Chapter 1045 - Shareholder’s Meeting

Chapter 1045: Shareholder’s Meeting

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Both Qin Mo and Bo Jiu could understand the look on her face.

It wasn’t because of their ability to read expressions but rather that everything was written on Madam Zhang’s face. A certain someone couldn’t help feeling happy over the misunderstanding.

Bo Jiu straightened with a slight smile, her silver hair falling over her forehead, amplifying her clean and handsome appearance.

She walked towards Madam Zhang without restrains while Qin Mo frowned.

Madam Zhang shook her head, looking as though she finally understood the situation. She placed the snacks silently and glanced at her young master.

Qin Mo chuckled as he swept the mischievous youngster a glance. His voice was calm as he said, “Two hours, if you aren’t back by then, I’ll head down personally to get you.”

“Brother Mo, with your current status, it wouldn’t be suitable for you to visit the Fu family’s small business, seriously.” In order to prevent being dragged back, Bo Jiu was determined to rid him off that idea.

“Oh?” Qin Mo asked, his pitch higher. “I don’t really care.”

Bo Jiu: … There was no way to communicate.

Before she left, Qin Mo stood up. When he sent her off, his eyes were so dark it seemed as though something was wrong.

Just then, her phone rang. Bo Jiu swept the driver a glance and instead of picking up the call, she hung up, sending a text over. “Change of plans.”

Hoshino sat upright when he received the text, the sun rays splashing onto his back. His white shirt clean and soft, his long fingers tapping the phone screen. “What changed?”

“I’m going overseas with Qin Mo tomorrow to participate in a movie. It will be a good way to leave.” Bo Jiu didn’t focus on her phone when she typed the message, her arm slouching naturally. Even though the driver was seated right in front, he wouldn’t have realized she was texting someone.

Hoshino caressed his dark hair, his smile gentle. “Mmh, going overseas would make it convenient.”

“It isn’t that convenient.” Bo Jiu gave it a moment before replying.

Hoshino walked to the computer. “Why?”

“I’m going to kidnap Qin Mo.” Since she had already made up her mind, she decided to follow through firmly.

Hoshino stiffened when he read the message. In that moment, his expression was unlike before.

This was the first time his vice-captain has such an expression on his face. The doll-faced person watched on in confusion. What was with this situation? Was he perhaps displeased with his playing style? He indeed had been killed but it had been a 1v5!

He trembled. His vice-captain had a mild temper and because of that, it seemed unusually frightening whenever he was angry.

However, unlike what he expected, he watched as his vice-captain placed the teacup in his hand down. Hoshino paused and tapped his phone, seemingly replying to a message.

The doll-faced person was bewildered. You Sixin was there as well, his long legs stretched and dark hair splashing downwards. “Someone’s upset.”

Hoshino remained silent. He wasn’t upset but he hadn’t expected her to like him enough to kidnap him.

That person had always been a loner in his eyes, even when he was around. She lived willfully and had never changed in spite of the many people she had encountered. She wouldn’t complain when in pain but whenever the world quieted around her, she would stare into space…

She had never really wanted anything besides that one time.

Hoshino couldn’t explain his emotion as another message came in.

“I understand the difficulty and risks involved, there’s a chance your identity might be exposed. I’m afraid Qin Mo has started to suspect you. You can just lie low and remain in your team.”

Hoshino read the message, a frown forming on his face. “You will be in danger.”

“There will be danger even if we act together.” Bo Jiu paused slightly before adding, “Don’t worry.”

Hoshino reached out to massage his temples. Kidnapping Qin Mo would be extremely risky.

But he knew it wasn’t possible to sway her. Once Z had made up her mind, she could never be swayed…

Just as he was in a trance, his phone was snatched away.

It was You Sixin, his signature smile on his face. He often gave off the impression of a hot-blooded second-generation mafioso. You Sixin stuffed a hand into his pocket and asked, “Let me see what you’ve sent.”

Hoshino moved swiftly. You Sixin narrowed his eyes at the speed. “So secretive? It’s looking more suspicious.”

Hoshino tightened his grip over his phone, his expression calm and not a hint of irritation in his tone. “Invading someone’s privacy doesn’t seem like something you should be doing.”

With that, You Sixin raised both hands up high. “Alright, have it.”

He adjusted his angle and added, “Qin Mo is already suspicious of you, it’s time to keep it down.”

Hoshino arched a brow, looking like a gentleman. “Alright.”

There wasn’t much for You Sixin to say with such a swift agreement.

The doll-faced person watched them, being totally confused. His captain and vice-captain were acting strangely but yet, he couldn’t tell what was happening.

At 10.30 am in the Fu Group’s building.

After a multitude of shocks, it no longer matched up to its former glory.

Fu Ximing could receive all the shares as long as he waited but yet, he was also participating in this battle.

In reality, he had contacted the shareholders privately. This time, he was going to send that wastrel and his mother packing.

He was well prepared. Together with the dirt Fu Zhongyi had gathered about his son, it was bound to be a foolproof plan. Hence, both father and son appeared full of confidence.

Because once there was a stepmother, there would be a stepfather later on as well.

Fu Zhongyi had never been a saint. Even though both were his blood, he had never felt guilt towards his older son, not even a tinge.

Before Fu Jiu was even aware, he had refused to acknowledge or even mention this son and whenever someone brought him up, he would express disgust.

Now that Fu Jiu had changed, he never felt the need to feel remorse. Instead, he had participated in the dirt regarding Spade Z.

In contrast, his love for Fu Ximing was endless. He was constantly showering him with compliments and had plans to leave him all his possessions.

Fu Zhongyi didn’t just cheat on his marriage with He Honghua. He had also made sure she was at her wits end. He had long forgotten the efforts He Honghua had poured into developing Fu Group, building it into what it was today. Fu Zhongyi pushed her to her limits, his humanity lost with his greed. But that was human nature, to be blinded by greed. There weren’t many who could overcome the temptation.

The shareholders in the boardroom were the same.

He Honghua flipped her documents, when she saw Fu Ximing entering with Fu Zhongyi. Her eyes dimmed. “Unauthorized personnel is not qualified to participate in the shareholders’ meeting.”

Fu Zhongyi didn’t bother looking at her, bringing Fu Ximing to his seat. “There isn’t any unauthorized personnel here. You probably aren’t aware but Fu Ximing has company shares. There will be a major overhaul with regards to shares distribution. Alright, Ximing, you can start with the video you received. Regardless of how high someone’s position is, they still have to leave if they disrupt the reputation of the group.”

“Alright.” Fu Ximing stood up. Things hadn’t been going well for him because of the wastrel, especially after he managed to win the esports championships. People around him were constantly comparing the both of them, pulling him down. But he knew exactly how that wastrel had been in the past.

He couldn’t be helped and would never shine on his own. He had only made it to his current state because of Young Master Qin. And now was the time to expose his dark past.

Fu Ximing opened his laptop, flashing some photos on the screen before he started, “These are photos I received. My older brother’s personal life has always been messy but as long as he didn’t do anything out of line, he wasn’t disciplined. However, he isn’t suited as a shareholder of the Fu Group because he is constantly forcing himself onto guys with rumors claiming that the Fu Group became famous through other people’s fame. I appeal to everyone sitting here to think twice since reputation is essential when doing business…”

As compared to the past, He Honghua was much calmer and in control. She sat firmly, not an inch of emotion on her face when she started saying coldly, “Speaking of reputation, the marketing and operation department should be well aware that all those hot selling products and companies that come forth are all looking to benefit from Spade Z’s name. Besides, I have never heard of our group gaining favor from anyone, instead, you have been using your identity as Spade Z’s younger brother to widen your social circle. This has been a running fact throughout the circle. Ximing, if your brother’s reputation is that bad, why are you using it?”

Fu Ximing hadn’t expected to be stumped, his face paling. He hadn’t expected a certain someone to have prepared He Honghua nor for her to know her enemies well to ensure a smooth battle.

Fu Ximing’s greatest secret was exposed. The atmosphere in the room shifted.

Fu Ximing tightened his grip. He had to shift the focus back. “I have no idea what you are saying, the photos are here for everyone to see. It took me great efforts to buy this from a media company and today afternoon, it will be published. When the time comes, Madam He, I’m afraid you won’t be able to use Spade Z to attract clients anymore. Haven’t you thought about the efforts all the valued shareholders have placed into the company?”