Chapter 1039 - She Would Confess after Kidnapping Him

Chapter 1039: She Would Confess after Kidnapping Him

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In the master bedroom of the Qin mansion, Qin Mo successfully diverted Bo Jiu’s thoughts. Hence, she no longer asked about Lin Feng’s book recommendation.

She concluded that it was probably a coincidence since reincarnation and soul switching seemed to be the latest trend in novels. But a coincidence wasn’t all that trouble free. She would have to be more cautious.

Qin Mo studied her, laughing silently. This test could easily put her in place.

Qin Mo didn’t miss her pause when the reincarnation plot started and naturally, he hadn’t missed the intense gaze she had directed at him. He turned, his features striking as usual. “What’s with your intense gaze, are you asking for something?”

Qin Mo held onto her, instead of counter seducing him, she reached for his waist and changed the topic. “Brother Mo, what did you mean about Almighty Yun going overseas? Is he going alone?”

Qin Mo looked into her eyes but in the end, he still held in his question. Weren’t you going to go overseas alone as well? Instead, he replied faintly, “Mmh”.

Bo Jiu arched a brow. “I thought the both of them would always stick together.”

They were always together and they had been hanging out together since young and had even been roommates in university.

She had always assumed they would end up together and that it would just be a matter of time. She hadn’t expected such an ending.

But she could understand Lin Feng. Lin Feng was straight, the extreme kind. But he wasn’t naive. His thoughts were deeper than you would expect if you saw his exterior.

Perhaps, they were better suited as brothers than lovers.

He hadn’t taken the step because of his family and the uncertainty within him. Ordinary couples could just break up but as they were childhood brothers, there was more at stake.

Besides, Lin Feng couldn’t accept a homosexual relationship because he had strong family values. Even though it didn’t seem as such, his thoughts could be seen through his actions. He prioritized his parents more than himself. It wasn’t going to be easy to convert someone like him.

All that aside, Bo Jiu hadn’t expected Yun Hu to be the one giving up. From the looks of it, Yun Hu was more important to Lin Feng than the fans were aware of.

What a pity.

Bo Jiu shook her head but was stopped mid action by Qin Mo. He arched a brow and asked, “Aren’t you sleeping?”

“I am.” Bo Jiu chuckled, hugging onto him once more. The Almighty had both looks and figure, hence it didn’t matter even if he was slightly colder. That was normal after all.

His tenderness made her wonder if he was suspecting her – but it didn’t matter. Once she had kidnapped him, everything would fall in place.

This night, Bo Jiu slept unusually well. Qin Mo slept peacefully as well. With a certain someone with him, he no longer had nightmares.

When he woke up in the middle of the night, he glanced down and watched the youngster in his arms. “What exactly are you up to?” Qin Mo said in a heavy and deep voice before slowly shutting his eyes again.

The year when they had faced off, someone had been assisting her throughout. If it hadn’t been for that accomplice, he would have known her appearance much earlier.

The same thing had happened at the plaza. The man riding the Dodge Tomahawk motorcycle… That would explain everything. Young Master Fu didn’t know Hoshino because the person that knew him was Z.

Qin Mo watched the youngster in his arms, suppressing the malice that was brewing within him.

At this moment, his phone lit up. It was from a famous psychiatrist from the army. “I heard from Madam that you are dating.”

Qin Mo reached for his phone and pressed to record a voice message. “You can just speak your mind.”

“I just wish to understand your psychological state. Qin Mo, you are an expert in this field. If you are not willing, no one is able to treat you. But I’m curious. How did you end up dating?” The psychiatrist studied the equipment. “I can’t imagine at all.”

Qin Mo remained calm. Just as Bo Jiu had said, he seemed almost celestial like.” I’m doing alright at the moment and there isn’t any sign of violence. If that’s what you were looking for, you can hang up.”

“I told you this wasn’t a case I wanted to take you; you can see through anything I say.” The psychiatrist tossed his pen on the table. “Boss, when are you planning to return?”

“No plans at the moment.” Five words, extremely nonchalant.

The psychiatrist felt aggrieved. Magician had been called out but he was still here.

But… He eyed the man in front of him. “General Qin, you heard it as well. If your son, my boss, doesn’t allow it, no one will be able to see through his inner thoughts.”

General Qin stood straight in his military uniform. His hands were hidden by white gloves. Hearing the previous words, he had started to smile slightly. He spoke with the aura of a superior, “In this case start your training. Since you can’t understand my son, you can help the recruits. I am still optimistic about your training.”

Psychologist: … Why did the WeChat conversation feel like a trap?

Deputy Zhang had been following General Qin for a long while. Thus, he asked cautiously, “General, are you worried Young Master is still affected by the incident from before?”

General Qin paused. “How much do you know about the incidents in Jiang City?”

“It seems like a repeat of the incident from back then.” Deputy Zhang could feel fear spreading through him since the incident from back then had such a lasting impact. “But after the real Z appeared, the incident started progressing positively.”

General Qin massaged his brows. “Jiang City is fine but there’s a problem within the crime squad. I can’t be sure about the other cities, especially the cities at the borders. The troops have not found anyone suitable to lead the mission.”

“General, you want him to return to the army?” Deputy Zhang’s eyes lit up.

Age hadn’t been kind, settling into his features and shoulders. General Qin tilted his head. “Back then, when he was back from the mission, there were many that suspected he was hypnotized by the syndicate and hence wasn’t suited for external missions. Moreover, his condition wasn’t the best.”

He had never seen his son in such a state. Qin Mo had stared down at his hands, seemingly in a trance, and hadn’t reacted to anyone. It had seemed very much as if he had been hypnotized.

However, General Qin wasn’t just a father, he was also the highest in command in the army, which placed him in a tough position.

He prioritized his country. It was expected of a soldier.

Likewise, this was also Qin Mo’s standard…