Chapter 1049 - MoJiu

Chapter 1049: MoJiu

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Mrs Qin?

Lawyer Bai stood beside Bo Jiu and could hear the soft words coming out from her phone. He arched a brow. He had expected such substantial progress in their relationship. Though it seemed like the media hadn’t caught on yet.

But he was surprised the Qin family allowed their relationship since Qin Mo was the sole descendent of the Qin family…

Bo Jiu paused slightly when she noticed Lawyer Bai’s actions. She turned towards the shareholders, who were watching her, with the voice message and broke into a smooth smile. “Lawyer Bai will follow up with the rest. Director Zhang, make yourself scarce.”

The man that was trembling from head down was in shock.

The shareholders watched as the silver-haired youngster tugged her clothes, striding out of the boardroom in her usual arrogant and suave manner. She had made sure He Honghua’s position in the company was secure.

Just as Bo Jiu had said, from this day onwards, the company belonged to the He.

The employees that had been working for long periods were the happiest. Those senior management that had been prepared to join another company tossed their resignation letters into the bin. It also included those managers that slaved for the company, puking from their intense drinking sessions. All of them were startled by this news. They had been asking themselves if it was worth it.

He was the one dealing with all the clients but his ranks couldn’t rise unlike those that entered the company through connections.

He had raised his concerns to Fu Zhongyi but every single time, Fu Zhongyi had dismissed him, claiming that the company had been good and for him to live with gratitude. As long as he continued to count his blessings, there would be a day he made it big.

Counting his blessings?

He had been slaving for the company and yet, he was beneath those that entered through their connections. He had remained committed to the company for five years but until this day, he could only afford to stay in a rented house.

He drank so much he would often fall asleep to a splitting headache. He had thought about returning to his hometown. But the year he had left school, he had told himself he had to make a name for himself in this city in order to live up to his parents. However, as each year flew by, his dreams seemed farther away than before.

Gradually, nature and the people around him seemed to be telling him, regardless of how hard you worked, you would never surpass those with connections. But the situation had changed. He wasn’t sure why though.

When he had received the news, he had finally believed that there would be things he could obtain if he worked hard.

The entire company had changed. From this day onwards, it was the He Group. To others, it might just be a change of ownership but those within the company knew better; big groups were often built upon their manpower.

That was the point Bo Jiu was counting on. Once you learned to respect your employees, they would treat the company with more sincerity, striving on their own will.

There had to be equality.

He Honghua was still in a daze from the events that unfolded even after the meeting had been adjourned. There were so many questions she had to clarify with her Jiu.

Lawyer Bai kept his documents, walking towards her as He Honghua called out to him. “Lawyer Bai, Jiu…”

“Director He.” Lawyer Bai was smart, he knew exactly what she was looking for. “Few businessmen would have thought of this. Boss’s actions were most probably influenced by the morals and values you instilled in him, to show gratitude while learning to be independent which is how the employee share scheme came about.”

He Honghua paused.

Lawyer Bai didn’t say much and excused himself politely. However, his words were clearly transported to the employees around him.

No one knew that from this day onwards, a small company like theirs was able to skyrocket. Within just the next five years, they were to become a strong presence in Jiang City’s corporate world.

When that day was to arrive, everyone knew that the managing director of the He Group was an entrepreneur that came from the countryside. She had once been robbed off her family and business but had still managed to rise through her adversity.

There could be no construction without destruction. She learnt to live for herself and to give back to those that had offered her help along the way.

Of course, all of this would only happen a few years later. Right now, there was a more important matter; Young Master Qin was still waiting for a certain someone in the waiting area.

In general, all the female employees were smitten and couldn’t control themselves anymore, directing glances at him unconsciously.

When a silver-haired youngster came out from the elevator, she walked straight towards Young Master Qin, reaching out to tug onto his own tie while looking suave and handsome. The next second, the youngster bent naturally and seemed to plant a kiss on Young Master Qin’s face!

They weren’t seeing things, he had really planted a kiss on Young Master Qin’s face!

“Did you wait long?” Bo Jiu watched him as he sat in the waiting area. She couldn’t help being reminded of her plans to kidnap him. Bo Jiu couldn’t suppress her excitement, planting a kiss on his cheeks. At exactly this moment, she heard the sharp gasps around her. But since she had already kissed him, she couldn’t just pretend it didn’t happen and thus she sat beside him with a bright and devilish smile on her face.

The female secretary witnessed the entire scene clearly, swallowing tightly. That-that was their Young Master Fu. He-he had actually kissed Young Master Qin in public! More importantly, Young Master Qin wasn’t the least bit upset and hadn’t tossed Young Master Fu out.

Instead, the cold aura around him seemed to dissipate as he placed the financial magazine to the side and reached out to pinch their Young Master Fu’s cheeks.

Wh… What happened? What was even weirder was that Young Master Fu’s actions were very much alike with how a tyrant CEO would treat his little bride. Why did it seem as if their positions had switched? Was it because of Young Master Fu?

Before the crowd could snap of their daze, Qin Mo was already holding onto Bo Jiu’s hand as he stood up. His other hand was wrapped in a bandage, looking unusually regal.

It seemed as though he wasn’t concerned about the commotion he had caused as they walked through the crowd of employees to the exit.

The car was waiting at the door. It wasn’t a striking car. Compared to the other cars in the Qin family basement, this was a more conservative option.

Bo Jiu noticed the difference but hadn’t thought much of it until the Almighty instructed, “A University.”

Bo Jiu arched a brow. “A University?”

“We’re going to meet your teacher,” Qin Mo held onto his chin as he replied lazily. “I will fail for missing lessons for an extended period.”

That was when she remembered that the Almighty hadn’t graduated yet…

But he had never attended lessons. Besides, A University wouldn’t bother him with such matters. Thus, he was definitely going there to meet his teacher but not to talk about skipping lessons. He must be there to investigate.

Bo Jiu’s gaze deepened…