Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Be the King of the New Star Selection Contest

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Xue Yaoyao fell into utter shock after she saw his answer.

Guessing it was one thing. It being confirmed was another.

She suddenly thought that, on that day, In the face of the media, the young man seemed to be wearing golden armor. His eyes had been bright as he said, “For I believe that justice might come late, but it will never be absent.”

So this was the truth.

And the truth has always been like this…

Xue Yaoyao’s eyes were red, and she covered her mouth, wanting to cry not out of sorrow, but out of happiness.

She was poor and ugly, and she was also pretty chubby.

She was severely bullied at school.

Some of the bullying wasn’t physical, and some of it was simply derisive looks shooting in from all directions. Some of it was low mocking laughter, but they crushed her heart all the same.

Xue Yaoyao was really thankful to have met someone like Fu Jiu.

He had the most attractive face and heart, and even the way he looked at her was full of warmth.

“I won’t tell.”

She would definitely keep this secret for the young man.

Fu Jiu smiled and wrote two words in reply. “I know.”

Xue Yaoyao paused and wrote more, “You are recruiting players now? I play this game too. You want some help?”

Fu Jiu’s eyes brightened after she had heard that Xue Yaoyao played this game too. She didn’t even ask how good she was; she just directly handed her laptop over. “Play a round.”

Xue Yaoyao had never played games in class before. After she overcame the mental pressure, her operation got a lot better. This small laptop was unexpectedly good. The keyboard was smooth, and it had no lags. The graphics were also fluid, even faster than computers with better specifications.

Xue Yaoyao had never played on anything highly configured, even though she didn’t do any activities aside from playing PC games because she was too fat.

That sounded pretty sad actually, but there was another reason she played so many games—because she could afford it. Playing PC games at an internet cafe for three hours only cost 6 yuan—it was even cheaper than Starbucks. She played a lot, so Xue Yaoyao wasn’t bad at all. She was even better than average players.

Fu Jiu was watching from the side. Her pretty eyebrows lifted, and before she could complete that round, she wrote on the note, “I have a gig, nicely paid. Are you interested?”

Xue Yaoyao didn’t even ask what the gig was, and she wrote back instantly,”Yes!” After that, she realized she was a bit too enthusiastic. She was afraid that Fu Jiu would dislike her, so she shrank back her hands.

To her surprise, Fu Jiu looked very happy. She curled her lips up and her pen danced on the paper, “The gig is playing games in your spare time. I saw that your operations are good, they’re just a little flawed. I’ll tell you more about it later, but ultimately, our goal is to be the king at the new star selection of the electronic gaming contest this year. Therefore, you need to manage your studies well; don’t flunk and get disqualified.”

Xue Yaoyao looked at the word ‘flunk’ and coughed. She then wrote back, “In fact, Your Highness Jiu, do you think that maybe you should be the one paying more attention to your studies?”

Fu Jiu froze up abruptly. She thought about the grade report she just saw at Chen Xiaodong’s. Except for Chinese, all her other subjects were floundering in the 30’s …