Chapter 1063 - 1063 Him? A Girl?

1063 Him? A Girl?

I caught him! That was the middle-aged woman’s only thought. But she was too heavy for her.

The new mother quickly exhausted all her energy and had to go back up for water. She used all her strength in the last push before heading back to the surface. She gasped for air hurriedly, calling out to the girl on the boat, “It’s impossible, we can’t do it, is there anyone else who can swim?”

The girl couldn’t swim. If she could, she would have jumped in with the both of them. “Use the rope!”

Time was tight in such a critical moment. They were afraid the middle-aged woman wouldn’t be able to hold up much longer which would destroy all their hopes. Fortunately, there was still enough time.

The girl pulled the rope with all her might, biting down on her teeth, her fingers hurting from the friction.

But they couldn’t move much. Gradually, despair and anxiety started to cloud their eyes.

The next second, she stilled. The weight in her hands shifted.

She glanced back, the group remaining on the boat had come together to help, tossing the string into the sea.

“Hurry! Save him!”

“Tie the string around the youngster’s body!”

“We will be pulling!”

The middle-aged woman was still holding onto the youngster, pushing her upwards. The mother dived back down the moment she held onto the string. The string was pulled downwards. As the string lengthened, the both of them finally met.

She held onto the youngster, making an upwards motion, signaling the middle-aged woman to change her breath. She hurriedly tied the string around the youngster and tugged it downwards to signal the group above.

The middle-aged woman didn’t leave, she continued to hold on.

“Pull!” the group shouted!

Everyone was pulling with all their might, their palms red from the string. They were fighting for the youngster’s survival.

Finally! It was 90 seconds after the youngster had entered the water that the silver hair came to the surface.

The group hurriedly pulled her onto the boat. Even though their actions were clumsy and awkward, all of them did their best to pull the youngster up on the deck.

“I’ve learnt first aid, he needs CPR!”

“Give him some space to allow oxygen in!”

Their teamwork albeit small had created a miracle.

But the moment the person’s hand touched the youngster’s chest, she widened her eyes in shock. It wasn’t just her, the others were also in shock. But they didn’t think much of it.

The woman did CRP, as she called out to the youngster, “You can do it, child, you can survive.”

The youngster spat a mouthful of water and her chest started to heave. Everyone watched on with joy and gratitude. They were grateful for her sacrifice and for the Heavens to bring her back safely.


Both the girl and the middle-aged woman turned towards the youngster’s white tank top. They had never expected such a handsome and selfless youngster, a person they had mistaken for a criminal to be a girl…