Chapter 1040 - You Have My Blessing

Chapter 1040: You Have My Blessing

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Regardless of what happened, there would always be someone taking responsibility. This way, the masses could live a safe and peaceful life.

Many were envious of China. They claimed that it was the only country that doesn’t have to worry about war. The people could live normally without fear.

The mornings in Jiang City were bustling with life.

There was an old-style alley beside the courtyard.

One stall in the alley sold freshly made fried dough sticks matched with either a cup of soya bean milk or soya bean pudding. The piping hot food could cause people to sweat but yet, it was delicious and refreshing.

When the boss saw Lin Feng alone, he chuckled. “You’re having one set today?”

“Mmh,” Lin Feng replied haphazardly.

The boss wiped the table and set it, turning to grab the dough sticks.

When Lin Feng lowered his head to drink the soya bean drink, he smiled. He wasn’t used to it but he would have to live through it.

This was the nearest route into the courtyard. Hence, taxi drivers would usually avoid this route.

When Lin Feng raised his head to grab the dough sticks, he saw Yun Hu, who was back from his night out.

When Yun Hu caught sight of him, he paused.

The boss smiled. He turned to ask Yun Hu, “It’s two after all; alright, let me get you another set. The usual?”

“Mmh,” Yun Hu replied. He stuffed his hands into his pockets and walked over to sit in front of Lin Feng, who hadn’t expected to see him so soon.

Yun Hu acted as though nothing had happened. It wouldn’t be appropriate for him to bring up yesterday’s incident.

He remained silent, his head lowered as he drank a mouthful of soya bean milk.

When the boss brought the dough sticks over, he sensed the abnormality between them.

In the past, they had been there before. At that time, however, they couldn’t stop talking, especially the person who had arrived first.

The boss was referring to Lin Feng.

Yun Hu was watching him as well. He turned his head and lit a cigarette before asking, “How was your sleep?”

“Alright.” Lin Feng raised his head. “You’re smoking so early in the morning?”

Yun Hu rubbed his eyes, smiling. “It’s to freshen up.”

Lin Feng wasn’t sure how to react, he seemed rather burnt out after just one night. Hence, he smiled. If he said anything else, it would only end up being silly like the night before.

Yun Hu watched him laugh, lowering his head slowly to drink his soya bean drink.

They were the same as before, having breakfast in the same stall – but the atmosphere was completely different.

Lin Feng seemed to have realized it as well. He couldn’t just let the awkwardness continue. He bit down on his dough stick and asked, “I heard from Auntie that you have booked your tickets?”

“Mmh.” Yun Hu had always been a person of little words. “Flying in two weeks.”

Lin Feng sighed. “The world of an intellectual… Don’t forget me when you are there and send me the good stuff.”

Yun Hu seemed to have come back to himself. “Yeah.”

Lin Feng didn’t deliberately find a topic; he finished the last bit of soya bean milk. When he was done, he stuffed his hands into his pockets and stood at the side while waiting for Yun Hu.

When they were about to enter the courtyard together, Yun Hu paused. “You really aren’t going abroad?”

“I’m not.” Lin Feng chuckled. “Why?”

Yun Hu dismissed him. “Nothing.”

Lin Feng replied, “Mmh, the person last night…” When Yun Hu glanced over, he explained, “I mean, it’s good that he can go overseas with you since the people there will be more open and accepting. But you should be mindful of your parents, don’t scare them.”

Yun Hu chuckled but there wasn’t a hint of laughter in his eyes. “This is the first time you complimented someone.”

“Alright.” Lin Feng’s stomach no longer hurt. He reached out and tapped his shoulder. “I wish you a blissful life. I’ll be going in now, I’m still sleepy.”

Yun Hu replied, “Alright.” He simply stood there.

Lin Feng took two steps before turning to ask, “You have something to say?”

“Isn’t it time for you to get a girlfriend?” Yun Hu asked calmly.

Lin Feng frowned. “Not at the moment.”

“Find one soon.” Yun Hu laughed lightly.

“Hey,” Lin Feng called out. “Just ’cause you found someone doesn’t mean you have to drag me down that dumpster, I’m enjoying my current status. I’ll let nature take its course.”

“Mmh.” Yun Hu remained stationary.

This time, Lin Feng didn’t turn since his mom had woken up.

“My mom’s calling me, she definitely wants me to play some music.” Lin Feng glanced back to his house before turning towards Yun Hu. “I’ll be going in.”

He really walked home.

Lin Feng probably didn’t wish to see him after staying awake the entire night.

Were youngsters all so complicated?

Lin Feng chuckled, his hair falling across his face. Gradually, his smile started to fall.

“Eh, isn’t that Yun Hu outside?” Mother Lin asked.

Lin Feng reached out to block her. “He has to sleep, mom. You should have your breakfast.”

“Fine, play some music.” Mother Lin had always had a chirpy personality.

Lin Feng reached for her phone and started to search.

Mother Lin watched her son before glancing out at Yun Hu. He stood there for a while before turning back home. “Little Feng, did you bully Yun Hu?”

“What are you saying?” Lin Feng tapped into a song playlist.

Something didn’t seem right to her. “Yun Hu would always come in with you but he didn’t even enter the door today and he didn’t come back with you yesterday. How else can you explain it if you hadn’t bullied him?”

“I’m innocent.” Lin Feng wanted to brush her away.

Mother Lin knew there was something bothering him and wasn’t going to let go. “Tell me, what is it?”

Lin Feng would never tell her the truth but he wouldn’t be able to leave without saying anything. Thus, he beautified the incident from the night before. “You will have to keep it a secret.”

“Tell me,” Mother Lin replied with a serious expression.

Lin Feng chuckled. “It isn’t much, just that Yun Hu has a girlfriend and wanted to use me as a cover. He spent the night singing with her and just came back. He needs to sleep right now so don’t think too much into it.”

“Girlfriend?!” Mother Lin asked. “Yun Hu has a girlfriend?”

“Mmh,” Lin Feng replied.

Mother Lin wasn’t convinced. “It doesn’t feel real, there were so many girls in the courtyard before but he hadn’t accepted any of them.”

“It’s a free society. That kind of matchmaking is simply awkward,” Lin Feng replied honestly.

Mother Lin shook her head. “Yun Hu always had a plan, it isn’t possible for him to get a girlfriend before studying abroad.”

“His girlfriend is going overseas with him, they will be studying at the same school,” Lin Feng replied.

“Oh,” Mother Lin responded. “That sounds good.”


Lin Feng chuckled on the way up, no one saying anything more. The house filled up with the music.

The song played. “I knew you left too soon but yet I wish you both a blissful life.

All good things come to an end, this phrase was well suited for both Yun Hu and the situation in Supreme Alliance.

The Asian esports tournament was in half a month. However, due to practical considerations, the final name list hasn’t been fixed.

It didn’t seem right for Supreme Alliance nor Xiangnan to compete.

According to precedence, the National Champions would represent the country. However, as the industry started to get recognized, China started paying more emphasis to it. They couldn’t be defeated too badly. Thus, there were many areas to consider.

The fans were conflicted, rooting for their favorite team.

However, they weren’t aware that Supreme Alliance only wanted to fulfil the wish from before; to win back their past glory and to live up to those that had once supported them.

Now that everything was set in stone, they would probably return back to their lives.

Feng Yi was well aware of everyone’s intentions. Hence, he tried to push away any interview he could.

However, a video appeared online. It was an interview from many years ago, when Qin Mo had just joined the esports industry and had received the New Player King title.

The Almighty Qin from back then was much younger, his handsome features and aristocratic air casting a formidable aura around him.

“How did you fall for gaming?” the interviewer had asked.

Qin Mo had looked straight into the camera and had replied, “There was someone from my childhood that loves to game.”

“Which means you started gaming for that person?” The interviewer had caught a whiff of the potential gossip.

Qin Mo had replied calmly with a hint of firmness, “Yes.”

The interviewer had been stumped for words. She had thought he would deny it but instead he had agreed so easily.

The interview footage was a walk down the memory lane for many old Qin fans.

Back then, they had been wondering whom he had been referring to.

The person seemed to be a childhood friend.

If he had become an esports player for the childhood friend, this meant that their relationship wasn’t ordinary.

They had searched the entire industry and finally settled on Xiao Jing. This was how the famous Qin Xiao CP had come about.

But now, they were starting to suspect the existence of that person.

There hadn’t been much excitement to Almighty Qin’s love life until the day Spade Z had appeared. They started to suspect that he had used that excuse to rid himself of trouble.

The newer fans weren’t aware of the reason, which was the reason the video became a hit. Some of the fans had even warned Bo Jiu. “Big Spade, watch out for Almighty Qin, he might end up cheating on you.”

“Break his legs if he dares… Big Spade, good luck.”

“I can’t help but say, the Almighty was so handsome with his arrogant ways.”

“He is still arrogant…”

“He is warmer with Big Spade around.”

She was tagged into the conversation.

Bo Jiu definitely saw it. After she woke up, she reached for her phone, her hair a mess. Her t-shirt was pulled upwards, exposing her slender waist. When she pressed onto the video, she stiffened…