Chapter 1047 - Peace

Chapter 1047: Peace

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The voice spoke slowly and was slightly hoarse; no one could tell if it was a female or male but it was pleasing to the ears and demanded attention.

“That isn’t necessary. Director Li, you are fired.” Her words broke the silence. In that instant, everyone turned towards her.

The youngster stood by the door in her suit, her collar slightly loose. Her long and lithe figure was blocking the sun rays behind her.

Some of the shareholders froze since they had never expected Fu Jiu to look so striking. She had already stunned them during the previous shareholder meeting. This time, however, there seemed to be something else.

As though a famed swordsman who had finally been unleashed, his full potential shown to the world.

Director Li was left with rage. “What do you mean?”

“It’s literal meaning.” Bo Jiu walked forward. She placed a hand on the boardroom table and smiled. “Director Li, are you planning to withdraw your investment? You can, likewise, you are fired.”

Director Li smirked. “Some people are getting over their head just because they game well. Alright, I’ll withdraw my investment. Everyone, you heard it, with a shareholder that doesn’t care about the company’s interest, the profits won’t be any good. You should consider withdrawing your investments when you can.”

“Brother Li.” Fu Zhongyi finally cut in. He walked forward to hold his shoulder. “We are aware of the contributions you have made for the company over the years. Don’t worry, we won’t let someone force you out just like this. Gratitude is important in business. Right now, it is clear that some people aren’t suited to hold the highest authority within the company. I’m sure everyone in this room agrees with me as well.” With that, Fu Zhongyi turned to look at everyone in the boardroom. “Everyone has seen the events that have unfolded, my son is full of himself and has no respect for the elders in the company. This doesn’t go with the principals I built the business upon. I suggest we utilize the highest voting rights for the person most suited to take charge, regardless of the share distribution or the votes they have.”

With that, Director Li immediately agreed. “That’s right, we must not let the company be destroyed in such an arrogant person’s hand.”

He Honghua was starting to panic. She had never expected Fu Zhongyi to be shameless enough to talk about gratitude. Those that had started the business with her had been tossed out of the company and Director Li was one of those that had forced the founders out.

What did he mean by contributions? Had he contributed anything at all?!

He Honghua felt a wave of disgust run through her.

How could anyone be so despicable! How dare he use this as a reason to activate the highest voting rights?

It hadn’t been easy for Jiu to have gotten hold of the shares and that was for her to gain the ultimate say. Once the highest voting rights had been activated, Jiu’s efforts would have been in vain.

Moreover, ever since the start, the other shareholders hadn’t said much. It was obviously Fu Zhongyi’s doing.

Such a situation was making He Honghua worried. In contrast, the youngster sat there firmly as though nothing had happened. “Contributions? Director Li, when have you benefited the company? Haven’t you been gaining commissions from all the purchases?”

“What are you saying?” Director Li flew into a rage. “Don’t you dare accuse me of something I didn’t do.”

The youngster glanced at him briefly. “Lawyer Bai.”

Lawyer Bai? Which Lawyer Bai?

Everyone automatically thought of one person when the name Bai was brought up. Director Li’s face paled instantly. No, it wasn’t possible, he couldn’t be that Lawyer Bai!

It was a pity his prayers weren’t answered. The man walked in from the door with a briefcase in his hands, his handsome appearance a living advertisement.

Ordinary folks might not be aware of him but those in the corporate world knew that he managed to turn the tables for all the cases under him regardless of how hopeless they seemed.

At that moment, Fu Zhongyi froze, much less to say Director Li. How was that possible?! How could he have managed to employ Lawyer Bai?!

It was common knowledge how hard it was to book an appointment with Lawyer Bai. It was rumored that he was fully booked for the next year.

Previously, an extremely wealthy boss had tried to engage Lawyer Bai with a million dollars but Lawyer Bai hadn’t been swayed, making him wait in line.

There were some who had tried to look into him since there wasn’t anyone who didn’t like money. But no one could find anything regarding his background.

There were many businessmen that tried to engage him to settle their pressing issues but Lawyer Bai had never once accepted their requests.But now, the wastrel actually managed to get him to come over.

Director Li was visibly affected, his aura dimming.

Fu Zhongyi tightened his fingers, moving over to block his pathway.

Lawyer Bai paused, glancing at Fu Zhongyi.

Fu Zhongyi smiled. “Lawyer Bai, I know you accepted his money to have made this trip. How about this, how much did the irresponsible person pay you? I’ll double the amount.” Fu Zhongyi spoke generously, which was a contrast to the time he claimed to be penniless when the company had been having financial issues.

Lawyer Bai broke into a mocking smile. He brushed past Fu Zhongyi and headed towards the youngster’s directions. “Boss, can we start?”

Boss? Was he addressing Young Master Fu? How was that possible?

Sharp breaths of inhales could be heard throughout the boardroom, mainly due to shock and disbelief.

Fu Zhongyi froze. Lawyer Bai’s actions were literally a slap in his face.

No one would have expected the famed Lawyer Bai to address a high school student as boss. Besides, that high school student was a man-crazy wastrel! It was unbelievable. But that was the reality.

The youngster tapped on the boardroom table. Her aura was as formidable as when she had first entered, even with Lawyer Bai standing beside her. She seemed like a royal as she mocked, “You can show Director Li what he has been doing over the years. The price of a supposedly cheap spare part was doubled so that he can pocket the commission. That explains the low profits over the years. Because from the very beginning, there has been someone who didn’t care about the company’s interest. According to the company’s regulations, the highest shareholder has the power to expel shareholders that harm the company.”

With his crimes exposed, Director Li’s face paled visibly.

However, that wasn’t all as the youngster had instructed Lawyer Bai to print out multiple sets of the information for all the shareholders.

Bo Jiu continued, “You can bring him out.”

With that, the other shareholders exchanged glances as they prepared for the security to come in. However, police officers entered the boardroom with handcuffs.

Director Li watched in horror, his eyes widening.

Lawyer Bai pushed his spectacles, his tone emotionless. “Since the amount Director Li embezzled was far too much, my side has decided to settle this through court. Seems like there is a result.”

This meant the police had verified the information and were here to arrest him! It was really over for Director Li.

On the other hand, Fu Zhongyi and Fu Ximing were thrown off guard.

When the other shareholders saw the fate of Director Li, their courage dampened.

But this wasn’t the end. The youngster was seated on the main director chair as she chuckled. “I heard there are shareholders that wish to pull out their investments? Which uncles are that?”

In just a short while, the tables had turned. The shareholder that was helping Director Li and Fu Zhongyi started to break into a cold sweat.

With a sharp ka-cha, the handcuffs were fastened around Director Li’s wrists.

The shareholder had accepted Fu Zhongyi’s money and was just there to speak up for him, he didn’t have any intention of withdrawing his investment.

Since there were a few members that were thinking of rebelling, they had to put in effort in order to stay relevant within the Fu Group. But that wasn’t the life he was seeking. All they wanted was to make money without effort after all. Fu Zhongyi had promised them, as long as he took over the control of the group, their bonus would be doubled and their ranks promoted.

But he hadn’t expected the situation to turn out this way…