Chapter 1056 - 1056 Handsome

1056 Handsome

In the next second, Wang Chuanlei’s thoughts were dashed because of the car that was behind him.

This car wasn’t as flashy as the sports car but that didn’t affect the formidable pressure it carried. It was actually because of the person that alighted from the car, Qin Mo.

One of his hands was wrapped in a bandage as he stood upright. Behind him were four other sports cars.

Camouflage army uniforms had never been compatible with a suit. But yet, that incompatibility didn’t seem to exist for Qin Mo. Under the sunlight, his hair was dark and black, his back straight and firm, and his eyes deeper than an abyss.

Every single detail indicated that he was a soldier; a soldier of China.

“Are you coming out on your own or do I have to handcuff you?” That was his first line.

Bo Jiu held her face, she sat in the Land Rover and broke into an evil grin.

The Almighty was strong and purposeful but Wang Chuanlei didn’t give up. “You’re using the Qin family’s power to malign me? To arrest me? Qin Mo, you need evidence to arrest someone. I haven’t done anything and yet, you cause such a big commotion. Have you thought about the impact of your actions?” Wang Chuanlei knew he couldn’t leave. The moment he left and was photographed, with the power of the internet, the gossip would haunt him his entire life and ruin his entire political career.

But Qin Mo wouldn’t allow him to remain a coward. He kicked the car, his sharp movements striking it with a loud and crisp thud.

Wang Chuanlei trembled.

Bo Jiu herself felt the fear. But the Almighty… wasn’t as strong before. Perhaps he hadn’t gone all out when they had fought?

It seemed as if she had to re-evaluate his skills to ensure the kidnapping would proceed smoothly.Read more chapter on vipnovel

The commuters on the bus and the passengers in the car all stuck their head out to watch the scene. Many of them were taking photos as well since the scene was so striking and no one knew what was happening. The sudden appearance of the four soldiers was itself a rare sight, it was beyond ravishing.

Qin Mo bent slightly, his uninjured hand leaning onto the front of the car. He lowered himself slightly and glanced at the driver in the front seat, arrogant and regal. “Are you staying in the car with him?”

At this moment, the driver finally realized what was happening. It was definitely related to the person behind him. His legs started to lose strength as he glanced into the rear mirror.

Wang Chuanlei’s face was tight and taut. “Stay! Wait for help!”

“Wait for help?” With that, Qin Mo lifted his left hand and a loud swoosh was heard!

The sniper behind him raised his gun towards the car.

Qin Mo eyed the driver, his voice calm. “I’m going to ask this one last time, are you going to stay in the car with him?”

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” The driver was so frightened, his voice trembled. He shivered as he pushed the door open but his speed wasn’t the least bit affected as he scrambled down the car. He had never seen anyone behave so aggressively.

Wang Chuanlei watched as the car door opened, his entire face paling…