Chapter 1041 - I’m That Person

Chapter 1041: I’m That Person

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The young Almighty appeared on the screen.

Back then, when they had exchanged hands in the Fifth Avenue, she hadn’t seen his appearance that clearly. Hence, her memory of the young him only consisted of his tiny independent and aloof self. She could still remember the perfect curve of his jaw when the light rays had splashed onto his face as he had held onto her hand.

Now she could see a more recent version of the Almighty.

Bo Jiu’s attention wasn’t on his handsome celestial-like face. Instead it was on his words. “Because there is someone from my childhood that loves gaming.”

“Which means you started gaming for that person?”


He had stared straight into the camera lens when he had replied. The young Almighty was looking very similar to what he had looked as a child. His thin lips were clean, his nose bridge sharp and defined, and his eyes were so dark they seemed to glow.

Bo Jiu swallowed.

He hadn’t gamed much when they had been young and had spent most of his time accompanying her.

She had been filled with joy when she had brought her little laptop over to show him the simple game she had created.

Thereafter, when he had cleaned her hands, he had told her he could play with her but she couldn’t play with others since she would end up dirtying herself and him.

As that hadn’t been a difficult condition, she had plugged in her little laptop to create a game for them to play every afternoon.

She remembered him asking, “Do you like it?”

“Mmh, mmh.” She had gasped in joy while staring at his pretty face.

Unexpectedly, the Almighty had misunderstood it as her love for gaming.

Bo Jiu pulled the cursor backwards to the interview segment and replayed the two lines another two times. She smiled, replaying the video a few more times. Then she scrolled down and read through the comments.

She suppressed herself, stopping the urge to say, “I’m that person that loves gaming, the person the Almighty can’t forget.”

“What are you doing?” a deep and lazy voice asked slowly.

Bo Jiu deleted the words she typed, closing Weibo. She smiled. “Surfing the net.”

As she moved, Bo Jiu’s oversized shirt fell to the side, exposing a large chunk of skin. Her porcelain skin was smooth and silky, her collar bones sharp and defined.

Qin Mo just finished his shower. He dried his hair with a towel, the ends dripping. His eyes deepened. “Come over.”

“Mmh?” The youngster didn’t move since she was still holding onto the screen.

Qin Mo walked over, reaching over to arrange her clothes. “Watch your image, Mrs Qin.”

The two words again. Bo Jiu felt her face heat up. She hurriedly changed the topic. “What did Madam Zhang make for breakfast?”

“Dumplings, with meat and string bean filling.” Qin Mo arched a brow. “Why? Don’t you like it?”

Bo Jiu reached out and hugged him. “I like it.”

Qin Mo paused, his gaze dimming with his thoughts.

They walked downstairs together.

The dumplings were fresh out of the steamer. Homemade ones were much tastier than the ones served outside because the skin was tender and chewy, every bite bursting with flavor.

Madam Zhang thought that a basket was enough for the two of them. After the youngster had finished the last meat dumpling, she turned towards Madam Zhang to ask for more. That was when Madam Zhang realized it wasn’t enough.

“I’ll prepare another basket,” Madam Zhang said.

“Don’t, overeating will give her an upset tummy,” Qin Mo instructed.

Bo Jiu wasn’t satisfied and thus slouched, looking listless.

Qin Mo found the scene oddly familiar but yet, he couldn’t pinpoint when he had seen it.

Somehow, the person in front of him seemed much younger as she complained, “Brother Mo, can’t I have another meat dumpling? I’ll just eat one more.”

“This is the fifth time you are saying this,” he countered.

“Ah, since you already gave me five of them, one more wouldn’t make a difference. Besides, six is a lucky number, a good sign!”

The little youngster always came up with such weird excuses. Qin Mo reached out, pressing onto her round tummy. “Shut up.”

The memory was blurry and faint as though it didn’t really exist.

When he came back to his senses, the youngster was tugging on his sleeve, her gaze clouded with worry. “Is your wrist hurting?”

In contrast to a certain someone, he wasn’t that concerned about his wrist.

“It doesn’t hurt.” Qin Mo placed his bamboo chopsticks down, emptying his hand to hold her hand.

They had to hold hands even during mealtimes. Madam Zhang was rendered speechless by their actions. She made herself scarce, placing the items down merrily before heading to the kitchen. Once she was out of sight, she sent Movie Queen An a message. “Madam, don’t worry, Young Master and Young Master Jiu are fine.”

Movie Queen An was finally reassured after receiving the message. She had been worrying about Mo’s mental health because things were still rough in Jiang City even though it was finally peaceful. Even though her husband hadn’t said anything, Movie Queen An could sense something amiss since he had been away for such a long time and had even ordered bodyguards to protect her.

Movie Queen An was afraid for her son. She was worried the case from before wasn’t over…

Time seemed to crawl, especially in college.

Ever since the live stream in the plaza, the police had been keeping an eye on a certain university.

Some were complaining while others were afraid something might happen.

Inside the cafeteria, there were many students discussing about the incident.

“Ah? Fan Jia, why don’t you look afraid?” someone asked the girl at the side.

Fan Jia laughed. “What’s there to be afraid of? A University’s students are the cream of the crop. The police might be too anxious to solve the case to have believed those rumors online. Besides, that case has nothing to do with us.”

One of the students frowned. “We aren’t entirely without fault. Didn’t you watch the news? Did you see how horrific the crimes were? The culprit didn’t just encourage suicide, she had instigated the infringement of her rights and had ended killing the author. Isn’t that frightening enough? Right now, all of us have to cooperate with the police and honestly, even if the culprit isn’t from A university, I hope the person can be caught soon, especially with how cool blooded the person is.”

The girl that commented hadn’t been paying attention to Fan Jia, who lowered her head, a sharp murderous glint shining in her eyes…