Chapter 1062 - 1062 Survivor

1062 Survivor

The flames continued to burn as the water started to form waves.

The mother carried her child from the basket, instructing him to clench both hands together as she was doing.

The Heavens must have heard their prayers because a sudden gust of wind blew and the silver-haired youngster held onto a piece of wood, emerging from the seawaters.

As long as she held on, there was a chance at survival. As the sea was denser than normal water, it was easier to float even for those who couldn’t swim. It wasn’t a miracle. Bo Jiu was taking a gamble, if she won, she could grab hold of a log.

The explosion had knocked out her consciousness. She could only hold on because she hadn’t kidnapped the Almighty yet and hadn’t treated his arm; she hadn’t told her pet she was back but he had forgotten about her…

But it was exhausting. After she had shifted, she had always played by herself. Her little keyboard had never broken again. She had never climbed into anyone else’s house. And there had been no one else like him, allowing her to lie with him, telling her a bedtime story while complaining that she had dirtied his bedsheets.

It had crossed her mind to find her puppy. She had even left home once with her little keyboard. But it had been that one time, the security protection fell into the enemy’s hands. The Hacker family was badly affected. Too much had happened.

As the seawater entered her lips, it was washing away the last shreds of strength.

The girl who had been standing at the edge took a step forward agitatedly when she caught sight of the youngster. And that moment, the person that was floating towards the sea boat started to sink!

The girl stilled. She turned her head aggressively and held onto the person closest to her. “Anyone here who can swim? Who over here knows how to swim?”

“I know!” The mother from before came forward.

Another middle-aged woman came forward. “I can swim too.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, they leapt off the boat towards the youngster. They hadn’t taken any breaks, going forth in one breath.

The girl at the edge of the boat didn’t slow down, she glanced around and went towards the life buoy that was present on all sea boats. The rope tied to the life buoy was too heavy for her to move. At this moment, she started to panic.

Once a person had entered the water, they would become heavier and once they started to sink, it would be harder to save the person. Thus, she had to toss the life buoy down to ensure the two women could save the youngster.

The women lived in the area and hence were extremely comfortable in the water. They held their breaths long enough to grab hold of the youngster. Even though they weren’t in the deep seas, it was deep enough for one to never come back.

The water was bright and clear.

Bo Jiu’s eyes were shut, her long lashes collapsing downwards to form a shadow. She was left with a faint hint of consciousness. That consciousness triggered a memory. Someone had once tried to save her but she couldn’t make out his appearance through all the water…