Chapter 1059 - 1059 Your Hands Are for Saving Lives, Mine Are…

1059 Your Hands Are for Saving Lives, Mine Are…

The kiss wasn’t the main priority right now as the second sports car that was about to overtake the Land Rover swerved.

“Wolf, what’s the situation, your f*cking car almost crashed into mine! Watch it, how could you have missed my beautiful sports car? What are you going to do when the enemies force you down on gunpoint?” Magician cherished his car like a second wife.

Wolf was a special forces soldier that had been in the army, navy, and air force. With such an upright mindset… This was the first time he encountered someone like the youngster.

And Boss was actually the one being kissed!

He wanted to probe but he wasn’t the type to gossip. In his heart, a pure man shouldn’t be saying anything! They had to be someone with a story inside.

Magician asked him about his situation.

Wolf swallowed the impending urge to gossip and forced out, “It’s nothing, let’s go.” His hands gripped onto the steering wheel as he fought the urge. He had to be a man; he couldn’t be saying such things!

Their battle today wasn’t a sure win. It wasn’t as flashy as others said either. Instead, it was hidden amidst the everyday life while Jiang City continued on as usual.

The public bus stopped at its allocated stop.

As the day was heating up, the cars couldn’t be entered immediately. Thus, the train was the best transport tool. But Fan Jia couldn’t take the train because if there were cameras in the ticketing area, it could be used as evidence.

Qin Mo hadn’t been wrong; Fan Jia chose to take the cab.

She made the cab drive around the area once and almost arrived back at the original spot. She had chosen the bustling KFC as a meeting point. They had exchanged photographs to recognize the other. The person she had asked out arrived earlier than her and was already waiting.

Fan Jia didn’t enter immediately, studying the area beforehand. After making sure there weren’t any police officers in plain clothes, she broke into a breezy smile.

Regardless of how amazing the crime squad was, they wouldn’t be able to find someone she had chosen randomly.

“Did you wait long?” Fan Jia maintained her usual lovable and friendly image and sat right down with a cup of coca cola in her hand.

It was a female; she wasn’t old but had a mature way of thinking. When she saw how Fan Jia was behaving, she felt a need to tell her everything she knew.

“I don’t understand their persistence,” she started in an exasperated tone. “The case is going on forever and at such a huge scale. My Almighty’s case is the same, how can they accuse her of plagiarism? Isn’t the case still ongoing? Having the same plot doesn’t mean she plagiarized! Are they trying to say books with similar plots are all plagiarized? I was a fan of both books but now, look at how it turned out. I’m sincerely affected by all of this.”

Fan Jia shook her head. “I’m not sure of it either.”

“Forget it, what help do you need?” She smiled. “Don’t worry, we’re all rooting for you.”

Fan Jia glanced up towards a few patrons who seemed to be looking in her direction. She wore back her cap and continued, “I got you a cup of cola, have it while I explain the situation.”

“Mmh, sure.” After taking a gulp, she felt refreshed since it was such a hot day.

Fan Jia chuckled, whispering some words into her ear.

The girl started to falter but no one could tell that in the next moment, she didn’t even know how she stood up.

Fan Jia brought her forward, her left hand on her shoulder. The girl sneezed several times until Fan Jia brought her into a cab. She started to regain consciousness. “Are we going somewhere?”

“We’re going to sing karaoke.” Fan Jia dragged her words. “You can take a nap if you’re tired, I’ll wake you up when we reach.”

As if on cue, her eyelids started to droop. In less than a minute, she fell asleep. Under such circumstances, the cab driver wouldn’t find anything amiss.

Fan Jia took out a wad of cash, directing the cab driver to another town.

The town was small but was near the ocean and had many illegal immigrants. Most importantly, it wasn’t far. It wouldn’t be long before she successfully left the borders.

In order to ensure nothing went wrong, she got herself a hostage and was holding a time bomb in one hand. Attaching the time bomb onto her would buy her some time for the escape.

Fan Jia dragged her towards a building that was being demolished. There wasn’t any work being done on the roof, which was where she began preparing the scene.

The girl’s phone suddenly rang. It was her mother.

Fan Jia wanted her plans to be known hence, she picked up the call without hesitation. However, she hadn’t expected the familiar deep voice. “You’re Fan Jia, right?” It was a noble and calm voice without a hint of warmth.

Fan Jia tightened her grip. She had never expected the call to be from him. How did the crime squad manage to find her?

Fan Jia was completely caught off guard.

Unbeknownst to her, there was a silver-haired youngster beside Qin Mo. In that instant, rows of codes appeared. She tapped the lines and started her hunt. Her fingers flew across the keyboard as she utilized the way of thought she had ingrained since young.

Ever since Bo Jiu had been a month old, she had gone through the ancient tradition of picking out an item. She had gripped onto a keyboard and had subsequently broken into an ATM machine. These had all been signs of her natural hacker instincts. From then on, the Hacker world had been bestowed with the strongest master.

With a tap of the space bar, she zeroed in on the location! Bo Jiu glanced up towards Qin Mo, giving him an okay sign. She took less than twenty seconds.

Fan Jia’s face started to darken as the ways of escape ran through her mind.

When her gaze fell on the time bomb beside her, she started to calm down. “What if it’s me? Since you managed to track her down, you should know she is now a hostage. The latest model time bomb, a grand gift after three years. I’m going to leave the phone here, it’s also for her parents to see how their daughter is going to look at the last moment of her life. Ah, right, I have something else to tell you, she is also one of the accomplices from the Maiden’s Sacrifice. Alright, it’s time for you to make a decision, are you going to catch me, the real culprit or are you going to save the accomplice?”

The girl’s mother was listening to the entire conversation. When she heard that last line, she lost all signs of sanity, gripping onto Qin Mo’s arm. “I beg you, please save my daughter, I’m begging you.”

Qin Mo held the phone, and as per normal procedure, it was on speaker.

Fan Jia definitely heard the pleas even though it wasn’t loud. “Seems like her parents are there as well. How are you going to choose?”

Bo Jiu sucked on her lollipop, watching as Qin Mo’s injured hand started to tighten. She reached out and held onto his fingers, her eyes dark.

The girl’s mother held onto her face and continued, “I beg you, please save my daughter.”

“You aren’t saying anything, it seems like you don’t wish to save her.” Fan Jia took another step forward. “It isn’t a cheap phone, Apple. She had been flaunting about it on the internet but from my investigations, she doesn’t come from a wealthy family. Her mother sure is pitiful, without power, she can only watch her daughter die.”

The girl’s mother reached forward to snatch the phone, glaring at Qin Mo with hatred as though he was an evil criminal.

Bo Jiu paused. Before she could say anything, Qin Mo ordered, “Where is the location? Prepare to take action.”

The girl’s mother lowered her guard and started to beg the others beside her. “You heard him, he chose to save my daughter, you heard it!”

Fan Jia wasn’t interested in the old woman’s words and hung up.

In that instant, the room fell silent.

Qin Mo stood up, turning towards the mother with her aging hair, his voice slow and steady. “Just half a month ago, your daughter supported an author that plagiarized. The original author’s mother is older than you, she stood outside the courtroom with her daughter’s ashes. The case is still ongoing, do you know why? Because there are many accomplices like your daughter around.”

The mother froze, her eyes tearing up. She watched the strong back turn to leave and wanted to say more but the words were stuck.

Bo Jiu watched the handsome face for a moment. In the end, she didn’t enter the car. Instead, she slammed the door shut and leapt over the car smoothly towards the car on the other side.

Before she left, she said, “Your hands are for saving lives, mine are…”

Qin Mo didn’t hear the end of the sentence clearly. When he pushed open the car door, all he saw was the youngster’s back view gliding into the alley.

In the alleys located in the old part of Jiang City were old grandfathers using the most ancient methods to shave hair with a washing basin, shaving knife, and white towel. One grandfather smoked a cigarette. It was the carefree and suave lifestyle of the hairstylist in old Jiang City.

However, they hadn’t expected to see someone cooler than them. Bo Jiu glided past, grabbing onto their shaver as she shouted, “Sir, I’m going to borrow this.”

With a lift of her fingers, she seemed to have tossed something over. She took two long strides before lifting herself onto a wall. Her left arm was reaching for a corner of the wall before she landed smoothly on the other side.

The old grandfather was blown away, mainly because she had accurately aimed for his palms. A pack of cigarettes?

“Mmh, this kid isn’t bad, he looks good too.” The grandpa chuckled as he commented. “He can climb fences well too.”

The stylist wanted to curse. “But he can’t just take my shaver for a pack of cigarettes! Besides, I’m only fifteen, how can he call me Sir!” His voice echoed throughout the alley.

When Bo Jiu landed, she steadied herself with her hands and stuffed the shaver into a small gap between her pants and her skin, the weapon bringing her a sense of security.

She hadn’t been able to keep a knife due to the Almighty’s tight watch and it had taken a toll on her confidence.

She glanced up and bumped straight into a kid on his skateboard. He had witnessed her stuffing the razor blade between her pants. Was that guy crazy?

“Hey, brother.” Bo Jiu has always warmed up to others easily. She walked forward and placed her hands over his shoulder.

The little boy coughed, replying comfortably, “Uncle, who is your brother?”

Bo Jiu: … How did a millennial like her look like an uncle!

“Let’s make a deal, Handsome.” Bo Jiu lowered her body.

The boy arched a brow. “Handsome is good. Alright, what deal?”

“I’ll exchange my wallet for your skateboard.” Bo Jiu chuckled.

The boy sized him up. “Do I look poor? Stop trying to corrupt me with your dirty thoughts. How much are you willing to pay?”

“I’ll leave my entire wallet here, I’ll be back later to take it back,” Bo Jiu replied and with a flash, she stepped onto his skateboard and propelled herself forward. After stabilizing, she straightened suavely and made a smooth turn, leaving the boy in awe.

When the boy finally regained his senses, he tapped his brain. “Wait a minute! Uncle, what’s your name!”

Bo Jiu didn’t turn back. She bent and zoomed through the long alley.

As for the route she was going to take, that was easy because that particular position only led to one town: the one beside the ocean!

As a criminal, Bo Jiu knew how important geographical locations were.

She glanced down at the time on her phone as the skateboard glided past the uneven terrains towards the main road.

Right at this moment, all the warmth disappeared from Qin Mo’s eyes.

“Release the criminal’s video, put up roadblocks on road no. 1174 towards Yi Town. Wolf, Magician, go over. The others will follow me to the city center.”


Once again, the four sports cars separated. But unlike before, there wasn’t a driver in the Land Rover. Qin Mo was alone. The steering wheel turned, the car sliding past multiple cars smoothly, stopping in front of a partially demolished building.

Fan Jia was no longer around. And she had taken a remote control with her. Other than the timer, she could make other alterations through the remote control. She wasn’t going to let it end so easily.

She wanted Qin Mo to be in pain. She wanted to obtain him and first, she would have to destroy his belief.

Hence, Fan Jia wasn’t worried about being located since there wasn’t anyone else other than Qin Mo who could find her.



When she heard that two beeps, she still wasn’t sure what was happening to the girl on the roof.

The moment the girl opened her eyes, she was still slightly out of sorts but when she saw the thing tied to her body, she started to feel afraid.

She started to struggle but wasn’t able to free herself. “Save me, save me!”

The door slammed open. Qin Mo held a metal pole in one hand while the other was still tightly bound in the bandage.

When he walked over, the girl finally stopped shouting, her face drenched in tears. She recognized him through the esports battles and thus exclaimed, “Almighty Qin.”

Qin Mo swept her a glance, his voice frosty. “If the person I love the most is even the least bit injured because of you, I’ll send you straight to prison tomorrow.”