Chapter 1060 - Untitled

1060 Untitled

“Boss.” The special forces soldier walked over, sensing the abnormality in his Young Master.

The girl was frightened, she didn’t understand what Almighty Qin had said and the thought made her increasingly worried. She started to sob.

Qin Mo knelt down, glancing at the timebomb.

“Boss, this model isn’t easy to denote and once ignited, it will affect the surrounding roads. Should we wait till we have the professional equipment?”

There wasn’t enough time. “Give me the military knife.” Qin Mo reached out and added, “And leave.”

He was going to detonate the bomb?

The soldier didn’t move, he knew of his boss’s ability but it was too dangerous, he couldn’t let his boss stay here alone.

Qin Mo glanced up, his voice calm. “Leave.”

“Boss, I’ll do it,” the soldier replied.

Qin Mo glanced up at him. “Who do you think can detonate this faster?”

The soldier remained silent.

Qin Mo glanced over. His fingers slid downwards as his hair flew with the wind. “I’m going to say this once more, leave.”

The girl was still crying. “Save me, save me, you can’t leave, save me.”

This was probably how selfish people were. They weren’t willing to be alone in the face of danger.

The special forces soldier tightened his fists. If his Boss was going to die here because of such a person, he was going to give up his uniform and leave the force.

“I’ll leave.” Obeying orders was his duty.

The girl whined. “Why is he leaving, he’s wearing an army uniform, shouldn’t he stay and save me?”

The phone was still on video call. This meant the entire scene would be streamed on the internet.

Her words struck a chord, hatred spreading through Qin Mo’s eyes. With a sharp flick, the military knife in his hand slid past the girl’s hair and went straight towards the wooden block behind her.

The girl was thoroughly frightened, staring at him in fear and with tears streaming down her face in silence.

Qin Mo spoke, “It is less than five minutes from the time this will ignite. You wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t chosen to help the criminal. And now you’re asking someone who guards our borders to sacrifice his life for you? That is my soldier, I’m not willing to sacrifice him. If you wish to live, I will save you but let me make this clear, I’m not doing this willingly. If you say another word, we’ll both die here.”

The girl finally quietened.

The special forces soldier didn’t leave, he stood by the door in wait. Denoting the timebomb was a gamble. They had to win. He knew why his boss wanted to take such a risk. The bomb would cause a circle of destruction with a radius up to 500m.

Even the best bomb specialist required peace to think but the girl continued to be distracting.

Qin Mo lifted his arm to match the timing.

His bandaged left arm trembled slightly; the military knife drawn. Under the warm evening glow, there was only determination and calmness on his face.

At 5pm, Fan Jia watched the video a while more before locking her phone. She wouldn’t allow Qin Mo to die since obtaining him was her goal.

Besides, her main focus was to board the ship. Once she entered the high seas, it wouldn’t be easy for anyone to catch her.

From the moment she had alighted the taxi, there was faint hint of a smile lurking at the edge of her lips.

Halfway through, she saw the roadblocks. Fortunately, those blocks were set up after she passed the tollbooth.

The taxi driver was commenting the entire time, “I wonder what happened, there are so many roadblocks around today.”

“Yeah…” Fan Jia pretended to be pitiful. “It looks rather frightening.

The driver expressed his concern. “A girl like you travelling alone should really be careful, this isn’t a safe area.”

“I understand.” Fan Jia lowered her head to pass him the payment. Right at that moment, she lifted her hand, the knife hidden in her palms going straight for his throat.

The driver reached out to grab his throat, his eyes opened wide as he tried to shout for help.

Fan Jia wiped her hands, not a hint of emotion on her face. She pushed the driver off the car and took over the driver seat, driving another long stretch forward before stopping.

She stopped near the pier. Fan Jia killed the driver to protect herself and to distract the police, buying herself some time. They would definitely prioritize a murder case and the distraction would be enough for her to board the ship.

The pier was huge and Qin Mo wasn’t available to locate her.

Very quickly, Fan Jia heard a scream. As predicted, a few of the officers patrolling the area went straight towards the scream and no one bothered about the illegal immigrants.

It wasn’t easy to control small towns due to the lack of manpower. Moreover, the villagers were relying on trade to make a living. If it were eradicated, they would lose their main source of income. Hence, the controls in the area weren’t as tight. That was the reason Fan Jia chose this town.

With a gap in communication, it wouldn’t be easy to pinpoint the area that went wrong.

A murder would attract crowds. And that was the best time for her escape.

Fan Jia was still wearing the clothes she had on from school, with a suitable pair of spectacles, which made her look all the more innocent and helpless. No one would suspect a girl like her in such a moment.

Fan Jia glanced down. If anyone were to pay attention, they would detect the malice within her seemingly innocent smile.

Beep, beep.

The timebomb was a minute away from the explosion.

Qin Mo turned to the side. Just as he was debating between the red and blue wires, he paused slightly, a golden wire appearing from inside. The golden wire was hidden deep inside and couldn’t be detected easily.

Fan Jia retracted her gaze, she wasn’t too bothered even if he managed to detonate the bomb since her final goal was to escape.

Fan Jia lifted her backpack, a loving smile on her face as she walked forward.


The military knife was lowered and the timer went off the moment Qin Mo slashed the golden wire.

The girl froze up before breaking down.

The moment he stood up, his uninjured arm moved forward, fastening a pair of handcuffs over her wrist.

Once her life was no longer under danger, the girl’s attitude shifted. “Almighty Qin, what are you doing? Who gave you the right to handcuff me? You…”

Without a second glance, Qin Mo reached for his phone and attempted to call the youngster.

No one picked up.

The special forces soldier wanted to head over when Qin Mo took large strides down the stairs.

The girl didn’t allow him to leave. “Who gave you the rights to handcuff me!”

“Get lost.” Qin Mo’s patience had reached its limits.

The girl wanted to whine but Qin Mo smashed the metal door, heading down in lighting speed. The only time the special forces soldier had seen him in such a state had been three years ago when they had been executing a mission at the borders.

He seemed to have forgotten the injury on his wrist.

The car drove past the unpaved road.

The special forces soldier pressed his earphones. “Locate boss and follow him.”

What happened for their calm young master to have forgotten his orders?

The special forces soldiers had to send the hostage away. The girl wasn’t cooperative, she continued to question him, demanding an explanation for handcuffing her.

The special forces soldier couldn’t handle her, passing it over to Magician.

Magician chuckled but there was no warmth in his eyes. “What’s the rush? We will give you an explanation. When it happens, bring your mom along and all of your schoolmates, let them ask why you were willing to help a criminal escape.”

“How can you call her a criminal without any evidence.” The girl smirked. “Please do some work before making your claims.”

Magician arched a brow. “Who do you think you are? We won’t be showing anything to you. Saving someone like you is the biggest insult in my career but what can I do? Following Young Master means I have to follow the rules, you should be glad we are wearing the uniform.”

When had it been?

He had brought him back from the borders. Even though they were of similar age, he had stood tall and upright in his army uniform. “I have to bring you back because you are a Chinese.”

The Young Master today hadn’t changed at all even though he had put his gun down. The next time he picked it up, it was still to protect.

Magician didn’t think he was suited for a city like this since there were people with such chilling thoughts and actions.

The pervert that specialized on human psychology had once said, “Fortunately, it was Young Master, if it was anyone else, they would have shifted after multiple disappointments.”

“it’s probably his nature.”

“No.” That pervert had chuckled. “That isn’t all, I discovered another secret.”


“Young Master once said, she wouldn’t be able to find him if he changed. Because she needed his discipline sometimes. If she continued to sink into the depths of her little keyboard, she might lose her direction and eventually herself. Before that, he would have to persist and remain the same.”

He had asked who she was but that pervert hadn’t known. Those were the words Young Master had said during his psychological treatment. Young Master hadn’t spoken of it ever since.

Sometimes, putting in effort wasn’t hard. What was hard was putting in effort to save someone who wasn’t worth the effort. But that was also typical for the Chinese soldier. Regardless of what happened, through the doubts and disappointments, they would always walk in front, doing what was right. That was their duty and the road they chose.

Some would say that they were fortunate to be Chinese, there was never a need to fear terrorism. There would always be people coming forth to take responsibility.

Humans are indeed strange. We direct our hatred towards those who stand up from injustice and give kindness to the evil. Fortunately, there is justice, because of the passion that lies deep within us. That is a flame that would never be extinguished.

How many of them paid attention to the criminal after reading the news?

In the Judicial Court, it was the third trial for a particular case. This time, the mother was dressed neatly, in her best clothes. She had even worn a jade bangle that was gifted by her daughter.

She faced the day in her best. It wasn’t because she didn’t hurt. She hadn’t given up even after losing so much weight as she didn’t wish for others to blame her actions on money. She stood firm in the face of such allegations. She wasn’t giving up regardless of the outcome.

It hadn’t been long since her daughter’s death but she remained persistent, never giving up until justice had been served.

Fan Jia could see through a person’s heart but she would never have predicted the persistence and strength a powerless mother could have for her daughter. That aside, it was less likely for her to have expected someone other than Qin Mo to catch her.

Time trickled by slowly and a crowd formed near the crime scene. Passersby stopped to have a peak. They were often startled by the bloodied grass and ordinary folks would take a detour but there were some who weren’t ordinary.

A tall figure alighted there, standing tall and firm. Below her feet was a skateboard, her shadows lengthening on the graveled road. When the wind blew, a golden glow cast down on her short hair, her black diamond earing gleaming in the sun rays.

She watched for a while, deliberating. Then she made a turn and headed for a different direction.

There were many people crossing the oceans at this hour as there was an island not far from the pier. The islanders would always yearn to head back home.

Fan Jia walked over, discussing the murder case with the people beside her, who were having a fierce discussion. That helped to divert the attention off her.

One of the middle-aged women started, “The people nowadays are so unpredictable, completely unlike how we were before. At least we knew our limits and what shouldn’t be done but now, you just have to act pitiful after stealing guns to be rid of trouble. I hope they find the murderer soon.”

A glint of malice flashed past her eyes. As the boat was about to arrive, she couldn’t afford to expose herself at this moment. Once the boat was here, she could toss all of them down the boat, for them to drown to death. After some time.

At this moment, even a minute was excruciating to Fan Jia. Even though everything was going well, she still wanted to leave early.

Finally, she could hear the boat’s arrival.

The boat was long and rectangular in shape, it looked similar to the boats used in the Golden Triangle, which was slightly different from the usual speed boats.

Such ocean-going boats were extremely fast. Once they had all boarded, no one could catch her.

It wouldn’t be long before she returned to the Golden Triangle and the next time she came back, she would be unstoppable.

The motor from the boat grew louder by the second. There were already people boarding to avoid the scorching sun. When it was finally her turn, she kept her knife, a small smile spreading across her face. It was time to celebrate.

But the moment she boarded the boat…