Chapter 1053 - Peace

Chapter 1053: Peace

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The luxurious sound from the keyboard filled the car as the youngster’s fingers flew across the keyboard. She connected the laptop with the internet through her phone’s hotspot and entered the programming page.

When a chat box appeared, a whole row of codes appeared, forming invisible lines that attacked the various sources.

Director Huang noticed something amiss. He frowned and asked Qin Mo over the phone, “What’s that sound?”

“Laptop,” Qin Mo replied faintly, his bandaged hand falling onto the edge casually.

Director Huang was even more confused. “Laptop?” His pupils faltered. “You brought Fatty?”

Qin Mo paused. After half a second, he replied, “Mmh.”

Across the phone, Director Huang wasn’t sure what to make of the situation.

Qin Mo raised his hand and tapped onto the youngster’s screen, his voice as calm as before. “Play the voice recording to Director Huang’s phone at the same time.”

“Alright.” Bo Jiu smiled, a devilish grin.

Director Huang was still suspicious. “What recording?”

“It’s here.” Bo Jiu pressed the spacebar.

Once the target was zeroed in, she zoomed out and pressed the four red dots that were located in different parts of the map. They were less than a minute driving away from the four-seater sedan.

“That’s not right, Qin Mo, who exactly is beside you!” Director Huang asked in frustration.

Qin Mo didn’t reply to him, zooming in on the map. He pressed the Bluetooth speaker and asked, “Everyone around?”

“Boss, car number one is ready to go.” It was Magician’s voice. He always wore his sunglasses and was driving a full black sports car since such extravagance was also considered a disguise.

“Car number two is ready to go,” the special forces soldier confirmed.

After fixing the location, Bo Jiu glanced over with a raised brow. What exactly was the Almighty planning?

If there was number one and two, there would definitely be a number three and four, which also meant there were four people involved, all of them following the same car.

One minute and twenty seconds; meaning the four red flags hadn’t gone far.

The mole would be feeling frustrated at the moment. Hence, the first one that fails to keep their patience and makes the call would be the most suspicious one.

However, just as Director Huang had mentioned, for them to have gone to such a state meant that they could hold their patience and would not act impulsively.

The red dots on the screen stopped flashing and everyone was waiting. The pure black sports car glided past.

At this moment, Director Huang detected something amiss. “You arranged for the four of them to be followed?”

“Mmh,” Qin Mo replied casually, seemingly unbothered about the entire situation. But Bo Jiu knew how scary his nonchalance really was. When exactly had he planned this?

He had chosen to take action early on.

It wasn’t just the suspects who would be caught off guard, even Director Huang was appalled.

As expected, Director Huang bolted upright. “Where did you find these people? I’m warning you, don’t you dare cause me any trouble! It is a crucial moment, we can’t afford to offend any of them. If they report your name upwards, you are going to be blocked again.”

“Afraid of him?” he asked. His tone was casual and unaffected. Qin Mo hadn’t forgotten to reach out, brushing the stray hair from the youngster’s forehead.

Bo Jiu watched the screen as she worshipped him internally. His arrogance was definitely uniquely his. Brother Mo was as always, ruthless and rich… Wait a minute!

“It’s here.” Bo Jiu moved her fingers, her dark eyes gleaming. This time, it really was coming. She zoomed in on one red dot that sent out a signal.

At this moment, a cold hostility covered Qin Mo’s gaze. This meant that either a call was being made or a call was coming in.

Generally, there shouldn’t be any outside contact after such a private meeting had been held, unless it were business matters. This meant that the person whose phone had a signal was definitely suspicious.

Bo Jiu increased the volume and heard a voice. “Hello.”

Someone had made a call. That made him even more suspicious!

The call went to Director Huang at the same time. Hence, when the ‘Hello’ was heard, Director Huang was the most stressed and panicky. He didn’t wish to see a problem with the top management.

“Stop talking about the past, we are in the present right now so what is the result of the meeting? How do you know we have a meeting today?”

With that, Director Huang felt his throat go dry.

Fortunately, the voice was calm. “I don’t care where you got the information, let me tell you, the content of the meeting isn’t related to the things you collected. Stop calling me and as a basic-level employee, you should be focusing on your work. Stop trying to snoop around. Haven’t you learnt anything from school at all? If anyone ever tells you about such meetings again, pretend you didn’t hear anything. It isn’t safe right now, why aren’t you speeding up the process, are you preparing to lose the hat on your head?”

With that Director Wang caressed his temples. “Who exactly told you about the meeting?”

“That detective, I thought the higher-ups managed to find me…”

With that, he interrupted her. “Wang Chuanlei? How can he tell you such important information? This is preposterous!”

Director Huang started saying, “They aren’t related to the case, the most we can charge them for is revealing confidential information. It seems like the mole isn’t amongst the four of them.”

“That can’t be confirmed.”

“Wait a minute.” The two voices spoke at the same moment.

One of them belonged to Qin Mo and the other Bo Jiu. They paused, before continuing at the same time, “Look into Wang Chuanlei.

“Wang Chuanlei?” Director Huang chuckled. “Stop playing around, he wasn’t agreeable about informing the officers during the meeting, how can there be an issue with someone like him?”

Qin Mo replied faintly, going straight for the gist, “If he is so intent on finding the spy, why did he allow such confidential information to spread?”

Director Huang was stumped because there was no answer to his question.

“When someone’s actions contradict their words, it is a telltale sign of a guilty conscience.” Qin Mo held his chin, the sun rays seeping through the car window onto his handsome features. “That is a fundamental theory in criminal psychology. He managed to stay hidden for such a long time without being detected. This means he isn’t simple and doesn’t act in a straightforward manner. Under normal circumstances, such a person is cautious and acts prudently. If he didn’t possess a certain level of investigative ability, he wouldn’t have leaked crucial information to the criminal during operations. Such a person is highly intellectual, it won’t be easy to see through him. He should have detected the internal checks, which is the reason he averted our intention before the meeting. This person wouldn’t just serve as a distraction. If there is a leak, this person would potentially turn into a scapegoat. You mentioned he was supportive of not informing the officers below because once the officers are alerted, it would be difficult for the criminal to escape. Using this narrow chance to escape is the most professional method.”

Director Huang: … Why did it seem like his intelligence was being mocked?

Bo Jiu bit her lollipop. The reason she had the same thoughts as the Almighty was because that was her usual style of doing things; to divert attention in order to get what she wanted.

Wang Chuanlei was extremely suspicious. There wasn’t any explanation for the call he had made before the meeting. More importantly…

Bo Jiu smirked, zooming in on the red dot. “There’s a signal on Wang Chuanlei’s phone.”

All signals were transmitted through the network, regardless of whether it was a call or electronic text. That was the signal Bo Jiu was monitoring. There was information being transmitted but no signs of a phone call. It wasn’t possible for the tapping device to have failed. Thus, there was only one possibility. “He is sending a text.”

The moment Bo Jiu had finished her sentence, Qin Mo pressed his Bluetooth earphone. “Focus on target one.”


All of a sudden, all four lines zeroed in on one road. If the scene could be captured by a drone, it would definitely look like a scene from a blockbuster action film.

But Wang Chuanlei was completely unaware of this. He avoided the driver’s line of sight as he sent a text. “Regardless of what you do, hurry and go to the borders. I will get someone to send you the documents. The crime squad is preparing a sketch of you, so stay clear of the high-speed rail and the airport. This time, I don’t care what you think or how amazing you think you are, you have to listen to me.”

Wang Chuanlei’s emotions were like a rollercoaster. He had never expected Fan Jia to be exposed.

When he had first heard Fan Jia’s name in the meeting room… His entire heart had faltered.

What exactly was happening? How had the crime squad managed to locate her?

Even though they placed their focus on A University, it was huge. It wasn’t possible to find someone in just a few days.

Besides, Fan Jia had always been smart.

Wang Chuanlei tried to control his expression, afraid the driver could tell something amiss.

But even so, a guilty conscience couldn’t be hidden. Sweat started to drip down his forehead. Fortunately, he had made a call before the meeting. This meant that even if the arrest failed and the news were leaked, no one would know it had come from him.

Wang Chuanlei inhaled deeply, reaching out to tug his tie. Nothing was going to happen as long as he thought through it. Even Director Huang wouldn’t be able to tell a thing…