Chapter 1064 - Brother, No, Sister

1064 Brother, No, Sister

Seawater clung to their clothes and the saltiness could be tasted from their lips.

A ringing sound emerged from the youngster’s pants. It was her phone. A song started to play softly. “Life wouldn’t last forever, the tears at the corner of your eye…

This world is never big enough, the smile you have when you look at me…”

The crowd averted their gaze towards the three words on the phone screen. “Little Secretary Mo.”

The phone kept ringing. No one was sure if they should answer the call on behalf of the youngster.

The last hint of warmth left the skies.

Beneath the glow, the youngster laid motionless, her left arm bleeding and her long dark lashes falling downwards. Half her handsome face was shielded by her silver hair, the other half pale but exquisite.

Esports wasn’t popular in a small town like theirs. Hence, they couldn’t recognize her. But the youngster had appeared in such a manner. She probably didn’t wish for anyone to see her face. Honestly, the crowd was still in shock from her real identity.

“I never expected her to be a girl.” The middle-aged woman reached out to caress the youngster’s head. “Fortunately, we managed to save her, she isn’t even older than my daughter.”

“I’m sure she is young, probably around 18?”

“This child probably doesn’t want to be recognized.” Otherwise, she wouldn’t have worn a mask.

The people on the boat glanced at each other, their thoughts in line.

The girl kneeling at the side stood up, she removed her jacket and placed it over the youngster.

“Sis, you can have this.” A little boy ran over with his short legs, holding onto the black mask Bo Jiu had misplaced during the fight before.

The girl reached for the mask and knelt down. She paused before passing it back to the little boy.

The little boy wasn’t tall. He took one glance at his mom before lowering his head, helping the youngster to wear her mask. “Big brother is so handsome.”

The crowd chuckled. “She’s a sister.”

“He’s a brother, I’m going to be this handsome when I grow up.” The little boy caressed the youngster’s face tenderly as he spoke. “Why isn’t Brother waking up?”

“She is tired, she needs to rest,” the woman who did CPR replied. She reached out and caressed the little boy’s head.

The little boy took a moment before removing a lollipop from his pocket. “This is my last lollipop. Mummy only allows me to eat two each day. Once Brother wakes up, I’m going to give this to him. Mummy told me to thank my savior. If I die, I wouldn’t be able to see my classmate Little Hua anymore. I have been chasing her for such a long time, it wouldn’t be worth it to just die.”

His innocence startled them and soon, they broke into laughter. The boat couldn’t sail anymore. It was too far away to head back though.

A loud explosion went off. The people in the pier were hurrying over. But this was a small town after all, they weren’t trained for such situations.

They had just boarded the train when a boat steered towards the stranded sea boat. It was moving at an alarming speed. It wasn’t common for a sea boat to go at such speed, moving like a bullet towards the explosion.