Chapter 1057 - Untitled

1057 Untitled

Once the car door was opened, he lost his protection. Wang Chuanlei, however, believed that he still had a chance.

He sat stationary. “I’m going to say this again, I am not leaving the car. You can shoot if you dare.”

Wang Chuanlei didn’t believe Qin Mo would act so preposterously because they were still in public.

He wasn’t an ordinary person and thus even if he had to be punished, it had to be by someone from the top. Qin Mo didn’t have the authority.

“You blocked my car and pointed a gun at my driver! If there isn’t a good explanation for your actions, Qin Mo, I’m going to make sure you receive the due punishment even if you are General Qin’s son. You probably don’t think much of my rank to have created such a big commotion but you have gone too far. You can shoot at me, I won’t stop you but remember, I didn’t do anything wrong. Do you want to end up in military court?!” Wang Chuanlei shouted shamelessly.

Under normal circumstances, those that committed mistakes would start to fake it in this situation. It was human nature.

It was obvious that some of them were starting to believe his words. Normally when the more powerful party creates such a huge commotion, it was considered abusing their power.

Today, the weaker party was swaying the audience but this had nothing to do with one’s powers. Justice could only be taken back with force.

Qin Mo stood firm as he pulled the car door open, his voice emotionless. “Aren’t you taking me to the military court? Why aren’t you coming down?”

Wang Chuanlei was cornered.

Bo Jiu whistled; the Almighty was so handsome that she simply had to kidnap him.

Wang Chuanlei’s face darkened. He was the one with grievances and yet, he was also the one who wasn’t willing to leave the car.

Qin Mo chuckled but there wasn’t a hint of warmth in his eyes. “You are right about one point, I won’t shoot. Someone like you would dirty my gun. Come down, stop acting like a coward.”




Even though it was a serious situation, Magician had to force back his laughter. Boss’s deadly tongue couldn’t be stopped.

Wang Chuanlei wanted to retaliate. But before he could do so, Qin Mo reached out for Wang Chuanlei’s phone, tossing it towards the smiling youngster.

Bo Jiu glanced down at the phone, a devilish smile spreading across her face. She swiped the screen several times and unlocked it before tossing it back.

Their chemistry was impeccable, words weren’t needed in the entire exchange.

The crowd couldn’t see Bo Jiu’s appearance, they could only see a glimpse of her fair arm. They could tell that there was someone but nothing else could be told. The entire time, Qin Mo stood by her as though he was protecting her from being seen.

Wang Chuanlei felt his heart sink the moment his phone was taken away.

Qin Mo stuffed a hand into his pocket, swiping the screen to tap into the message. He turned the screen around to show Wang Chuanlei the contents. “You shouldn’t be seated here, you should try acting as a two-faced liar. Director Wang, you can air your grievances in prison.”

At that moment, Wang Chuanlei stopped resisting. He slouched down in the backseat. He couldn’t understand how he found out about the contents in his phone…

It was almost as though he was a psychic. Who exactly was it? Who did that? Was it the person in the car?

Wang Chuanlei turned to take a look. But before he could see anything, Qin Mo rolled up the window.