Chapter 1030 - Jiu Starring in a Movie

Chapter 1030: Jiu Starring in a Movie

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Lin Feng broke into a radiant smile. “Supreme Alliance won the championship. It was worth the drinks.”

“Take a look at yourself, you aren’t young anymore. Why can’t you learn from Yun Hu and grow to be more mature?” Mother Lin nagged but even then, the adoration she had for her son was obvious. “Alright, you must be feeling horrible from the drinks. Drink some hot water and have a good rest.”

“Mmh.” After he had downed a glass of hot water, he headed upstairs. Lin Feng tossed himself onto the bed. The aftereffects were stronger than before. It wasn’t just the pain, he was starting to heat up as well. He was starting to feel sick.

A long time ago, he had already known that he had to give it his all in order to catch up to that person. He wasn’t smart and Yun Hu was way too outstanding. And Yun Hu’s merits had nothing to do with his background. Ever since he had been young, Yun Hu had been showered in compliments. He had been brought up in a strict family.

Back then, he had been proud to have such an outstanding friend since it reflected well on him. But after today, he wouldn’t be able to catch up anymore. Because right now, Yun Hu had someone else to accompany him while he remained here.

It was for the best as he had goals, which he had to accomplish…

Lin Feng curled under his blanket and stared in a daze for a while before shutting his eyes.

Meanwhile on the second floor of the Qin family’s mansion, Bo Jiu woke up. She noticed that the person beside her was no longer around. The notification light on her phone blinked and when she tapped in, she found a missed call from Lin Feng.

Bo Jiu stood up, returning his call. After a short while, he still hadn’t picked up. Bo Jiu frowned and sent a WeChat message over.

“Team Flower, what’s up?”

He replied almost instantly. “It’s nothing. I was asleep. I wanted to invite you for a celebration but I’m way too tired right now. I just want to sleep.”

Bo Jiu read the reply, sending a few words over. “You can celebrate with Almighty Yun.”


He actually replied with just one word? That was completely unlike him.

Bo Jiu had wanted to persist but in that moment, the door was pushed open. It was Movie Queen An with the director who had casted her trailing behind.

The moment the director caught sight of her, his eyes lit up. “Mr Fu, I wish to extend my sincere invitation once more. Would you like to participate in my movie? Both your aura and the look of your gaming is perfect for the hacker role in my movie. I assure you that you would be willing once you have read the description of the character.”

Honestly, Bo Jiu wasn’t completely awake. Originally, she had assumed the Almighty’s glorious face would be the first thing she would see. But instead of his perfect features, she was staring straight at the director.

Bo Jiu pressed down on her ruffled silver hair, wondering where the Almighty had gone.

Movie Queen An suppressed the urge to laugh at the youngster’s confused state. The youngster was unusually adorable as he searched for her son the moment he woke up.

The considerate Movie Queen An couldn’t just let her continue searching. She chuckled and said, “Your Brother Mo is having a meeting. Shall we discuss about the movie?”

Bo Jiu was about to reject the offer but the international director cut her off. “We are filming in America. You can treat it as a sponsored holiday. We will be leaving in three days. You won’t have to answer me right now. Young man, please give it a chance.”

The word America made her pause. She broke into a smile and replied decisively, “Alright, I’m taking it.”

“Mmh?” The international director did a double take. The youngster had been reluctant the entire time and he didn’t seem to be using it as a way to raise the benefits. He wasn’t even interested in getting famous. What changed his mind?

Bo Jiu always wondered how to kidnap the Almighty since it wasn’t realistic to execute it here. The Almighty would have exposed her before she took action. Moreover, the Qin family had such a comprehensive protection over him, it wasn’t going to be easy.

But it wasn’t the same in America as there were more loopholes. At the very least, the checks for the private jet wouldn’t be that stringent. More importantly, it would be more convincing for her to leave with such an excuse.

Three days was enough to tie up the loose ends over here. It was probably time to end the turmoil on Fu Zhongyi. Their main aim was the remaining shares. During the shareholders meeting two days later, she was going to make sure He Honghua takes everything she deserved. That was, besides the shares, the long-awaited dignity.

Thereafter, she could return to the Fifth Avenue in peace.

Filming in America wasn’t just an excuse to kidnap the Almighty, it was also a buffer that could reassure He Honghua.

Bo Jiu knew how much He Honghua adored her. Thus, she wouldn’t be able to accept a sudden disappearance.

She could keep her identity a secret but once the time was right, she had to tell He Honghua.

After all, she had the right to know the truth. But she could only reveal it after she was back in the Fifth Avenue since her identity would put He Honghua’s life at risk. She had to avoid that.

That was also the reason she had to return to the Fifth Avenue.

Her father had been right, she couldn’t have beloved ones. It would be too dangerous.

The fake Z was just one of the dangers involved. The other sides were much more deadly though and she couldn’t allow He Honghua to sink into such a situation.

It wasn’t just He Honghua, there were still her teammates: Feng Shang, Yaoyao, Uncle Yin, Lin Feng, and Almighty Yun; anyone that was linked to her.

Once her identity was exposed and the fake Z detected her presence, the people around her would sink into danger.

She was definitely going to catch the fake Z but she wasn’t going to wage the war here. It was going to be elsewhere.

Before that, she had a more important task: kidnapping the Almighty and treating his wrist.

“Where’s the script?” Bo Jiu chuckled. “I’m pretty interested if it’s a hacker role.”

The international director was finally reassured. “Come, come, come, I will send it to you right this instant. Take a look at it. You have to believe me. You will definitely turn into a star once the film is released.”

Bo Jiu caressed her nose in silence. She had never once imagined herself filming a movie. “I don’t have any prior experience. Will I have a lot of scenes?”

As the international director had wanted to add more scenes for her, he paused in slight regret before replying, “There isn’t but I have to refute your statement. The advertisement you starred in was done perfectly. Believe me, you would definitely make it big.”