Chapter 1046 - Jiu is Here

Chapter 1046: Jiu is Here

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“My dear son is right.”

Just as He Honghua was about to retort, a man in his fifties chuckled, cutting her off. “Undoubtedly, Spade Z’s name has brought benefits to the company but we have to be flexible in business. We wouldn’t say anything if the matter had been settled properly but with the current progression, the news will be out by noon and by then, Spade Z will no longer be a name that can benefit us. Honghua, from an objective point of view, it is time we teach Young Master Fu a lesson. I understand that you are the major shareholder and have the greatest say but that is not how business works. Spare a thought for the others seated in this room. Once these things go too far, we will start wondering if our capitals are better invested elsewhere.”

“I agree, once there is an issue with a shareholder, our benefits would be compromised. The benefits from the past don’t matter, what’s important is to settle the matter at hand. At the very least, we have to get Young Master Fu to explain himself, don’t you think so?”

“That’s right, we’re worried we might not get our money back.”

He Honghua was disgusted at how despicable they could be.

“The customer data analysis are open for everyone to see, the profits generated from Spade Z’s name is enough for all of you to get a year’s bonus without having to do any work. You want an explanation? You’re just using your investment as a threat.”

The man continued, “We have never threatened you with anything, your misunderstanding is very displeasing. Honghua, I’m starting to doubt your ability as the director.”

Fu Ximing seized the opportunity to chime in. “Uncle Li, calm down. Director He, big brother is a fatal mistake within our company and as a shareholder, we have the right to ask for an explanation. It doesn’t seem right for you to misunderstand our intentions. Regardless of how deep your grievances are against us, you have to understand that our suggestions are for the better of the company. Your allegations against us right now are sincerely appalling.”

They cornered her from both sides, making it seem as though she was being petty.

In reality, it was all a ploy. At the end, she was the one thinking for the company. Didn’t they know the company currently belonged to her? She would be most concerned with the progress.

He Honghua tightened her grip.

Fu Ximing stood beside her. “Once it is exposed, no amount of explanation would salvage the matter. CEO He, it’s time you apologized on behalf of big brother.”

“Apologize?” He Honghua felt her face reddening. “Are you in the right mind?”

Fu Ximing shook his head, acting as though He Honghua was an unreasonable woman.

“Forget it, Son, let’s not waste time squabbling with her. It wouldn’t be so worrying if you aren’t the acting director of the company.” He stood up, preparing to leave, totally disregarding He Honghua. “This shareholder meeting isn’t going anywhere. I will be back once some people can act with more sincerity.”

Right at that moment, the meeting door was pushed open and cold and steely voice could be heard…