Chapter 1048 - Boss Qin Is Out to Flaunt His Love Again

Chapter 1048: Boss Qin Is Out to Flaunt His Love Again

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“Director Zhang.” The youngster’s voice was as pleasing as before, chilly and lazy at the same time.

The shareholder that was pointed out trembled, he glanced down at his wrist. It seemed as though he was the one being arrested and not Director Li; since he also had a part in the embezzlement.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Bo Jiu continued to watch him, her lips lifted. “Didn’t you want to withdraw your investment just a while ago?”

The shareholder raised his head to wipe the cold sweat that broke out on his forehead as he muttered, “N-no.”

“What do you mean by no?” Bo Jiu stood up. She walked over and lowered her back, her palms placed on his and Fu Ximing’s chairs respectively. As the sun rays splashed onto her lips, she seemed like a demon that walked out from a light tunnel, elegant and handsome yet incredibly dangerous. “I heard someone wanted me to apologize?”

The shareholder shuddered at the hostility in the youngster’s voice. It was probably due to the fear within him. Moreover, he had always been timid. Whenever someone of higher authority gave orders for something illegal, he wouldn’t question, which led to the mess that had happened.

Of course, his greed had also played a part. But that still couldn’t explain the oppressional force that was radiating from the youngster. The only thought he had was that this useless wastrel they had never cared about was no longer the same.

The outburst at the previous shareholder’s meeting hadn’t been an accident!

Director Zhang was so traumatized he was at a loss for words.

Fu Ximing remained full of himself. He turned and said, “Big Brother, your usual behavior tarnished our company’s reputation. Shouldn’t you apologize for that?”

“Our company?” Bo Jiu broke into a smile. “Seems like you are not clear who this company belongs to.”

Fu Ximing smirked. “Big Brother, you must be the one that isn’t clear, I have company shares under my name so of course it’s our company.”

“Oh?” Bo Jiu raised a brow before adding, “Lawyer Bai, please show everyone the new structure of the company.”

Lawyer Bai replaced Fu Ximing’s seat, placing the U-Drive into the projector to show a document. The document clearly stated the changes to the company.

As the document opened up, both Fu Ximing and Fu Zhongyi started to pale.

Fu Zhongyi could no longer keep up the pretense, his right-hand smashing onto the table. “Atrocious! This is simply atrocious! What do you mean by shares allocation is based on the results? You’re going to give the employees the shares as well? What exactly are you trying to do? Are you forcing all of us to withdraw our investments?!”

“You can,” the youngster replied calmly, a stark contrast to his agitation.

Fu Zhongyi couldn’t believe his ears. He paused and asked, “What did you say?”

“You can withdraw your investments.” Bo Jiu’s stance remained the same, her eyes hard and sharp. “I’ll use this opportunity to inform you. Director Fu, stop using your investments as a threat. To put it simply, I’m loaded.”

Fu Zhongyi was so enraged he started having breathing difficulties. “You’re trying to force the board away! Great! I’ll see how you can operate without our investments! Don’t you dare beg us when it all comes crumbling!”

Lawyer Bai pushed his spectacles up his nose as he reminded, “Director Fu, you probably haven’t finished reading the document my boss got me to draft. Director Fu, you can continue to read on.” With that, Lawyer Bai scrolled down the document.

It clearly indicated the amount that the youngster was going to invest.

Everyone was stunned and the entire boardroom sunk into silence. It was so quiet a pin drop could be heard. It was too much! Simply too much!

The surprise and disbelief were clear on everyone’s face. Even He Honghua had widened her eyes in shock when she saw the amount.

Her-her Jiu, since when had she had so much money?! Did esports tournaments gift their champions with so much nowadays? The amount was enough to buy three Fu Groups. Which meant, it was five times the amount invested by the shareholders.

He Honghua’s first reaction was to glance at her Jiu.

The youngster paused, reaching out to caress her nose. Bo Jiu kept all her sharpness and hostility in front of He Honghua.

At this moment, both Fu Zhongyi and Fu Ximing weren’t looking too good. They said they were going to withdraw their investments and she used money to get back at them. More importantly, when did this wastrel become so rich?!

Fu Zhongyi was filled with regret. Had he known about the outcome, he wouldn’t have been so resolute and would never have gone against his eldest son. After what he had done, how was he going to tie up the loose ends?!

Fu Ximing glanced at Fu Zhongyi and knew instantly that his father was going to shift his position. He tightened his grip and prepared to say something but the meeting was interrupted. “I’m sorry for the interruption.”

Everyone turned towards the voice.

The man held a document in his hand, walking towards Bo Jiu. “Young Master Jiu, I’m a representative from the Qin Group. Young Master Qin would like to invest 520991314 dollars1, it isn’t much but it represents his sincerity.”

Five hundred million?! That wasn’t much?! That was the shareholder’s first reaction.

Bo Jiu paused after hearing the amount. She coughed after remembering the password the Almighty read to her previously. “Tell Brother Mo I have received his thought but the investment isn’t necessary.”

“Alright.” He smiled. “Boss Qin expected your possible refusal but he did instruct me to ensure you receive the thought. It is twenty minutes away from the two-hour mark, Boss Qin’s car will be waiting downstairs.”

The other shareholders were stunned beyond words.

They had heard rumors that Young Master Qin and their Young Master Fu had a close relationship. But close was subjective and no one could say for sure what it entailed. Since they belong to the same team, it wasn’t odd for them to be together. Everyone in the corporate world knew Young Master Qin valued esports very highly.

Back then, Fu Ximing had claimed to be on good terms with Young Master Qin but when Fu Ximing had greeted him, Young Master Qin hadn’t bothered glancing at him.

Hence, the shareholders had always been skeptical about the news. But with the events today, Young Master Qin preparing five hundred million for Young Master Fu and waiting for him personally… How close were they for him to have gone so far? Or perhaps, was it like the news on the internet? Young Master Qin and Young Master Fu were together?

If that was the case, the prospects of Fu Group seemed much brighter than before!

The shareholders were dying to grab their calculators. They weren’t going to withdraw their investments, instead, they were going to hold on to the shares at all costs.

But this wasn’t up to them.

Bo Jiu straightened, stuffing both hands into her pockets. She turned towards the seemingly fossilized Fu Zhongyi. “It doesn’t matter whether you guys want to withdraw your investments. You must not have finished reading the new structure document. Lawyer Bai, please help to flip the pages.”

“Sure.” Lawyer Bai clicked the screen.

On the last page, it was clearly written that from this day onwards, Fu Group was going to be dissolved and rebuilt into He Group.

This meant that from this day onwards, all of it was truly going to be under He Honghua’s name!

As the words “He Group” flashed across the screen, Fu Zhongyi felt his eyes blur. He had never expected that his own child would use such a method to infuriate him. He felt his chest tightening from anger as he reached out to point at the youngster. “Y-you, how dare you treat me like this! Aren’t you afraid of Heaven?”

“Afraid of Heaven?” Bo Jiu chuckled. “Have you forgotten how you cheated on your wife, forming a family outside? You chased everyone that tried to convince you out. Back then, did you remember the wife that slaved alongside you day and night, the one that poured all her savings into your business when you were out of cash, the one that strengthened the business? That was my mother, He Honghua. Instead of being grateful, you preyed against her, taking away all her power for the sake of your mistress, mocking her in the face of others, calling her a country bumpkin. You tainted her reputation, ridiculed her in public, spread false accusations of her that you constantly use to laugh about. Year after year, you robbed her off the profits she deserved and when she finally formed her own company, you constantly exerted pressure, never giving her a day of peace. Director Fu, if someone like you hasn’t been punished by Heaven, I should be rather safe.”

“Yo-you!” Fu Zhongyi stuttered, his fingers trembling from anger.

Bo Jiu laughed. “Please leave with your son, we have to continue our shareholder meeting now that the company is He’s.”

Fu Zhongyi had never expected to lose his authority.

Lawyer Bai’s drafts had never been that simple. Was he really going to be chased out?

Fu Zhongyi watched the faint smile on the youngster’s face. He was suddenly reminded of a year ago. It was also around this time that he had declared He Honghua’s expulsion from the company. She had only been allowed to participate as a shareholder during the occasional meetings.

Back then, his son had been present. He had stood outside and had been shouting at He Honghua. “Why don’t you talk it out with dad, why don’t you dress up prettier? All you know is your line dance. If you could behave like the others, the situation would never have gone this far. Did you do something embarrassing again for you to be chased out? How can you stop me from asking? Don’t you dare bother about me anymore!”

The bigger their fight, the better it had been for him. Because of that incident, their mother and son relationship had shattered.

He hadn’t bothered since he had never considered passing the company to the wastrel. But back then, the wastrel had managed to please him with his words and thus Fu Zhongyi had awarded him with a generous amount of allowance.

If his elder son hadn’t gone so far, he wouldn’t have taken extreme measures against him.

The youngster right now was completely different.

“You are not my son! Tell me the truth, where did you hide my son?!” Fu Zhongyi reached out to grab the youngster’s collar, her exquisitely done up hair turning into a mess. Fu Zhongyi continued to shake him, looking like a maniac. “He was definitely useless, who exactly are you!”

Bo Jiu remained emotionless, allowing him to act up. She stuffed a hand into her pocket, her face cold and hard as she swept him a glance, as though he was a measly pest. “I came from Hell, specifically to teach you ingrate a lesson.”

Fu Zhongyi felt a shiver run through him. It seemed as though he was staring straight at the devil incarnate. His pupils trembled in shock as he hurriedly released her collar as if he had been scalded.

Fu Ximing wasn’t dumb, he knew staying in the room would make the situation worse. Hence, he reached out to grab Fu Zhongyi, dragging him out of the room. As he left the room, he knew he no longer had a place in it.

This scene was unusually familiar. Back then, he had been much younger when he had stood in that meeting room and the person being chased out had been a woman who had worn outdated clothes.

Back then, He Honghua had been criticized by everyone. No one had expected her wastrel son to turn up like this!

Originally, he had assumed Fu Jiu would be destroyed with those photos. But now… They were the ones being destroyed.

Regardless of how valuable the stocks he had were, once the company dissolved and regrouped under a different name, it would immediately turn into cash and he would no longer be able to participate as a shareholder.

To a businessman, it was useless. Besides, Fu Zhongyi had taken up loans in order to pay for the shares.

Fu Ximing wasn’t willing to help him. Why did his parents suddenly seem like such a burden?

Fu Zhongyi was infuriated. He turned, prepared to analyze the situation for his beloved son, only to be made with the changed gaze. He had seen that look many times as it was the look he had used on He Honghua and Bo Jiu.

Abandonment and despise, both plastered onto him.

In that instant, Fu Zhongyi felt a chill in his heart. He suddenly realized the meaning of karma…

On the other side, in the meeting room, Bo Jiu had just stood up when her phone rang. A voice message was playing an emotionless voice, which said, “Mrs Qin, aren’t you coming down? Do you want me to get you personally?”