Chapter 1052 - Mo and Jiu’s Cooperation

Chapter 1052: Mo and Jiu’s Cooperation

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In general, they would take action once they zeroed in on their victim. But this time, Bo Jiu and Qin Mo didn’t take action immediately. From the looks of things, they had created too big of a commotion. Thus, it was unlikely that they had not been discovered by the perpetrator.

They hadn’t expected to create such a huge commotion. But since the situation was already like that, they could only shift their plans accordingly.

Without a word, Bo Jiu reached for the railing. Then with a turn of her long legs and her knees bent, she fell onto the top bunk bed. Her actions were smooth and fluid, her blazer floating upwards looking suave and cool.

The headmaster was startled by her actions since anyone who stayed on campus would have slept on a bunk bed. Back then, why had he used so much effort to climb onto the upper bunk?

Bo Jiu checked the bed while Qin Mo scrutinized the study table. They moved as though they had made an arrangement beforehand. There didn’t seem to be a need for the crime squad member.

Bo Jiu rummaged about. When she found a card bag, her lips lifted. “Her identification card is here.”

Qin Mo took her ID, examining the photo before turning towards the counsellor. As there were students who used fake IDs, he asked him, “Is this Fan Jia?”

The counsellor nodded. “Yes, that is Fan Jia.”

“A real photo?” Bo Jiu lifted her lips into a devilish smile. “She must have run out of fake IDs to be using the real thing.”

Bo Jiu was right, Fan Jia had indeed used up all the fake IDs and could only use her real one. This was the identification she had saved to use for her trip back to the Orange Triangle since the checks during immigration were much more stringent.

But Fan Jia would never have expected that the real Z was the youngster she hated so much. She had wanted to break through to Qin Mo using Bo Jiu but ended up becoming a victim. She hadn’t expected to thoroughly expose herself. There was something else she hadn’t predicted; that Qin Mo would be joining hands with Z.

It wasn’t just Fan Jia. If Director Huang had heard about it, he wouldn’t have believed it as well.

However, Qin Mo was the only one who knew. No one else knew that the youngster standing in front of him, with her lips lifted into that reckless smile, was the hacker the entire world worshipped and was dying to become… Z.

No one in the Fifth Avenue could deal with Z and right at this moment, the youngster pressed her lips tightly as she continued to rummage around.

Qin Mo glanced up at her expression. Her gaze dimmed. In the next second, Qin Mo reached out to hug her and bring her down.

Bo Jiu paused. It felt as though the Almighty was carrying a little kid.

The headmaster was clearly startled, his eyes wide open! They… What were the two of them doing?

The crime squad member knew the importance of the identification card. He reached out to take the ID and was about to report the progress to his team when Qin Mo stopped him. “I will inform Director Huang, wait for his instructions.”

He would definitely abide to Qin Mo’s instructions but reporting to his boss was part of his standard operating procedure. “Young Master Qin, this…”

Qin Mo didn’t waste time, he took out his phone and called Director Huang.

“Hello!” Little Huang barked in frustration. “It’s been so many hours, how can you call after such a long time? The higher-ups have given their orders for the crime squad to settle the case within the next few days or I’ll be held responsible!”

Qin Mo moved his phone further away, tilting his head casually as he waited for Little Huang to finish howling through the phone. When he was done, Qin Mo pulled the phone back, his voice faint and regal. “I found the fake Z.”

Five words that acted as a stimulant, perking Little Huang almost instantly. Little Huang straightened. “Who? Where? I’m coming over right now!”

“You don’t have to,” Qin Mo toyed the identification card in his hand as he remarked. “Who do you have with you right now?”

Little Huang started to panic. “I’m at my desk, who else can there be? Hurry and tell me where you are, we can’t waste any more time.”

“No.” The low and deep voice stopped him.

What did he mean by no? “Why not?” Little Huang frowned deeply. This was a grave matter, they couldn’t afford to waste any time, they had to act swiftly.

Qin Mo glanced over towards the youngster, giving her a signal with his eyes.

Bo Jiu pushed the three men by the entrance outside, slamming the wooden door shut, her actions smooth and fluid. The headmaster was still confused. What was the situation?

Qin Mo watched as the youngster leaned against the door, smiling cheekily at him. He reached out and pointed at her, signaling for her to go out.

Bo Jiu straightened, her expression firm. “I’m guarding the door.”

Qin Mo arched a brow. He seemed to have thought of something as he broke into a smile and resumed his conversation. “Have you forgotten about the mole?”

Director Huang finally understood. “You are afraid the news would spread and the suspect would escape. But if I don’t inform the officers, how are we going to take action?!”

Qin Mo replied, “If there is a mole in the team, all the operations would be meaningless. You should be aware of this.” Qin Mo didn’t try to mask his voice even though he noticed the youngster watching him. The clarity and gleam in her eyes made it hard for him not to be cautious. If it hadn’t been for Sun’s reminder, he might never have realized even until this moment.

Qin Mo averted his gaze as he listened to Director Huang.

Director Huang pranced about. “What do we do? Not taking any action?”

“No.” Qin Mo’s gaze was firm. “Rather than stay in the passive, let’s set a trap for her to fall into.” With that, he played with the identification card in his hand.

Bo Jiu glanced down at the identification card in his hand and in that instant, she knew what he wanted, following the book The Art of War; catching a turtle in a jar. If they were lucky, they could catch two.

As expected, Qin Mo continued, “Don’t let any of the officers below find out but you can inform the higher-ups. According to my knowledge, any big case would be met with the four professionals in order to come up with an answer. You can hold your private meeting and get the four of them over to let them know about the suspect, Fan Jia. She is the mastermind of the Maiden’s Sacrifice and she left behind an important document. With the document, it would be difficult for Fan Jia to leave the country and through this document, we can trace all her identities. But with a mole in our team, it is not wise for this information to be dissipated in fear of the information being spread and for them to attempt a steal. We will be activating the highest level of security, so I hope the four of you will keep this a secret. Next, you let them in on the location.”

Director Huang paused. He wasn’t entirely convinced. “You want to sound them out?”

“We will only know after sounding them out,” Qin Mo replied emotionlessly as though he was discussing the weather. “If the higher-ups don’t screw up, the lower officers will do well,” Qin Mo replied casually but Director Huang was still rather perplexed.

He had thought about the top being corrupted but the thought had always been fleeting and nothing too deep. However, now, Qin Mo had reminded him to go straight to the source.

“I understand, I will inform the four of them right now.” After hanging up, Director Huang didn’t waste a second, immediately calling the four.

The higher-ups had been monitoring the Maiden’s Sacrifice extremely tightly. The four of them and Director Huang were in charge of the case from this side. As they were informed of the suspect, even the busiest of the bunch dropped all his work and headed straight for the meeting area.

At that moment, Director Huang was seated on his leather office chair, talking on the phone with a serious expression. The four of them entered the meeting area at different times.

One of them couldn’t hold his patience anymore and asked, “Don’t you already have a suspect? Why haven’t you given out any orders?”

Director Huang swept him a glance before starting, basically to repeat whatever Qin Mo had told him. “Indeed, confidentiality is necessary in such situations.”

The other person took a step forward. “The enemy will not be alerted if the officers below are not given the order. It is best to act cautiously and in a low profile before we uncover the mole within the department.”

“No, I disagree.” A senior representative from the army was extremely against the idea. “It is good to act cautiously but since we already have a suspect, we should take action soon to cash in on this critical period.”

“Heh, it is just a suggestion, Secretary Zhang. If you don’t agree, we can think through it again but at the end, this is still a case that belongs to the crime squad. Director Huang has the final say regardless of the discussion since every profession has its own specialty.”

In contrast, Director Wang, a former investigation branch officer, agreed with Director Huang.

Little Huang was not seeking their opinion or consensus, it was merely a notification.

After he had informed them of the decision, Director Huang kept the things on hand. “Let’s stick with this, I will protect the items left behind by the suspect, controlling her whereabouts so that she cannot leave the country. Due to the seriousness of the matter, before we leave this room, I request the four of you to keep this a secret. This time, we specifically picked out members from the squad to form a special team. No one knows their operations and there will not be any leakage of information. We already have the suspect’s profile. With her ID with us, it is only a matter of time before Fan Jia is arrested. Her ID will be placed with the exhibit department for analysis and security.” That indicated the end of the meeting.

Director Huang sent the four of them out the door. Once he was the only one left in the room, he took out his phone and dialed a familiar string of numbers. “I have done as you instructed. What do we do now?”

Qin Mo replied faintly, “Wait.”

Just wait? Director Huang couldn’t figure out what he was thinking. “Where are you right now?”

“Downstairs.” Qin Mo meant below the crime squad’s building.

He glanced at the silver-haired youngster with a lollipop in her mouth. It was a light bump yet her actions were swift and her lips lifted. She looked like a wealthy heir. “Admiring a certain someone’s moves.”

“Someone?” Director Huang took a moment to realize who he was referring to. “How can you be flaunting your love in such a critical moment! Qin Mo, everyone knows how smart you are but today, the four that have arrived are all at the top of their field, none of them is dumb and even if there is a mole amongst them, even if you reveal the location of the identification card to them through a meeting, there is a chance they might not retrieve it. They know better than others how to protect themselves. Once the bait is set, the fish may not take it and might make use of the time difference to help the main perpetrator escape. When that happens, we would be left without anything.”

“That won’t happen.” As opposed to Director Huang’s unease, Qin Mo seemed much more at ease as he watched the youngster. When she turned over, he raised a brow. “Are you done?”

Bo Jiu sucked on her lollipop, a hand stuffed into her pocket as she directed an ‘ok’ sign at him along with her characteristic devilish smile.

Planting tapping devices on others wasn’t hard for her, especially when the four of them were in a rush. However, avoiding the bodyguards in suits was a feat, especially after bumping into someone. One of the bodyguards had glared at her with an aggressive stance.

Fortunately, she had changed and was wearing a police uniform. Hence, no one suspected her actions.

Qin Mo smiled, removing his Bluetooth earphone. He held onto the youngster’s hand and pulled her in the Land Rover, without bothering about the stares around them.

He ignored Director Huang from across the phone as he asked, “Why not?”

Qin Mo didn’t have much to say. “Wait a minute.”

Director Huang was speechless. He was the station director!

Having a laptop around at all times was a basic requirement for all successful businessmen.

After Qin Mo had boarded the car, he placed his laptop in the youngster’s hands. “You should know how to locate someone.”

“Of course.” Bo Jiu’s eyes were gleaming when she looked at her laptop. The Almighty had been looking at her with such a deep gaze the past few days it felt as though he knew something. Hence, in order to prevent slipping up, she hadn’t touched electronic products for two days. It was starting to affect her mood.

With their hands on the laptop, the silver-haired youngster placed her long fingers onto the keyboard, a slight lift on her lips. The letter ‘Z’ was reflected in the back mirror!