Chapter 1033 - Almighty Qin Knows the Answer

Chapter 1033: Almighty Qin Knows the Answer

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Once Qin Mo was back in the study room, he went straight to the information on Bo Jiu. It clearly stated that the youngster had never been to America and definitely hadn’t been to Fifth Avenue. But their interaction in the plaza…

Qin Mo was sure that Z was the real deal. But how can he explain the difference in background and age?

Qin Mo made a call. Surprisingly, he called Xiao Jing, who was being interviewed with the other Xiangnan members.

Before the competition results were released, all the media companies were sure they would be the team representing China in the Asia Tournament. But now that Supreme Alliance had emerged victorious, it was inevitable for such things to occur.

Just after Xiao Jing was done with his segment, his phone rang.

The cameraman zoomed onto the screen and was shocked to see the words “Qin Mo”.

What was with this situation? Weren’t they enemies? Were the rumors online true? The two Almighties were a couple?

Luoluo wasn’t as surprised since she already knew of their personal relationship. “A call from your official CP, hurry and answer it. I’ll take care of it from here on.”

Xiao Jing ignored her tease, his aura turning serious. He stood up and excused himself, walking to a corner. “Hello.”

“The question I asked you previously.” Qin Mo went straight to the point, his voice calm. “Other than a second personality, what is the other possibility?”

Xiao Jing was caught off guard. Thus, he took a moment before replying, “Another possibility is rather ridiculous, you probably wouldn’t believe it.”

Qin Mo remained silent, waiting for an answer.


“Reincarnation?” A chill ran through him. He frowned involuntarily and chuckled. “You know I don’t believe in such things.”

Xiao Jing knew it wasn’t something easy to stomach. “My search touched into this area. Even though it sounds unbelievable, under certain circumstances, once the stars align, a presence would appear within the human shell. Which means, the original owner would no longer exists and would become another person entirely. Humans are a product of their memories and thoughts. The reason behind a change in thoughts and memories wouldn’t be easy to determine. This is just a hypothesis, albeit ridiculous. In certain aspects, this argument is rather lacking and cannot be backed by science but if someone completely changes, in terms of their personality and interests, it is either a second personality or when their memory has been altered.”

Qin Mo listened to his explanation. He knew how invested Xiao Jing was in his research and knew it was a logical analysis.

In reality, the youngster he knew was indeed completely different from how the world saw her.

Boy crazy, useless, a spendthrift nouveau riche with a weak personality. These words were used to describe the previous Young Master Fu.

But now…