Chapter 1061 - 1061 The Suave Jiu

1061 The Suave Jiu

A loud swoosh was heard!

From a staircase not far away, an object flew over. If Fan Jia hadn’t taken a step back at the last moment, it would have landed on her face and that big object would have injured her.


Bo Jiu made a turn, allowing the others to have a good look on her face.

A skateboard?

Fan Jia’s eyes dimmed, her hands tightening into fists. Before anyone could react, the person on the staircase flipped, heading through the crowd smoothly. She stepped onto the rocks at the side and made a second turn, her movements fluid and suave.

She moved against the light.

Fan Jia could vaguely make out her appearance, Bo Jiu’s striking silver hair landing with the sea breeze. She wore a black mask as she headed straight towards her.

The youngster made a sharp turn, her maroon t-shirt floating lightly with her action, exposing a stretch of fair skin on her waist, the exquisite curve a nourishing sight.

Who was that?

Fan Jia narrowed her eyes but still couldn’t make out her appearance. But she knew she was definitely after her. Her fingers tightened, grabbing the middle-aged woman beside her before pushing her violently.

“Ah!” A sharp scream echoed through the pier.

“Someone fell into the sea!” The entire pier was in a state of flurry.

Fan Jia knew escaping wasn’t going to be easy, regardless of who it was. She glanced over at the people around her, the fear in their eyes were clear. She hid in the boat, acting afraid. “It’s the murderer, hurry, hurry everyone, let’s go!”

Under such circumstances, the person with a paler complexion would be pitied and showered with sympathy. Ever since the beginning of time, the aggressive were less favored. In contrast, those that acted pitiful would be shield by their exterior regardless of their inner emotion.

The crowd started to look at Bo Jiu in a different light. As she was wearing a mask, she seemed more like a suspicious person. The remaining people on the pier avoided the youngster like the plague, hurrying up the boat.

The boat wasn’t big and had only a small deck.

“Hurry and start the boat!” Fan Jia shouted.

Everyone was afraid. The crew members started to start the boat subconsciously!

The entire scene was a mess.

Bo Jiu watched as the boat sailed off, her eyes diming. She moved her fingers, the razor blade from the alley before in her hands. She heaved herself to the side, avoiding the crowd towards the sea.

The boat sounded three times. Even though the ignition had started, time was required before the boat moved.

Bo Jiu made use of that time gap. She flew down, smashing onto the deck.

The people on the boat grabbed whatever they could get their hands on. Survival was a natural instinct but cowardice was also a natural instinct. One of them grabbed onto a metal pole but didn’t dare to swing it, tossing it at Bo Jiu.

He aimed the pole at the youngster’s head.

The youngster tilted her head, her legs turning to grab hold of the pole. She stood up fluidly, her movements so swift it could barely be seen. Bo Jiu stood there, her left hand wounded from the blade she threw, fresh blood flowing down her fingers. She held onto the metal pole with her red hand, her handsome face concealed by her black mask. With her black earrings, red t-shirt, and silver hair, she looked very much like a big bully in high school.

The crowd made way for her instinctively, probably out of fear. Some of the crowd were calling the police while others screamed in fear.

Bo Jiu didn’t bother about any of them, she was focused on Fan Jia, who was running to the edge of the boat.

Again, it wasn’t a big boat and thus Fan Jia could only make use of the people on the boat. Her innocent facade faded away and she grabbed the nearest person, using her as hostage. Fan Jia held a knife against the person’s throat, a sinister air clouding her gaze.

The girl being held hostage opened her eyes wide, all the color wiped off her face. She glanced over at Bo Jiu with fear and plea in her eyes.

Bo Jiu stilled.

An all too familiar expression. It was so familiar it stopped her dead in her tracks.

Z, don’t allow yourself to turn all black.

Bo Jiu tightened her grip, veins protruding from her knuckles. The metal pole trembled lightly, her restrained obvious.

“Little Jiu, do you know why your code name is Z?”

Little Jiu had watched the tomb and had shaken her head. Back then, she didn’t have an idea.

“Zero. You need to remember you should be zero, without restraint and not influenced by darkness because you have always been standing amidst the darkness.”

Bo Jiu glanced up. Fan Jia stood at the edge of the boat. She was no longer wearing her spectacles, an ill-fitted evil grin spreading across her lovable face.

“Don’t come over, you should be able to see how tender her skin is.” Fan Jia inched her fingers forward.

Another shrill scream pierced through the air.

Bo Jiu stood there, allowing the wind to ruffle her hair.

“Who are you?” Fan Jia bit down on her teeth. She had to know who forced her to such a state.

Bo Jiu glanced up, the black earing in her ear catching the light and forming a gleam. “What do you think?”

The moment she heard those words, a memory flashed past her. “Z. Are you Z?”

“You have been impersonating me the entire time, should I be praising you for recognizing me?” Bo Jiu remained carefree and relaxed but her eyes glanced around, taking in the surroundings.

Fan Jia smirked. “So, it’s you, your name came in handy, all those that supported me didn’t care if I was the real Z. You couldn’t bear allowing me to steal your light?”

“My light?” Bo Jiu smiled meaningfully. “I’m not interested in the support of those immoral people, you can take them if you desire.”

The light in Fan Jia’s eyes dimmed. “Arrogant as usual, you better place the metal pole down or I’m going to kill her. Since you’re here, I’m going to blame it on you.”

“That’s why dad always said being bad is easier.” Bo Jiu tapped the edges of the boat twice with a loud banging sound before directing it at Fan Jia, her movements swift and fluid. She radiated an imposing aura but yet, there was a smile in her voice. “Do you think I’m like Qin Mo, forced to make a decision? Don’t forget, I’m a criminal just like you.”

Fan Jia’s face changed. She hadn’t expected Z to throw that at her. She watched as the youngster walked towards her, her anxiety increasing with each step the youngster took.

The girl being held hostage started to tear, she remained silent but under her eyes, she seemed to be cursing. She watched the youngster that might save her.

Her pupils started to waver, her survival at risk. Seeing how having a hostage wasn’t helping, she started to steer her thoughts elsewhere. Fan Jia moved, removing something.

In that short instance, Bo Jiu raised the metal pole and tossed it straight at Fan Jia.

In order to avoid the impact, Fan Jia had to release her hostage.

The girl was about to smash into the edge of the boat.

Her eyes were shut but in just seconds, just when everyone assumed the youngster would continue her attack, she turned, reaching out her injured left hand to grab onto the girl. With a tug, she pulled the hostage!

The youngster curled, her back hitting the deck.

The girl watched the youngster in disbelief. When she caught sight of the youngster’s bleeding arm, her eyes clouded. Before she could thank her, the youngster had already stood up and was rushing into the distance.

However, Fan Jia had already widened the distance between them.

There was a small sea boat heading in her direction but there was a fisherman on the boat. It wouldn’t be hard for Fan Jia to deal with them though.

The moment she jumped over, she kicked the fisherman into the water.

Bo Jiu wanted to jump over but the next second, she froze.

Fan Jia steered the boat rudder and chuckled. “I guess there’s a difference between criminals, you aren’t as ruthless as I am, Z.”

The sea separated them.

Bo Jiu watched Fan Jia from the edge of the boat.

Fan Jia’s laughter thickened. “I have a parting gift for you, a time bomb. Are you coming to get me or are you staying behind to save those people? Seems like you can only choose the latter.”

Bo Jiu glanced down. She widened her legs as she watched the bomb. She glanced up and watched Fan Jia.

“Isn’t Z good at everything? But detonating a bomb requires tools and you have already used your knife to prevent the boat from leaving the pier. The metal pole from before was also used to save those people. Z, let me give you some advice, you should focus on being a criminal, why would you want to save lives? It’s hypocritical.” With that, Fan Jia moved the boat, moving the little sea boat away.

Bo Jiu glanced back at the people behind her. They watched her helplessly, tears brimming from their eyes.

She turned towards Fan Jia; she wasn’t far yet.

Suddenly, a little boy appeared in front of her eyes. “Do you know what a Chinese soldier is? Even though they can see the darkness ahead, they would continue to march on and tear it up for the light to come in.”

Bo Jiu retracted her long legs and knelt down, focusing on the time bomb in front of her.

It was obvious that Fan Jia hadn’t given her much time. From the looks of the time, she must have been prepared for Z to die here. There was less than thirty seconds.

Beep, beep.

The beeping came in with the breeze. Every second was a tug in their hearts. Helplessness and despair started to weigh down on the boat.

There was a mother and child on the boat. The mother was carrying him in a wooden basket on her back while he wailed.

Bo Jiu retracted her gaze. Fan Jia was right, she didn’t have any tools with her. She narrowed her eyes, gauging the impact of the bomb.

It was a miniature bomb. It didn’t have a massive impact but could kill at least half the people on the vessel.

The stronger ones that could swim had already jumped off the boat. Those that remained were housewives.

Bo Jiu gripped her fists, as she contemplated. She lowered herself and removed the red shirt from her body. At this moment, she was left with the white tank top and cloth that bound her chest.

Her silver hair was slightly matted from the seawater.

All eyes were on the youngster as she lowered herself, the curves on her back alluring. She wrapped her shirt around the bomb and grabbed items from around over, with a sweep of her long leg, she shouted, “Stand back!”



The last five seconds.

The youngster used a metal piece to shield her chest as she focused her strength on her legs. A loud rumble pierced through the air as a huge force came crashing down into the ocean, sending waves and shocks in the water.

The force went straight for the youngster’s body.


The youngster spat a mouthful of blood before crashing into the waters! Waves spread in all directions.

From afar, Fan Jia turned towards the sound, a smile spreading across her face. Z, let’s see how you survive this. Such a fool, and yet you dream of saving lives. You don’t even remember your fear of water and yet you want to be a hero?

Fan Jia turned the steering wheel, adding more speed. She was aiming to disappear into the distance.

After the explosion, the crowd experienced a moment of deafness. Broken shards were still flying from the impact, amidst the flame was a faint glimpse of bloodied shirts.

Injury was inevitable from such an explosion.

Fortunately, the boat wasn’t completely destroyed, the survivors could wait for help. Everyone survived even though they were exhausted.

Many of them were tearing up.

The only exception was a youngster. He had a mask over his face and was removing his shirt.

There was a moment of silence. The crowd looked at each other, not knowing what to say. Or perhaps, nothing they said was right. It wasn’t right to treat that person as a criminal. The person who wasn’t able to identify the criminal was wrong. It was impossible not to feel guilty.

The girl touched her bloodied hands as she watched the seawater, tears streaming down her face. She wanted the youngster who had sacrificed herself without hesitation to come back.