Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Almighty Qin Got Out of the Car to Grab Jiu Directly

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Xue Yaoyao didn’t accept the invitation from her idol at first. Honestly, she had never played tennis at a professional tennis court. It must be expensive.

Plus, her figure wasn’t great at all, so she surely would be treated as a freak at such an occasion.

Perhaps Fu Jiu realized her worries, because she added with a distressed smile, “Don’t worry, you won’t be getting on the court. Just play some games on my laptop for me on the side. The key is to teach you some gaming tricks while I’m with you.”

The truth was that the young man realized that she didn’t have a cell phone.

Because of his gentleness and consideration, he didn’t say anything to her.

When they were talking out of the school, the young man had ‘his’ black school bag on one side of ‘his’ shoulder as he walked on the side of the road, looking extremely handsome.

It was drizzling outside at that time.

Fu Jiu didn’t have her umbrella, so her silver hair was damp, making her face seem even more delicate.

The black earring that she was wearing, when paired with that light smile of hers, became a powerful weapon to get any girl in a second.

“Fu Jiu, can you wait for a second?”

Suddenly, a blushing girl appeared in front of Fu Jiu. She was pushed forward by her two girl friends, and her cheeks were burning. “A good movie is coming out today. Can I invite you to watch it with me?”

Fu Jiu laughed and after a ‘Hmm,’ she answered, “I’m kinda busy today, sorry.”

It felt bad to be rejected. Although she already knew that Fu Jiu wouldn’t go, but that girl still dropped her head down, and her hand clasping the movie tickets was trembling. “Then, then, you go do your thing.”

Fu Jiu saw her pale fingertips, and she raised her left hand. She pushed her the girl’s hair behind her ears and curled up her lips. “It’s raining, go home. Don’t get sick.”

Suddenly those three girls were all pumped up!

The girl, who was touched by Fu Jiu, felt warmth she had never felt before!

And that was Their Highness Jiu! He was so gentle even when he was rejecting people!

Qin Mo rolled down the window and saw that scene. He was sitting in the backseat with his legs crossed. A business laptop was on his lap, and he seemed to have just finished a video conference.

He was originally going to light a cigarette. His left hand was playing with the limited-edition silver lighter, but it paused when he saw the young man outside of his car. His already deep eyes became even deeper and turned cold.

“CEO Qin, you want to drive up more?” The driver cautiously asked because he thought that he had made a mistake.

Qin Mo closed the lighter with a “pa” sound and directly opened the car door. He threw at the driver the words, “No need,” and just walked straight to the young man.

The autumn rain in northern China was often freezing, so Qin Mo was dressed differently today. He was wearing a black double-button coat with fox fur lining the collar outside of his sharp suit. Every inch of him exhibited an aura of domineering royalty, and that perfectly handsome face attracted countless eyes and attention in the span of a few seconds!

Before the people at the gate could scream his name out, he extended his arm and dragged the young man toward himself by his collar. He flashed a cold smile that was not a smile. “Did you forget what you promised me?”

As the strong force pulled on her, Fu Jiu was unfairly accused of cheating. When she turned around, her silver hair stood up, and her eyes beautifully sparkled. “Brother Mo, you got it wrong. I was the one who got flirted with this time.”