Chapter 105 - Taking You to Play Tennis

Chapter 105: Taking You to Play Tennis

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She… She was actually right about that.

Fu Jiu raised her hand and pushed back the silver hair covering her forehead. “Don’t worry, I will only flunk physics, I think.”

Xue Yaoyao reminded the young man, “Flunking a subject is still flunking. They set the rule that all the players have to pass their exams to be able to attend the contest, so that teenagers won’t get too addicted to playing games.”

Fu Jiu paused. “The rule works like this? Can’t we just pass with the total score?”

“No.” Because Xue Yaoyao was a fan of Hero, she somehwat knew the rules. “Your Highness Jiu, you need to work harder now.”

By then, Fu Jiu finally realized that what she needed to do first was not to get equipment, but to freaking get her physics book out and pore over it ten times. But the thing was, she and physics did not mesh well together.

“Do you want to hire a tutor?” Xue Yaoyao wrote on the note.

Fu Jiu looked at that and suddenly felt kind of sad, but she was happy to have found a teammate already, so she wrote casually, “What’s your number?”

Xue Yaoyao blushed, and she replied in a low voice, “I don’t have a cell phone.” Then, the English teacher suddenly appeared next to her side!

Fu Jiu reacted quickly. With a single move from her left hand, she had replaced the laptop with the real English textbook, and all the notes were pushed aside.

Only one was found by the English teacher.

The English teacher saw the note and frowned. She said to Xue Yaoyao, “What is this?”

Xue Yaoyao tightened her fingers and wanted to say something.

Then she heard a light laugh from that young man sitting beside her, “Ms. Chen, I wrote her the note.”

The English teacher didn’t expect that Fu Jiu would ask for Xue Yaoyao’s phone number. Suddenly, she didn’t know what to say, so she pushed her glasses up a little. ” Cough , Fu Jiu, focus. You have progressed a lot recently, and you are a good seedling. You are still a student, so put your heart into your studies and don’t take admiration for affection.”

There was too much information in these words, and all the students in class looked towards Fu Jiu in utter shock!

What did this mean?

Fu Jiu confessed to Xue Yaoyao?

They… They didn’t even match each other in any possible way.

So that was Fu Jiu’s type all along?

Some girls couldn’t accept it, and Jiang Feiyang tightened his hands into fists. He couldn’t figure out what Fu Jiu liked about that girl. If she were a pretty girl, then he could understand, but that one…

Xue Yaoyao wanted to explain, but she saw Fu Jiu playfully wink at her, looking very handsome.

She knew that the young man wanted to protect her by letting people misunderstand the situation.

After all, if people knew that she initiated the thing about exchanging notes, the rumors would kill her at school.

She and the young man belonged to two different worlds, and Xue Yaoyao knew this well, so she would never ask for more.

Just like she and that person, even if she had become his step sister, they were still completely different breeds at school—like the clouds and the mud…

With the warning from the English teacher, Fu Jiu didn’t log into the game after. She thought of something and texted Qin Mo, “Brother Mo, can I bring a friend with me to play tennis today?”

No matter how arrogant her character was, Fu Jiu was naturally well-mannered. Since the other party was the one who invited her, she needed to ask before she could bring someone with her.

Qin Mo replied plainly, “Yes.”

Fu Jiu looked at her phone screen and curled her lips up into a smile. She waited until after class, then turned her head to Xue Yaoyao. “Are you free after class? If yes, I’d like to take you to play tennis…”