Chapter 1050 - A University

Chapter 1050: A University

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A university was the most famous university in Jiang City.

The campus wasn’t just packed with students. As the building was considered an iconic architecture in Jiang City, tourists flocked over to sightsee as well. But there wasn’t any other student on campus with a head full of silver hair.

The moment Bo Jiu entered the school gates, she was the center of attraction, especially with her exquisite features and Qin Mo standing next to her. They caused a stir to all the females in the vicinity, whose discussions spread across the campus.

Very quickly, Bo Jiu felt as though she and the Almighty had turned into circus animals with all their stares. Indeed, entering A University without disguise was a mistake.

Fortunately, they were lucky. Bo Jiu was feeling thirsty and went to look for a vending machine. Just as she bent down to retrieve her drink, a conversation piqued her attention.

“What exactly do you think they are investigating? It’s starting to get annoying.”

“Who knows? Regardless of what the group has mentioned, even if they found anything suspicious, no action would be taken. Isn’t it interesting? The victim died so far away but yet, they insist it was done in A University. What a joke indeed.”

“That’s right, is it worth it for such a small case? There are so many cases in the world, why aren’t they taking care of those? Why do they have to persist on this, what’s the point?”

“Alright, alright, you are the group leader, remember to spread the instructions for everyone to follow.”

“Someone complained about the chat two days ago and I kicked her out immediately.”

“Good move, leaving her in the group would only cause trouble. I saw what she posted, she seemed to have done her research, claiming you are not Spade Z’s fan and was just using his name to attract fans.”

“What’s wrong with my group? I’m just using his name, I have never mentioned Spade Z before, we were just discussing the game. How is that using his name to attract fans?”

Bo Jiu straightened, she held the cold drink in her hand and when she glanced up, her gaze met with theirs. It was obvious that they knew who she was. Ever since the National League had been broadcasted, Bo Jiu’s appearance was no longer a secret.

Moreover, it was difficult to misidentify the head full of silver hair.

The two students went silent immediately.

Bo Jiu walked towards them. Once she was positioned in front of them, she remarked lazily, “In that case, change your name and the information and then take a look at how many followers you’re going to get.”

The person paled, before spitting, “The esports players these days are so incorrigible, they must be insane. Why do I have to change my information!”

Bo Jiu laughed, pulling her can open while the person continued, “It is all consensual, I can’t stop your fans from joining the group. I gave them a home to interact with each other.”

Bo Jiu lowered her lids.

Just as the person was about to continue, the can slid across her face smashing hard onto the wall behind her with a loud bang!

The girl froze, a bruise forming on her face. As the pain started to spread through her face, she was thoroughly enraged, pointing towards Bo Jiu in a maniac manner. “You-you!”

“What did I do, why are you pointing at me?” the youngster asked slowly.

His words!

The girl clenched her fists.

Bo Jiu tilted her head to send a message on WeChat. “Brother Mo, there seems to be an issue here. It’s rather strange, do you want to come over and take a look?”

“Heh.” The girl smirked. “It’s just a small matter and you’re getting Almighty Qin. Isn’t this too tight a grip?”

Bo Jiu toyed with her phone as she glanced at her, her lips lifted. “I can be sure you aren’t the one. But even if you aren’t, you should be one of the ones being led tightly. I guess it’ll be useful. If we follow the branch upwards, I’ll be able to find that incompetent person.”

“You’re mad.” The girl had no idea what Bo Jiu was saying.

As Qin Mo walked over with the headmaster, the girl started to change entirely. She didn’t think she did anything wrong though. “Disgusting, using money to pressure others.” In her eyes, both Bo Jiu and Qin Mo were the same.

Qin Mo glanced down slightly before focusing his gaze on Bo Jiu. “What’s strange?”

Bo Jiu started, her words shocking the headmaster, “The Maiden’s sacrifice is going to revive in A University.”

“Little kid, watch your words.” This wasn’t something the headmaster wanted to hear.

Qin Mo’s gaze remained firm. “Headmaster, let her finish.”

“Using the internet to attract people to join a private platform may seem normal for the increase of such private platforms but in reality, it becomes a breeding ground for malice. Communication as a guide to unknowingly plant ideas into others would easily affect one’s thoughts, especially in our country, which isn’t very religious. As such, few believe in karma or have a moral compass for their actions. Their actions or their words come from within, they are not able to emphasize with others and their happiness is built upon someone else’s misery. Once there is someone guiding them, these people would turn into keyboard warriors that force others to their death. After all, they can’t be held accountable for being sarcastic or mean.” With that, Bo Jiu paused before adding, “Headmaster, logically speaking, the students from A University should be well equipped with basic values and morals but now, they wouldn’t react to things that are amiss and claim that ‘There are so many cases in the world, why aren’t they taking care of those, why do they have to persist on this, what’s the point?’ These are words uttered by the students of A University. This has indeed caught me off guard. The police are investigating the case to ensure their safety but yet, they managed to twist their intentions, spreading their inaccurate thoughts to their group. All of such students in A University with such a mindset should be looked into. Next, perhaps this student should explain who she has been hanging out with.”

The headmaster had understood but yet, as a senior member, he decided to feign ignorance. “Isn’t that an exaggeration?”

“Oh?” Bo Jiu laughed lightly. “Headmaster, if you don’t believe my words, you could wait and see.”

Before the headmaster could say anything, the girl said, “You should just wait and see how things unfold. Shouldn’t you be taking responsibility for the rubbish you just sprouted? What did I do for you to accuse me like that!”