coolly, “Yup.”