Chapter 1044 - Submissive Husband

Chapter 1044: Submissive Husband

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Qin Mo listened to her explanation. Then he took a sip of tea before saying, “Taking over the shares.”

He hit the spot.

Bo Jiu loved chatting with him as she didn’t have to explain everything, resulting in their conversations being light and comfortable. But she hadn’t expected his taunt.

“Is that all you’re made of?” The cold haughty voice held his unique arrogance. He was clearly a CEO.

Bo Jiu was reminded of his position in the business world. In short, Qin Mo was handsome and wealthy. It would be good to gain some insights.

“Brother Mo, what ideas do you have? I can buy it from you.” The youngster pointed to her wallet cheekily.

Qin Mo flicked his fingers. “Do you think it’s enough for my advice?”

“I know you’re expensive,” Bo Jiu replied seriously. “Can’t you give me a friendship price?”

Qin Mo signaled her over with his fingers.

Bo Jiu walked over, his deep voice ringing in her ears. “As a husband, I could give you some tips, as for friendship price, I don’t have any. What do you think?”

My ear is already there, of course I want the advice. And… What do you mean by husband!

Bo Jiu could feel the heat rising up her neck.

“Rather than take over their shares, wouldn’t it be more painful for them to retire?” Qin Mo finally shared his advice. He watched her flawless skin and came in with a kiss.

Bo Jiu was still listening to his advice seriously. She hadn’t expected the kiss. When she realized what was happening, it was too late.

Her silhouette could be seen from the glass window. She stiffened, her long lashes fluttering.

Bo Jiu stuffed a hand into her pocket and placed the other hand onto the table. She was prepared to do the seducing but look where things ended up. “Brother Mo, talk with your words, stop misbehaving. You’re going to lead me into committing a mistake.”

Qin Mo watched the youngster and laughed. “What mistake are you going to commit?”

Wasn’t this a seduction? The Almighty was clearly a devil.

Bo Jiu suppressed her desires, preventing herself from being swayed. As she couldn’t let anyone know about her plans to kidnap him, she wasn’t going to answer such a tough question.

Qin Mo glanced down at the time. “The lawyer from the Qin Group is already at your company, he has a set of the documents I prepared for you. Take a look if you have time but come back after the meeting or I’m going to start handcuffing you.”

Bo Jiu paused, her lips lifting into a smile. “Where can I go when my baby is still here?”

Qin Mo: … Baby?

Qin Mo frowned. Ge reached out, prepared to give her a lesson.

Right at that moment, Madam Zhang walked up with a freshly made red bean snack. Under normal circumstances, red bean snacks were best matched with earl grey tea, which was also a practice in the Qin family.

However, the moment she reached the door, she heard Young Master Jiu call her Young Master… Baby?!

It seemed so surreal! Young Master was indeed the submissive, without a doubt!