Chapter 1035 - Untitled

Chapter 1035: Untitled

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The Almighty seemed more dangerous than usual.

Just as she was about to say something, he lifted her jaw. At the beginning, she wasn’t sure what he was up to. He brushed his finger over her lips, the sensation warm and tickling. That was when she knew the Almighty was wiping her lips.

His familiar scent engulfed her. The scent was thicker than the aromatic incense burning in the room, minty with a hint of tobacco. It was alluring and unavoidable.

“You’re such a messy eater.” His voice was deep and smooth, with a tinge of laughter, which was rare.

Before she could lift her head, a kiss landed on the corners of her lips. It was slightly cold, yet comfortable on a summer night. It was as though the distance she felt had been an illusion.

Bo Jiu didn’t understand. The confusion was clear in her gaze.

Qin Mo pressed her against the wall, the light kiss deepening and intensifying, swallowing her whole. Even his breath was unlike before.

Their hearts sped up, beating faster than before.

He sucked and teased and a numbing sensation engulfed her. Bo Jiu could feel her heart racing and her mind emptying into a blank canvas.

His hands seeped through her shirt onto her waist. Her shirt was slipped open, her porcelain skin exposed.

“Brother Mo…” Bo Jiu tilted her head, signaling for him to stop.

Qin Mo stopped, his lips lifted as his breath splashed onto her ear, his tone low and deep. “What is it? Don’t you like it?” He was clearly aroused, his eyes glazed and devilish, his hair fluffier than usual, and his lips slightly swollen from the kiss.

Bo Jiu narrowed her eyes as she mumbled, “Stop seducing me.”

Qin Mo paused lightly before breaking into a chuckle. He reached out to arrange her clothes, retracting his hands like a gentleman. “Let’s go.”

“Mmh.” She watched as he took the lead, feeling as though something wasn’t right. But she couldn’t pinpoint the issue.

They left the study room one after the other.

At this moment, Movie Queen An and the international director were almost done with their discussion. They asked Bo Jiu when she could fly over so that preparations could be made in advance.

Qin Mo stiffened and then asked lightly, “Flying over?”

Movie Queen An laughed, feeling proud of herself. “Jiu agreed to join our cast. He’ll fly over to America with me. Let me make this clear, Jiu agreed willingly. You may be his captain but you can’t obstruct his decisions.”

Qin Mo dimmed, all the warmth leaving his body. “He isn’t suited to leave the country.”

Wasn’t suited to leave the country? Movie Queen An shook her head. “Son, this excuse isn’t convincing at all.”

Qin Mo put down his bamboo chopsticks.

With that, the youngster laughed lightly. “Brother Mo, do you want to come with us? I heard that the environment isn’t bad and it would help in your hand treatment.”

She wanted him to tag along? Qin Mo hadn’t thought about this at all since the person in front of him wasn’t Young Master Fu but another soul. From his investigation, she had been planning to travel for a while as she was probably afraid that he caught on. Since she was hiding so many secrets from him, with the biggest secret the one he just discovered.

To invite him to come with them? She must be extremely confident he would never find out.

Qin Mo held his wine glass, taking a sip. “Why are you going?”

“Three days later.” She had to act swiftly. Thus, Bo Jiu added another line. “I asked the director, there aren’t many scenes so my portion should be done quite quickly,” explained Bo Jiu naturally. “Once the filming is over, we can tour the area.” That would make the kidnapping easier.

Bo Jiu supported her chin with her hands as she answered his question while casually tossing a bait. “I have never travelled with Brother Mo before, this would be a good chance.”

Qin Mo chuckled. She was right, they had never travelled together before. But there was something else he found interesting. For instance, why did she insist on bringing him along? This time, what are you up to, Z?

Qin Mo tapped the corners of his wine glass, pondering it lightly before replying, “Alright.”

He could see her brighten almost instantly, like a willy fox that got her way. He smiled. “But I have a condition.”

Bo Jiu knew it wasn’t that easy to kidnap him. She leaned her chin on her palms and smiled lazily. “Brother Mo, what is it?”

“You have to stay here the three days before we depart.” He watched her.

Bo Jiu paused. That was indeed a feat. If she stayed here, it wouldn’t be easy to contact Hoshino. But that could be solved. The Fu Enterprise shareholder meeting was held tomorrow. For that, she could leave without raising the Almighty’s suspicion.

When she realized Movie Queen An’s and the international director’s presence, she was suddenly reminded of something, hence she added, “Brother Mo must want a free caregiver now that his hands can’t be used. Sure.”

Qin Mo saw through her intention. He swept her a glance. “Is there a caregiver that falls asleep while on duty?”

“I have just started, it’ll get better.” Bo Jiu chuckled, not forgetting to eat her meal.

Qin Mo watched her. She was as always unusually obedient when she ate. Bo Jiu buried her head in her food, and when she lifted her head, it was always in search for more dishes. He couldn’t seem to get used to her adorableness.

Regardless of how accurate his analysis of Z was in the past; he had never once expected that this was how Z was like in reality. He recalled the time they had exchanged hands at the Fifth Avenue. She had been filled with arrogance and confidence even when she was surrounded by police.

But right now, she was seated beside him. He just had to stretch his hand to reach her furry head.

Qin Mo broke into a light smile. Z. No one disliked a rival that came voluntarily.