Chapter 1042 - Hypnosis

Chapter 1042: Hypnosis

“There are so many murderers in this world and yet I have never seen you so righteous before. What’s with the sudden change?” Fan Jia laughed lightly. “It was just a casual remark, you don’t have to be so worked up.”

The girl turned to her. “There are many murderers in the world but that doesn’t make it alright. Moreover, it has nothing to do with being righteous, it is the basic moral a person should have.”

“Heh.” Fan Jia scoffed.

One of Fan Jia’s better friends tried to calm them down. “Alright now, why are we brooding about something so distant? Fan Jia isn’t wrong, ever since the livestream by Z claiming the culprit is from A University, the police have been investigating every single day. Isn’t that annoying? The others are the same, messing with our school. Do you think Z has a personal vendetta against the culprit? Why is he causing so much trouble? Everything had been fine before.”

With that, the girl stopped eating, her brows deeply furrowed. She couldn’t understand what they were saying. Wasn’t catching the culprit something they should be doing?

If it hadn’t been for the livestream, the murdered author wouldn’t have been able to redress her grievances.

If it wasn’t for the police’s protection, the killer hidden in their school would have taken action and no one could be certain who the next victim would be.

If it hadn’t been for the group effort by everyone, some of the truths and grievances would never have come to light.

How did they twist the positivity into such a manner?

The girl felt a gush of cold air. She couldn’t explain it and instead, questioned herself on their behavior.

For instance, the girl that had been convincing her had started off bright and naive. Even though she tended to sway with the crowd, she had never had such an opinion.

What did she mean by having a personal vendetta with the culprit?

Exposing the cold-blooded killer was the way to protect everyone.

She was an ordinary person and didn’t have the ability to accomplish this. Thus, she was grateful to those with the ability to protect the rest of them while placing themselves as risk.

A book once said that the bustling life you wake up to every morning, the peaceful ordinary times no one thought twice about were exchanged using the blood of others.

Why were they condemning the blood and sweat that protected them? Why weren’t they condemning the murderer that deserved to be punished?

The girl couldn’t understand.

When her roommates brought up a certain case, they shrugged easily without concern. “As an outsider, let’s talk about the author. She is already dead, what more can be done? Why did she have to go against the person that infringed her rights, isn’t she too petty? Besides, have you realized? Ever since the incident blew up, her books started to sell better. I’m not accusing this entire matter as a sales gimmick but we can all see what is happening.”

The girl bolted upright, her face tight and stern. “Murder and infringement of rights are both illegal, it isn’t acceptable both in the eyes of the law and on a moral standpoint. That is the basis on this matter. You didn’t accuse the author of plagiarism but that was the meaning you were trying to convey and since you are clearly against the author, stop using a discussion as a pretense. I don’t think we are suited as friends; your argument is way too scary. Good luck.”

Indeed, it was scary. The girl couldn’t pinpoint the reason. In the past, the girl hadn’t had much of an opinion on matters. But after Fan Jia had laid the foundation, she seemed to have changed entirely.

She wasn’t sure if it was normal but subconsciously felt a need to avoid them.

Fan Jia watched as she left, a smile spreading across her face as she comforted the frustrated schoolmate beside her. “Why did you argue with her? She can say whatever she wants. She isn’t classy at all, completely unlike you.”

The compliment raised her spirits instantly. “True, there isn’t meaning to such an argument. Oh right, Fan Jia, remember the group you got me to create? There are many newcomers. Naming the group Spade Z is the right decision, we could use his popularity to attract many fans. But some of them questioned if we are really Spade fans. Fortunately, the friends in the group came to my rescue. Basically, we have the same thoughts. All you did was say a few words to convince them entirely. Those that committed murder have nothing to do with us. I’m sure it’ll just be a matter of time before the police do something. With them constantly breathing down our necks, we can’t even play in peace anymore.”

“Right, which was the reason I got you to create the group. You should know, there are some people who can’t step into other people’s matters; hence, the group has to be kept a secret.” Fan Jia finally lightened up. “We have to help the school clear its name.”

“That’s right.” The girl was filled with fighting spirit, an originally inhumane act turning into something heroic.

If it wasn’t for people like her, Fan Jia wasn’t sure how to escape. With the crime squad clamming down on the school, there wasn’t much she could do.

That wasn’t all, there was an official record for everyone that used the computers.

The Maiden’s Sacrifice was disrupted and she had lost two helpers but yet, the goods were still coming in.

Her brother’s plans back then could sway a person’s mind, making them do as he had said.

Similar to Qin Mo, she majored in psychology and could tell a person’s thoughts through their actions.

Fans of Spade Z stubbornly created private fan clubs despite the official announcement. This meant they only cared about their own interests and weren’t concern over the harm they inflict.

That formed the basis of their love. She just had to sway them a little for them to turn into the perfect, invisible accomplices.

She just had to make use of this outlet, continually planting the ideas in their minds. Gradually, the students in A University would all become her people.

If the crime squad really managed to catch on, it would be Spade Z’s fault since she had been committing the crimes under her name.

The organization had been pressing in on her recently but she hadn’t gotten back to them with only a single phone call. “Give me a few more days.”

“More days? You are going to be found out if you don’t leave!”

Fan Jia walked into the darkness. “I didn’t say I weren’t leaving, I just need a few more days to plant the seeds of distrust into the students of A University. It’s just a matter of time before I return. You probably wouldn’t be reassured until Z dies either way. Besides, I have been plotting in A University for such a long time, it would be a pity to just abandon everything. Think about the things my brother did in the past, such crimes can’t be committed in one day, the result of the hypnosis can only work out in the future. I’ll let you in on a secret. That year, my brother managed to hypnotize Qin Mo…”