Chapter 1055 - Untitled

1055 Untitled

“What is it?” At this moment, Fu Zhongyi was willing to do anything to destroy that ingrate because he hated the youngster, who stole everything from him.

Fu Ximing lowered his voice. “I just received a call. The caller told me to approach mom for you to reveal a secret about him, which would ruin big brother’s life.”

Fu Zhongyi tightened his sweat drenched shirt and seemed to have made a decision. “I still have a card with me, we can use it to see your mom.”

“Great,” Fu Ximing replied but deep inside he was smirking. This old geezer was as guarded as ever. If they hadn’t gotten into trouble, he would never have found out about that card.

Both father and son had their reservations but on the outside, they seemed calm and at ease with each other.

Fu Ximing had even volunteered to run a hot bath for Fu Zhongyi for him to take a rest while he went out in search for help. He no longer had the same thoughts as before.

Fu Ximing was clear what he needed to do to destroy that wastrel. When the time came, Fu Zhongyi would be the one with the power. Hence, he had to gain his favor.

Time trickled by.

On the other end, Wang Chuanlei heaved a sigh after receiving Fan Jia’s message. He knew that the crime squad had started the search for the mole and there wasn’t anyone that was safe, including him.

Especially after the meeting today, he was more convinced about the tense situation. Perhaps it was time to wash his hands.

Wang Chuanlei leaned back. He had to leave the country as soon as possible as it was no longer a safe place.

Fortunately, he wasn’t dumb. The crime squad remained stagnant; thus, their methods were the same as ever. That Young Master Qin wasn’t much of a danger either as once Smith had appeared, he lost all his speaking rights.

Wang Chuanlei moved his fingers. He just had to ensure that the checks went smoothly for everything to remain covered. Just as he did to Rao Rong back then.

But he was wrong. Right at that moment, a car made a perfect spin and with a loud honk, it stopped in the middle of the road.

Wang Chuanlei felt a sharp break.

He didn’t have time to delete the text message, his head slamming against the car seat. “What is going on!” Wang Chuanlei’s first reaction was to howl at the driver.

The driver was pressed onto the steering wheel, his face pale as he watched the four sports cars that were slamming their car horns. He stuttered, “In-in front…”

“What is in front?!” Wang Chuanlei straightened as he glanced forward.

There were four men dressed in military uniforms, their features distinct but full of masculinity as they stood in front of the car.

All the cars around them stopped. One of them was carrying a rifle. Only the special forces were allowed to be armed. This meant… They belonged to the special forces!

Wang Chuanlei felt a fear like never before. He grabbed onto the leather seat, his entire body stiffening.

Wait a minute!

He shouldn’t be scaring himself. Perhaps the special forces needed their cooperation.

Even if something went wrong, there wasn’t anything they could do without evidence!